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Events. Stand with Cuba

Cuban Doctors Speak: 15 years of the Henry Reeve Brigade

Saturday, September 26 – 5:00 pm PDT/ 8:00 pm EDT
Register here.
Join the event on Facebook
Organized by: Nobel Peace Prize for Cuban Doctors Continue reading

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4th International Congress against Military Bases and Wars

September 25, 11:00 am – 5:30 pm CEST

We invite you to the 4th international congress against military bases and wars. We will discuss about the international political situation and how to enlarge our struggle against war machinery and warfare. Continue reading

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Canada’s top 20 billionaires get richer by the day

The Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives (CCPA) in a new report says that Canada’s top 20 richest billionaires have increased their collective wealth by $37 billion since March, when COVID-related lockdowns and closures began across the country. Continue reading

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The appropriate political response to the Speech from The Throne (2)

Nation-Wrecking No! Stop Paying the Rich; Increase Investments in Social Programs!

On August 17, the Prime Minister asked the Governor-General to prorogue the first session of the 43rd Parliament. The second session opened on September 23 with a Speech from The Throne in which Prime Minister Trudeau said he will lay out his government’s “new approach” and the House of Commons will have the opportunity to determine its confidence in his Government.

The new approach is rooted in the claim that the government is now addressing the growing inequalities in the society, championing the 99 per cent against the one per cent. The pandemic didn’t exist at the time of the last Throne Speech; it is a new situation and Canada can’t go back to the old status quo, Trudeau said at a press conference. Continue reading

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The appropriate demand for Speech from The Throne (1)

Stop paying the rich; Increase investments in social programs!

A new Throne Speech will be delivered on September 23 as federal and provincial governments “reopen” the economy after strict COVID-19 shutdowns. They are guided by a “business as usual” pay-the-rich approach despite the fact that the large number of COVID-19 deaths and the damage done to the economy is the result of this “business as usual” approach. The more it goes, the more schemes are unfurled to step up paying the rich in the name of achieving prosperity. The approach denies the most important element required to activate the human factor/social consciousness which is to recognize the polity and take up social responsibilities and duties to it and its members. Continue reading

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Bats for Cuban baseball

CUBACAN 6060 APPEAL, Canadian Network on Cuba

To say the pandemic has had a huge impact on everyone is a gross understatement and this is true especially for Cuba with the cessation of its critical tourism economy.

When you add the strengthening of the illegal, 60-year blockade of Cuba by Trump, we have a very “imperfect” storm.

Cuba will need at least 600 baseball bats for the next National Series, which begins on September 12th, but because of the blockade and the Covid pandemic, are unable to afford them. They have asked Canadian friends to assist in their acquisition. Bill Ryan, a long time Canadian supporter of Cuban baseball has taken on the task of helping Cuba in this by making these bats with his simple lathe. Bill has made bats for Cuba in past and the Cubans believe that these bats are as good as any they’ve purchase elsewhere and at a fraction of what would otherwise cost over $75,000.

Continue reading

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Soberana – Cuba’s Covid-19 vaccine

By Gerardo Szalkowicz

If not for the unwritten premise of the imperialist media that anything good about Cuba is not to be reported, it would be striking that this piece of news has gone practically unnoticed: that in recent days the vaccine “Soberana 01” [“Sovereign” in English – Ed Note] began clinical trials in humans and became the first in Latin America – and in the entire so-called underdeveloped world – to advance to this second phase. Continue reading

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September 20 Day of Action

The Trudeau Liberal government is developing a plan for COVID-19 recovery that they will announce when parliament reconvenes on September 23. Organizers are calling on everyone to join in actions on September 20 to demand the plan include a single-tier immigration system, where everyone has the same rights. All migrants, refugees and undocumented people in the country must be regularized and given full immigration status now without exception. All migrants arriving in the future must do so with full and permanent immigration status. Continue reading

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September 20 National Day of Action: Demand permanent status for all

