The bankruptcy of US institutions


Black Panthers at the front of march for justice for George Floyd in Atlanta, GA to protect participants.

The current situation in the United States shows the anarchy and chaos into which the U.S. government and financial oligarchy have plunged the country, because that is all they have to offer in their efforts to save the imperialist system and their absolute power.

The president’s response to the broad opposition movement of the people and youth to U.S. governance, police and military power illustrates the bankruptcy of U.S. institutions, the obsolete constitution and undemocratic system. His response is anarchy and violence, the imposition of police and military powers, total contempt for the people, war, aggression and dictate. The situation is such that the powers of the dominant U.S. elite, with the darkest and most reactionary forces in place, have declared that what the United States cannot dominate, it must destroy. This applies not only abroad but also at home. If we cannot contain the anger of the people and youth who aspire to a bright, just future, free from discrimination, impunity, exploitation and war, we must subdue them and force them to submit, the ruling elite say.

The images, reports, interviews and videos available of speeches by the youth reveal this anger, this search for modern solutions, new and modern mechanisms which enable them to be an active force which can pave the way for progress in the United States and contribute to the same for the peoples of the world.

The Communist Party of Canada (Marxist-Leninist) has long pointed out that within the conditions of neo-liberalism, the authorities in place in various countries are in contradiction with the conditions. This is evident in the United States with the murders, the military response and during the COVID-19 pandemic. The result is an extremely disturbing situation for the U.S. working class and people, and for the peoples of the world. Settling scores with the U.S. authorities is the task which the peoples of the world are joining the working class and people of the United States to take up.

The ruling authority appears as the greatest obstacle to the peoples of the United States and the world in their efforts to settle scores with the imperialist system and its state, and to emerge as one humanity which controls the conditions it faces and that has the authority to govern itself and to face the conditions objectively.

The current situation is one sign of the enormous dangers which face the American people and the peoples of the world. In this period of pandemic, which requires the collective effort of the world to overcome it, the situation that prevails in the United States with the governance of private interests at the helm is very fragile and dangerous. Everything is done to block the collective response of the people and this block, this wall called American democracy, blocks the whole of humanity.

In Canada and Quebec, the governments and cartel parties have quickly, and even jointly, made declarations and adopted motions to denounce racism and discrimination, rejecting the need to modernize the state institutions that propagate the racist arrangements and governments’ racist policies as part of everything they do to ensure that the people do not vest decision-making power in themselves. This blocking of the New is systematic and objective. It persists and suffocates.

The people must persevere in transforming themselves into an organized force, which aims to play its conscious role, which activates the human factor/social conscience to place itself at the heart of decision-making. The opposite will become a block.

Let us firmly support the struggle of the people and the youth in the United States!

(Translated from the original French by TMLW.)

TML Weekly, June 6, 2020 • No. 20

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