Shameless cartoon from la-la land

This is a shameless cartoon from the Halifax Chronicle Herald, owned by the regional media monopoly Saltwire:

Canada is deeply involved in a humanitarian crisis. The role of the Canadian government – and that of Nova Scotia, regardless of the relatively low number of cases (1,089) – is unconscionable. Internationally, it provides a good cop, bad cop human face for the Trump presidency and U.S.-led aggression. Nationally, in the last week 14,882 new cases were announced, 22 per cent more than the previous week. It is one thing to mock U.S. imperialism; Canadians deeply distrust American politics. The people of Nova Scotia face the same challenges as all of us and are fighting for the rights of all. The editorial message is: Long live the “Atlantic bubble” – an exceptional island of social peace exempt from a global humanitarian crisis.

This message is unacceptable, an affront to the memory of all those who have died from the pandemic in Nova Scotia. Let us put the reality another way: “Welcome to Nova Scotia: More Covid-19 deaths at Northwood Manor (53 of 65 total) than within the White House.”

An estimated 9,585 people in Canada (with 178,117 cases and 149,420 recoveries) and 1,072,852 people throughout the world (with 36.9 million cases and 25.7 million recoveries*) have died as a result of the global pandemic and millions of people have died as a result of genocide, wars and crimes against humanity. Such messages suggest that some human beings are more important and precious than others and that some countries are superior to others. This double standard is unconscionable and unacceptable. What is important is that we remember all such victims and all such crimes and understand their causes.

*Source: Worldometer and Confirmed cases have been reported in all of Canada’s provinces and territories, with the exception of Nunavut.


Nova Scotia: Demand for public inquiry into Northwood tragedy

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