Status for All! action in Montreal, August 23, 2020

By Steve Rutchinski

There are more than 1.6 million people in Canada denied their fundamental human rights because the government of Canada refuses to do its duty and guarantee the rights of each and every human being. On September 20, just days before federal Parliament resumes, migrant rights organizations are holding yet another Canada-wide day of action to demand Canada modernize itself, come into the 21st century, recognize that all human beings have rights and provide Status for All! Everyone should go all out to support these actions. It’s a matter of principle, of social solidarity! To learn more about the actions, click here. Continue reading

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Barbados sheds imperial monarchy


Countries around the world are re-examining their post-colonial identity after Barbados moved to remove the English queen as the head of state. The island has said that it is planning to become a republic as it moves to withdraw from the Commonwealth and “leave its colonial past behind”.Most of the population of Barbados have ancestors who were victims of colonial slavery. It is estimated that between 1627 to 1807, some 387,000 Africans were shipped to the island against their will by English slave traders. Continue reading

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Word. Canada’s unquestioning support for Israel; no matter what crimes are committed, here is where we stand

Canada congratulates Israel, United Arab Emirates and Bahrain on bilateral deals 

September 16, 2020 – Ottawa, Ontario – Global Affairs Canada

The Honourable François-Philippe Champagne, Minister of Foreign Affairs, today issued the following statement:

“Canada welcomes the historic signing of the Abraham Accords at the White House, establishing full diplomatic relations between Israel and the United Arab Emirates, and Israel and Bahrain. Continue reading

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Catastrophic consequences of US imperialists’ wars of aggression

Canada is increasingly implicated in the last 19 years of the U.S. war on terror as an appeaser of US imperialism, bearing part of the responsibility for the tens of millions of refugees created by US wars of aggression in that period.


September 11 this year marks the 19th anniversary of the tragic terrorist attacks in New York, Washington, DC and Pennsylvania that gave the U.S. imperialists, along with appeasers of U.S. imperialism like Canada, the pretext for their brutal and unending worldwide “war on terror.” Continue reading

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This Day. ‘Extreme Option – Overthrow Allende’

National Security Archive marks 50th anniversary of Nixon order to foment coup in Chile

Allende on the street

Salvador Allende on the street | Naul Ojeda

(September 15) – On September 15, 1970, during a twenty-minute meeting in the Oval Office between 3:25 pm and 3:45 pm, President Richard Nixon ordered the CIA to foment a military coup in Chile. According to handwritten notes taken by CIA Director Richard Helms, Nixon issued explicit instructions to prevent the newly elected president of Chile, Salvador Allende, from being inaugurated in November – or to create conditions to overthrow him if he did assume the presidency. “1 in 10 chance, perhaps, but save Chile.” “Not concerned [about] risks involved,” Helms jotted in his notes as the President demanded regime change in the South American nation that had become the first in the world to freely elect a Socialist candidate. “Full time job – best men we have.” “Make the economy scream.”  Continue reading

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Anniversary of the birth of Amílcar Cabral

Born on September 12 in 1924, Amílcar Cabral led the fight to overthrow Portuguese colonialism in Guinea-Bissau and Cape Verde.

By Hakim Adi

Amílcar Cabral

Greatness is an attribute best judged by circumstances. In every era, humans have had many apparently insuperable problems to overcome. Those who are great are those who can find solutions to these problems, or who can inspire others to solve them. Continue reading

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Britain openly admits to breaking international law on Ireland

Having illegally defied the International Court of Justice and the UN General Assembly over the Chagos Islands, now it is Ireland, which is also to be remilitarized.


(September 9) – The British government has been accused of creating a “rogue state” as it published a bill to violate the Irish protocol of the Brexit Withdrawal Agreement, an international treaty. Britain’s Direct Ruler in Ireland, Brandon Lewis (pictured), has brazenly admitted in the Westminster parliament that the Tories’ ‘Internal Market Bill’ breaks international law. Continue reading

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On the 47th anniversary of the coup d’état in Chile

September 11 marks the 47th anniversary of the US imperialist coup d’état organized in Chile. To this day, relatives of the victims are fighting to bring the perpetrators of these crimes to justice.

March in Santiago, September 2017, commemorates 44th anniversary of the coup in Chile.

