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Cuban Doctors Speak: 15 years of the Henry Reeve Brigade

Saturday, September 26 – 5:00 pm PDT/ 8:00 pm EDT
Register here.
Join the event on Facebook
Organized by: Nobel Peace Prize for Cuban Doctors

Che Guevara Brigade – Virtual Cuban Cultural Night

Sunday, September 27 – 4:00 pm PDT/ 7:00 pm EDT
Register here.
Join the event on Facebook
Organized by the Che Guevara Brigade Committee of the Canadian Network on Cuba (CNC)

This event will also be an opportunity to find out how you can travel to Cuba on the 27th Che Guevara Brigade, April 28 to May 11, 2021. Find out more about the 2021 Che Guevara Brigade to Cuba. The Che Guevara Brigade is a project of the Canadian Network on Cuba, a network of Cuba solidarity organizations across Canada promoting friendship and solidarity with Cuba and the Cuban people.

Visit for more information or to register, or contact national Che Brigade coordinator at or 778-881-6156

Program will feature:

  • Harold Rancano and Regan Hirose, Internationally recognized Latin dance couple will share their breathtaking talent on stage, and a live dance lesson to get everyone out of their seats!
  • Trio Bembe, Trio Bembe plays infectious Latin music from around the world. Having chased their passion from the snowy Canadian prairies to Cuba, Peru, and Chile, this trio is overflowing with rhythmic energy!
  • Poetry Readings of Cuba’s greatest poets, National hero José Martí and Cuba’s national poet Nicolás Guillén
  • Yamil Martínez Marrero, Canada Desk of the Cuban Institute of Friendship with the Peoples (ICAP)
  • Marcia B. Krawll, Educator, Clinical Social Worker and Human Rights activist with family roots in the Jewish community and Nuxalk First Nation. Marcia’s important work has included developing adult literacy programs in New Zealand and Canada in collaboration with Cuban institutions.


CUBACAN 6060 Appeal

To say the pandemic has had a huge impact on everyone is a gross understatement and this is true especially for Cuba with the cessation of its critical tourism economy. When you add the strengthening of the illegal, 60-year blockade of Cuba by Trump, we have a very “imperfect” storm.

Cuba will need at least 600 baseball bats for the next National Series, which begins on September 12th, but because of the blockade and the Covid pandemic, are unable to afford them. They have asked Canadian friends to assist in their acquisition. Bill Ryan, a long time Canadian supporter of Cuban baseball has taken on the task of helping Cuba in this by making these bats with his simple lathe. Bill has made bats for Cuba in past and the Cubans believe that these bats are as good as any they’ve purchase elsewhere and at a fraction of what would otherwise cost over $75,000.

The Canadian Network on Cuba has agreed to promote fundraising for this important initiative, and to receive donations for this Cubacan 6060 project given that the U.S. government blockade has stopped GoFundMe from receiving funds to assist Cuba. The CNC encourages both individuals and groups to “buy bats for Cuba”. One bat $50, small box of 4, $200 or box of 8, $400. and a box of 16 bats, -a bat for every team playing in the Series, – for $800. Of course, any cash donation is most welcome.

For further information visit the Canadian Network on Cuba website here.


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