Canada Day 2020: The Need to Build Canada on the New Historical Basis

– Communist Party of Canada (Marxist-Leninist) –

Canada Day 2020 marks the 153rd anniversary of Confederation established by the Royal Proclamation of 1867. Today, Canadians face the necessity to enact a new Constitution to replace the one used to found Canada in the conditions that prevailed in 1867. The need to renew the democracy and to renew the nation is a historical challenge which must be accomplished in order for Canada to meet the needs of its people and contribute the same to the peoples of the world. A modern constitution must abolish the Royal Prerogative on which the present Constitution is based. It must vest sovereignty in the people and get rid of the police powers which maintain privileges in lieu of rights.

A modern constitution for Canada is needed to end the colonial injustice and old arrangements suffocating the Indigenous peoples. Such a constitution must implement the principle of nation-to-nation relations. If the federation is to be free and equal, it must recognize Quebec’s right to self-determination.

A modern constitution recognizes the rights of all human persons by virtue of being human. It must end all notions of superior and inferior cultures rooted in the concept of founding nations and racist divisions by recognizing that citizens and residents have rights by virtue of being human. It must provide that these rights are guaranteed with enabling legislation.

A modern constitution must introduce a political process that guarantees equal membership in the body politic and forms of governance where members of the polity have a say and control on all decisions which affect their lives and the practical means to hold to account those in government.

The renewal of the political process is required so that citizens and residents can directly decide the matters that concern them and participate in solving problems and take up in earnest the humanizing of the social and natural environment.

A modern Canada and a modern constitution are needed to stop the nation-wrecking of those who have submitted the country to the decision-making power and empire-building of foreign powers and financial interests, supranational trade arrangements and U.S.-led military alliances and wars. Canada needs independence so Canadians can develop modern human-centred social relations among themselves and with all humanity.

Canada also needs an anti-war government that makes Canada a zone for peace and demands that problems in international relations are solved without violence and war.

History calls on the peoples of Canada and Quebec and the Indigenous peoples to establish modern arrangements among themselves based on a free and equal union of sovereign entities. The challenges are great but the present conditions beckon us all to rise to the task to build a bright future where the rights of all are guaranteed.

Let the working class constitute the nation and vest sovereignty in the people with a modern constitution that builds Canada on the new historical basis!

All Out to Build the New!


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