The speculations by everyone but the Lebanese Resistance and the Lebanese public on Beirut explosions

mushroom cloud beirut explosion

On 4 August, 2,750 tons of ammonium nitrate stored at Beirut’s port blew up, obliterating the city’s main commercial hub and damaging large swathes of the Lebanese capital. The blast, the most destructive in the country’s troubled history, killed more than 170 people, and wounded more than 6,000. A mushroom cloud was formed by the explosion, similar to that of the Halifax Explosion of 1917 and the U.S. nuclear bombing of Hiroshima in 1945. Like other geopolitical events, this immediately became fodder for fairy tale, anti-scientific conspiracy theories, inventions and tendentious speculation. The central question is not the technical determination of the cause of the explosion, which will be determined by the Lebanese, but one of political and social responsibility. One effect if not the aim of these diversions from the question of responsibility is to disarm the people of Lebanon from soberly analyzing the disaster and taking action to rebuild Beirut and renew the nation on a new and democratic basis, free of foreign dictate.

We are posting an article by Intibah Kadi, who exposes one such invention from the U.S. disinformation site misleadingly called “Veterans Today”. This site has nothing to do with American rank-and-file veterans who take just stands against U.S. wars. It is part of the information war between the US-NATO bloc and Russia, even as it has links to websites within Russia. Politically, VT diverts and disinforms about U.S. imperialism with the trope about the Israelization of America. This is at a time when the U.S. is accusing the Russian government of using alt right and alt left websites in the information war, allegations which are being circulated by media themselves financed by the Canadian government such as the Globe and Mail (See here and here.)

The site’s managing editor, Jim Dean, for example, is a contract employee who never served in the armed forces, as he personally informed me. I had the misfortune to meet him briefly when he was in Damascus in 2014 during the June presidential elections posing as a “solidarity activist” as a front to peddle the intelligence services of his company Adamus Defense Group to the Syrian Arab Republic. He was exposed at that time by Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya, an international election observer, journalist and sociologist, for attacking Fidel Castro as a CIA agent and together with Gordon Duff calling for the bombing of Libya and the assassination of Muammar al Gadhafi. The calls to assassinate Gadhafi, who had actually stepped down from office in 2006, six years before Nato’s murderous regime-change, constituted nothing more than a crude strategic psychological operation to ensure U.S. “plausible deniability.” This is the method of the political police.

Other members of its group headed by Gordon Duff describe themselves as “former intelligence professionals” and have their own private company based in Switzerland, Adamus Defense Group. Dean is with the Association for Intelligence Officers, Senior Vice President, Adamus Defense Group of which Duff is managing director, and worked at the U.S. Army Command and General Staff School at Fort Gordon, GA. These facts were made public by Prof. Nazemroaya and myself at that time and can be verified on its website. Do its “media partners” not know this?



(August 7) – Immediately, the most obvious culprit for the explosion in the Beirut sea-port to blame was Israel. Unfortunately, it is unlikely and fingers are pointed at culprits within Lebanon, starting six years ago.

Much of the “news” of the cause of the explosion as “nukes” arise from a certain section of so-called alternative sites (not all) in the West, who experience titillation at turning tragic events into drama and clicks for their site. The most audacious fake news site I’ve ever come across is Veterans Today. I have caught them out over and over again, including their fake “former IAEA inspector” and taking on reporting from a proven Christian Zionist agent involving Syria, and her associates in the USA. Of course we have plenty of excellent independent media.

Figures by various sites including VT desiring to “prove” “nuke radiation”, are taken from Italy’s official meteorological site’s small station in tiny Pedara in Sicily. The chart shows the measuring of “atmospheric radiation” on August 4, 2020, which in that area pf Pedara, spiked at about halfway between 11:20 am in Italy or Beirut time 10:20 am and 4:53pm in Italy or Beirut time 3:53 pm. Remember this explosion happened in Beirut at approximately 6pm Beirut time.

This is historical data on CPM (red in graph). It peaks often and peaked even before the 4th

Despite timing being all wrong let’s look at what is “background radiation”?

Rome recently issued a “red alert” on air quality as temperatures were extremely high. Looking through data history, spikes in “atmospheric radiation” were often during severe heat: at least for Pedara.

