Venezuelan people affirm their right to sovereignty

By Claude Brunelle

December 11, 2020. Venezuelan people accompany elected deputies to their accreditation.

Elections to Venezuela’s National Assembly were held on Sunday, December 6, within a vast mobilization of the Venezuelan people for the affirmation of their right to be and to determine their own destiny. Despite the interference, threats, sabotage and disinformation activities of the U.S., Canada, their puppet Lima Group, and the European Union to discredit and besiege the Venezuelan people, they prevailed. The victory of the Bolivarian government within these conditions of encirclement and suffocation is a great achievement.

International observers applauded the conduct of the election and commended the Venezuelan government’s efforts to ensure the participation of all, compliance with sanitary measures against COVID-19, the establishment of sophisticated electronic voting stations, and numerous other measures. No incidents or irregularities occurred.

December 9, 2020. International observers report on the conduct of the December 6 election.

The turnout rate excited the imperialist media, incited by the self-proclaimed “president” Juan Guaidó, who claimed the low voter turnout means that the Venezuelan people responded to the call to boycott the election. There is no way of knowing why the turnout was low and this is a narrow and self-serving, opportunistic and provocative “explanation” from a puppet who has only made a name for himself thanks to foreign powers far removed from the people’s power. 

For their part, Canada, the U.S. and the European Union refused to recognize the election results, with Canada arrogantly producing a press release denouncing them as a fraud on December 6, even before the final election results were announced. Through its Minister of Foreign Affairs François-Philippe Champagne, the Liberal government of Justin Trudeau declared that the electoral process “did not meet the minimum conditions for a free and fair exercise of democracy.” 

December 5, 2020. Ottawa picket on the eve of the Venezuelan election.

This is the same Trudeau Liberal government which, in the most recent election in 2019, was elected by 22 per cent of the total number of eligible voters, receiving 33 per cent of all votes cast. In Haiti’s last legislative elections, well under 25 per cent of voters turned out, yet all of these big powers recognized the vote. Canada has even “accompanied” the Haitian government in elections through the services of Elections Canada. On January 13, 2020, the mandate of Haiti’s Chamber of Deputies and two-thirds of its senators ended, rendering Parliament non-functional. Since then, President Jovenel Moïse has been able to govern by decree. No statements of elections in Haiti not being “free and fair” were issued. 

And Canada, along with the European Union, is applauding the crisis-ridden election results in the United States. No problem with the U.S. “democracy,” they say. Elections are presumably “free and fair” in that country where literally billions of dollars are poured into the coffers of presidential candidates and millions of people are not even enfranchised to vote. This interpretation of what constitutes “free and fair” is beneath contempt. It certainly does nothing to restore credibility in the electoral systems of those who say such things.

The “debate” imposed about the participation rate in the Venezuelan elections is a pathetic diversion and part of an orchestrated plan to crush the Bolivarian nation-building project and, more generally, the struggle of the peoples of the Americas to take control of their destiny in favour of their own nation-building projects. The elections in Venezuela have taken place within the context of the offensive deployed not only against that country, but against the peoples of the Americas — in Bolivia, Cuba, Chile and so many other countries where today the peoples are calling for the Americas to be a zone of peace, of respect between peoples and nations, without interference, blockades or sanctions. 

The peoples are challenging corrupt governments, the dictatorship of the International Monetary Fund, connivance with the likes of Joe Biden, Donald Trump, Mike Pompeo and their ilk and their military activities in the region. Many peoples are also calling for the establishment of new constituent assemblies to reconstitute their nation states on a modern basis which recognizes the rights of all, challenging the corrupt electoral processes in the service of the rich, the international financial oligarchs and a handful of elite. This is where the great powers are hurting the most, as they cannot stop the peoples’ movement for the New, of which the Venezuelan people are a proud part.

The battle for true democracy and over who decides is the order of the day.

(Photos: TML, AVN, O. Redes)

TML Weekly, December 12, 2020 – No. 48

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