By Dougal MacDonald

September 11 marks the 47th anniversary of the U.S. imperialist coup d’état organized in Chile in which the Pinochet regime murdered, tortured, and imprisoned thousands of people. On this occasion, let us remembers the victims of the Pinochet regime and Operation Condor[1] that extended these crimes to Argentina, Uruguay and Brazil. To this day, relatives of the victims are fighting to bring the perpetrators of these crimes to justice. Continue reading

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Use of state-backed racist militias in the United States

Resistance persists against state-organized attempts to undermine movement for change

Memorial and march in Rochester, New York, September 3, 2020, for Daniel Prude who died in police custody in March 2020.

In the United States, the ruling circles and their elected representatives are going all out to undermine the growing movement for change. They are portraying those protesting for rights and against police violence and impunity as the source of conflict and violence which is, in fact, caused by the state. They also claim the way forward is by choosing sides in the November election or other reliance on the state machinery. Continue reading

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Ukarine Update: Belarus crisis through the lens of Ukraine

On August 9, presidential elections were held in Belarus, a neighbour of Ukraine. Economically, they are mutually dependent on each other, and Russia is too, but currently it seems as if trade, like flights, could soon be put on hold. Meanwhile, far right neo-Nazi elements from Ukraine are attempting to increase unrest in the two countries. DMITRY KOVALEVICH  on the issues facing the two countries following the elections and how and if they can be resolved.

Supporters of Lukashenko hold authorized pro-government rally | Ruptly

In August, the situation in Belarus and the mass protests that engulfed the country almost completely dominated the information agenda of the Ukrainian media. Continue reading

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Sighting. Unusual photos

The Cau Vang, outside the city of Da Nang in Vietnam, is held up by two giant stone hands. 
Continue reading

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Research notes: The militarized Atlantic – From Norfolk and Halifax to the Irish and Baltic seas

Work in progress by Tony Seed

A report conducted by the Marine Accident Investigation Branch (MAIB) – published in July – found that the two vessels came within 50-100 metres of each other during the horrific incident on November 6, 2018. The investigation revealed that it was the third time in four years that a submerged Royal Navy submarine had narrowly missed a calamitous collision with another vessel. Continue reading


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British Navy’s dangerous disregard for Irish sovereignty displays arrogance of the highest order

The Marliona

Sinn Féin spokesperson on Foreign Affairs and Defence John Brady expressed his anger at the revelation that a Killybegs-registered trawler, the MFV Marliona, was confronted by the British Royal Navy vessel HMS Lancaster and ordered away from a fishing area (to the west of Tory Island) off the Donegal coast. Continue reading


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British army arrests soldier for opposing war in Yemen

Statement by Veterans For Peace UK in Support of Lance Corporal Ahmed Al-Babati

A serving British soldier, Lance Corporal Ahmed Al-Babati, of 14th Signal Regiment, has been arrested for opposing the ongoing war in Yemen outside of Downing Street.  During his protest he blew a whistle for every child killed by airstrikes in which the UK is fully complicit – until he was hauled away by Royal Military Police.  He has also made statements denouncing the role the UK has had in supplying Saudi Arabia with munitions. Continue reading

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Throw out ‘Rule Brittania’ & empty the dustbin

Scottish journalist and historian John Wight says Britain’s historical songs and national anthem bear false witness to history, with ongoing diabolical consequences.   

A nation state’s identity is reflected in its national anthem and the songs it sings in celebration of and in tribute to its history. In the case of Britain, those songs bear witness to a regressive and false rendering of a history of mass murder, colonial oppression and super exploitation. It is a false rendering that continues to have diabolical consequences today both at home and abroad. Continue reading

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On the eve of Labour Day 2020: Use of ministerial powers to silence workers’ voices and pro-social solutions

Health care workers demonstrate against the use of ministerial orders, Saguenay Lac Saint Jean, July 9, 2020.