By the way Beirut to the Israeli border is 96 km. Obviously nukes or even “mini-nukes” they drop around the corner seem to not be of concern to them if you’re to believe VT and it’s ilk in the “controlled opposition” or just some obsessed with drama in the “Western alternative media” and knowing best what goes on elsewhere because they are Western exceptionalists who know everything and must always frighten the victims. When they do this they are fear-mongering and hence serving the objectives of the enemy they claim to stand up to. Unfortunately many in the East are influenced by this. 

The screen shot below is used on Veterans Today, and replicated on other sites. There’s other “proof” of nukes on a site called “The Hal Turner Show” to demonstrate that “nuke radiation” from Beirut was detected and tracked. Clearly from local videos, there is a small ground fire (we are told by Lebanese officials that fire and national guard were trying to extinguish it), then an explosion occurred, first in a fireworks cache, then likely spread 30 seconds later to the area that became a massive explosion site, purportedly caused by a large amount of Ammonium Nitrate alighting. It was allegedly confiscated from a Ukrainian ship six years ago. Confiscated? By whom? Or were big dollars given to corrupt officials to off-load it as many countries at that time deemed it a banned substance? 

VT, in what seems a dishonest and misleading manner, depicted a global image from a site called ,which showed all around the world, levels of “background radiation monitoring” – remember what “background radiation” is? Bright green is within normal range on this Radmon site, and all areas were bright green, but instead VT owner Gordon Duff – also with Adamus Defense Group, Switzerland – honed in on “background radiation in Pedara, rather than the nearest site to Beirut which is over the border in Israel, assuming his readers would interpret the data as nuclear radiation and an alarming event
of a nuclear fission occurring in the Mediterranean. (See Image below.)

Regarding assertions of  “mini nukes”, wouldn’t many now have radiation sickness? A young couple were approximately 400m from the epicentre. They somehow survived, we don’t know how yet. The man’s dad kept calling my husband as he was coming down from the shock and then elation that they had survived. Are they sick with radiation? No! Are those around there and further afield sick with radiation? No! And, why would President Macron of France, and all these so-called VIP’s go to the site only donning their Covid masks? Here is Macron: he may indeed be a sick man, but is he now sick with radiation like all those who visited the site?

Another point of interest in VT and Co’s publications. An infra-red image is shown of a missile headed straight for the port. As far as I know infra-red images cannot be produced from photos or videos. They are produced by sensing heat! So, who was in the area and quick enough to have the infra-red gear ready, and if that is really the case, I would suggest they knew what was about to happen and were placed there to record it. That’s if you go by the Israeli nukes story. And, if true, why is there not a diplomatic fuss in process if there is such proof?   
(Image on VT)

The Hal Turner Show also had a headline reading “Partial Nuclear Detonation – Beirut Lebanon – UPDATE: Iran Missile Storage Warehouse! UPDATE: GOV’T TELLING PEOPLE “LEAVE THE CITY IMMEDIATELY”.

Nope Mr Turner! That’s just made up!

* Thank you to Toni B for finding me the data from the Italian government,

Intibah and Ghassan Kadi are analysts of Middle East affairs. Intibah hosts a Facebook group on Syria and Ghassan, a native of Beirut, is the author of An Epic of Integrity: The Chronicles of the War on Syria (June 2016). In the early years of the war, little if anything that challenged the enemy’s narrative was being written in English by a native of Syria or Lebanon. Seekers struggled to find ways to glean information and insights from indigenous sources that were written in Arabic and Ghassan Kadi played a key role in filling this void. Visit Intibah and Ghassan Kadi’s website. Her article has been slightly edited.

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One response to “The speculations by everyone but the Lebanese Resistance and the Lebanese public on Beirut explosions

  1. Amand Keultjes

    I still do not find a reason to distrust Veterans Today.
    The use of small(!!!) tactical nuclear weapons is one of their popular themes, or ‘hobbies’ as they were called in the olden days. These weapons are rather clean and leave weak radiation traces, in the order of magnitude they were looking at. Veterans Today is merely enhancing their suspicions with their materials. They work in a similar way as as (former!?) Atlantic Council expert Eliot Higgins (Bellingcat). Unless endorsed by the “Free” Western Media, it will never be accepted as concrete proof. The explosion reeks indeed of Israeli/Zionist involvement: if that really were the case, it might terminate the state of Israel immediately and no Atlanticist entity would want that to happen. It therefore might be the best for the “Free West” to help out Lebanon unconditionally at all costs. Israel might merely not have thought it through, that is only if they were really involved, but we may never know!


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