By Pierre Chénier, Workers’ Forum

With Labour Day 2020 just a few days a way, a serious problem the workers and their organizations across the country are tackling is the use of the COVID-19 pandemic and economic crisis by federal, Quebec and provincial governments as a pretext to wield and strengthen arbitrary powers. These governments claim that under the exceptional circumstances of the pandemic, the people should accept this as legitimate and accept whatever measures are imposed in this way, including the attacks on the rights of workers. According to them, it is not possible to deal with COVID-19 public health emergency, mitigate its impact and reopen the economy in a manner which upholds the rights of all. Continue reading

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US people’s movement against racism, injustice, impunity and inequality does not relent

March on Washington, August 28, 2020.

By Kathleen Chandler

The movement in the U.S. Against Racism, Injustice, Impunity and Inequality is continuing relentlessly, seen in the massive demonstration under COVID-19 conditions in Washington, DC on August 28. August 27 marked the 90th straight day of protests in Portland, Oregon and a number of other cities which have also sustained actions for 90 days without letup.

August protests have focused on demanding that the country’s resources be directed to guaranteeing rights to security, education, housing, health care, immigration and other crucial matters. This culminated August 28 with more than 70,000 people converging in Washington, DC on the 57th anniversary of the March  on Washington which took place on August 28, 1963. Continue reading

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Sighting. Thousands around the world join the Days of Resistance for Palestine

Worldwide support for the Palestinian people and their right to be

By Samidoun

Demonstration In Montreal, August 9

The Days of Resistance for Palestine between August 7 and 9, brought together thousands of organizers and supporters of justice for Palestine around the world to stand with the Palestinian people, their resistance to colonization, annexation and occupation and their struggle for justice, return and liberation throughout Palestine, from the river to the sea.

Despite attacks from high-level Israeli officials that aimed to suppress these actions, noting that they had “warned Western governments” about the protests, over 100 organizations joined Samidoun’s call for the Days of Resistance, with an array of diverse actions taking place around the world. These events included protests, car caravans, art and cultural interventions and public educational events, all in support of the Palestinian people and their right to resist.

Read on for a detailed report on the events and actions around the world. Continue reading

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United States of North American oligopolies: Mexican president goes to Washington

By Pablo Moctezuma Barragán

The President of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) spoke next to U.S. President Donald Trump at the White House in Washington on Wednesday, July 8. It was the first international visit of Mexico’s head of state and it was carried out in the context of the approval of the new North American trade agreement between Canada, the United States and Mexico, known in Mexico as T-MEC (CUSMA in Canada). Justin Trudeau had previously declined to participate in the meeting. He was not interested in talking about the Canadian renewable energy projects that were canceled by Mexico, nor about the complaints in Canada of human rights organizations denouncing the deplorable working and housing conditions of Mexican seasonal agricultural workers and the Canadian government’s lack of attention to them. To date, more than a thousand agricultural workers have been infected with COVID-19 and three have died. Continue reading

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Workers’ Comp Is A Right! Campaign

Thursday, September 10 — 2:00 pm
Organized by Ontario Network of Injured Workers’ Groups
Register online here Continue reading

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Vietnam: Online Celebration September 2

Continue reading

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LEBANON’S DILEMMA – A revolving identity crisis

File:Proclamation of the state of Greater Lebanon.jpg

On September 1, 1920 French General Henri Gouraud proclaimed from the porch of the Pine Residence in Beirut the creation and independence of the state of Greater Lebanon under the colonial mandate of the League of Nations represented by France. France also received Syria which it separated from Lebanon, while Britain was awarded Palestine, Transjordan and Iraq.

This series of five articles was originally written in January and February this year by Ghassan Kadi. We are publishing it today on the occasion of the centenary of Lebanon to enlighten readers on the historical role played by French colonialism in the sectarian divide-and-rule strategy of the Levant (Greater Syria) and the internal forces in motion at that time and their role today. France and Britain together separated the region into Lebanon, Syria, Palestine, Transjordan and Iraq by secret agreement (Sykes-Picot) during World War I, which they received following the war with the defeat of Ottoman Turkey and Germany as “trustee”. The series also brings out the character of the internal institutions established in Lebanon on September 1, 1920 by the armed forces of France. Continue reading

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