Cuba is not a state that sponsors terrorism: Canadian organizations reject US aggression against Cuba

The United States has no moral authority to designate other countries as terrorist states.


Cuba is not a state that sponsors terrorism

Editorial of TML Daily, January 15, 2021

The Communist Party of Canada (Marxist-Leninist) condemns the decision of the Trump administration in its final days to designate Cuba as a State Sponsor of Terrorism, which the U.S. State Department did on Monday, January 11. We call on all Canadians to denounce this baseless designation and demand it be retracted immediately. We also call on Canadians to urge the government of Canada to disassociate itself from this outrageous move and call on the international community to refuse to recognize it and not to appease it in any way.

Cuba rejects terrorism in all its forms and manifestations, wherever it is committed, no matter by whom or against whom. Cuba has been a victim of relentless U.S. state terrorism and terrorist attacks, time and again orchestrated by U.S. agents and state agencies. It has suffered 3,478 fatalities and 2,099 persons live with disabilities due to actions carried out by U.S. governments or perpetrated and sponsored from U.S. territory with the connivance of U.S. authorities.

The United States has no moral authority to designate other countries as terrorist states. For the State Department to do this in the dying days of the Trump presidency is reprehensible. The Trump administration is doing many unpardonable things, besides its unprecedented assault on the U.S. Congress for which President Trump has been impeached, a second time, this time on charges of inciting an insurrection. Further, agents provocateurs paid to incite violence and carry out terrorist attacks are holding the entire country hostage with threats of terrorist attacks against federal institutions and other acts of violence against individuals in the six days leading up to the inauguration of the new administration on January 20.

Vermont Senator Patrick Leahy decried the designation of Cuba as a state sponsor of terrorism saying: “… domestic terrorism in the United States poses a far greater threat to Americans than Cuba does.”

We fully support the statement of the Cuban government which condemned in the strongest and most absolute terms this fraudulent, arbitrary, unjust and baseless decision by the current U.S. administration. We reiterate the following points without equivocation:

– Cuba is widely recognized by the international community as a country that promotes peace and solidarity all over the world. It does not belong on a list of state sponsors of terrorism.

– This designation by the U.S. State Department is not motivated by any legitimate concern related to terrorism or its consequences.

– Its aim is solely to denigrate Cuba and justify the imposition of harsher coercive economic measures in the last week of the Trump administration, in addition to the more than 230 other unilateral sanctions it has implemented which have caused irreparable damage to the Cuban economy and people.

– Its true motivation is to impose additional obstacles to any prospective restoration of bilateral relations between Cuba and the United States.

Show your support for normal relations with Cuba by attending the virtual pickets against the all-sided U.S. blockade of Cuba to be held on January 17.

When the victimizer blames the victim – No to latest US aggression against Cuba!

By Isaac Saney, Spokesperson, Canadian Network On Cuba

October 6. A day of commemoration in Cuba for the victims of state terrorism.

The Canadian Network On Cuba (CNC) vigorously and unequivocally condemns the deceitful and duplicitous designation of Cuba by the Trump regime as a sponsor of terrorism. This is an act of blatant opportunism and cynicism, an act that flies in the face of reality. It is Cuba that has been the victim of all manner of terrorist attacks that have been carried out with the complicity, participation and sponsorship of Washington.

Honouring memory of Fabio Di Celmo, murdered on September 4, 1997 in an explosion at the Copacabana Hotel in Havana. Posades Carilles, US-sponsored terrorist, admitted to organizing the 1997 series of hotel explosions.

Since the triumph of the Cuban Revolution in 1959, Washington has waged an unceasing assault, both military and economic, against the Cuban people, organizing an invasion, assassinations, terrorist attacks against civilians and systematic economic sabotage. Many of these acts were directly launched from and/or planned in the United States. These acts of terror against Cuba include the 1976 bombing of a civilian Cuban airliner that claimed the lives of 73 people and the 1997 Havana hotel bombings, which claimed the life of Fabio Di Celmo, a young Montrealer of Italian origin. As a point of fact, 3,478 Cubans have been killed and 2,099 injured, as a result of these terrorist acts.

This contemptible move by the Trump regime reeks of desperation, reflecting Washington’s failure to isolate Cuba in international relations and public opinion. This failure is poignantly underscored by the international acclaim, accolades and gratitude that Cuba continues to receive for its singular role in the global fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, illustrated by the numerous nominations of Cuba’s internationalist medical contingent, the Henry Reeve Brigade, for the 2021 Nobel Peace Prize. Indeed, it is precisely Cuba that shows the world a model of international relations that stands diametrically opposed to terrorism. It is a model based on creating and fostering relations between countries founded on genuine human solidarity.

The CNC stands with Cuba and the rest of the world in denouncing this latest despicable act of aggression against the heroic island nation. The CNC calls on the Canadian government to take a principled stand by rejecting this utterly immoral and self-serving hypocritical double standard that flagrantly violates international law. Despite this unacceptable and grotesque action by the U.S. government, the CNC is convinced that justice and truth will prevail in the end.

No to the Latest U.S. Aggression Against Cuba!
Justice and Truth Will Prevail!

(January 13, 2021)

No to US government’s recent move to include Cuba on its list of states that sponsor terrorism

Table de concertation de solidarité Québec-Cuba

The Table de concertation de solidarité Québec-Cuba (TCSQC) joins its voice with the rest of the world in firmly condemning the decision of the U.S. government to include Cuba on its list of states that sponsor terrorism. On January 11, nine days before Donald Trump’s mandate ends and the new president takes office, [U.S. Secretary of State] Mike Pompeo announced that “The State Department has designated Cuba as a State Sponsor of Terrorism for repeatedly providing support for acts of international terrorism in granting safe harbour to terrorists.”

The TCSQC considers this latest measure on the part of the Trump administration an act of great despair, not of strength. It’s a web of lies and a vengeful act against the courageous Cuban people and government. Ever since the victory of the Cuban Revolution in 1959, the U.S. has refused to establish equal relations with Cuba, and to respect the sovereignty of the Cuban people and their right to be. For the U.S. to declare that Cuba sponsors terrorist activities reveals once again its shameful hypocrisy, as the real terrorist is the United States.

The reality is that Cuba is the victim of an inhumane blockade imposed by the U.S. government for over 60 years, along with assassinations, terrorist attacks against civilians and systematic economic sabotage, which have met with international condemnation.

Despite these activities of systematic sabotage, Cuba has won the hearts and the support of the world’s peoples for its courageous defence of its sovereignty, its right to determine its own affairs and its vibrant worldwide internationalism. The Henry Reeve Brigade, amongst others, which travels the world to assist during times of natural calamities, earthquakes, pandemics etc., is acclaimed internationally and is now a candidate for the 2021 Nobel Peace Prize. Last year Cubans travelled to over 39 countries to bring relief and make their unfailing contribution to assist humanity in defeating COVID-19.

April 25, 2020. Members of Henry Reeve International Medical Brigade prepare to go to South Africa.

The TCSQC calls upon the Canadian government to adopt a principled position and formally reject this latest immoral measure imposed by the U.S. government against Cuba.

Washington’s lamentable efforts to isolate Cuba are doomed to fail; they run counter to Cuba’s momentum and that of the peoples of the world, who demand relations between peoples and countries based on mutual benefit and equal exchange between countries large or small, oppose interference, aggression, sanctions and blockades against the peoples and aspire to true human and international solidarity.

Long Live Cuba! Long Live Solidarity Between Peoples!

(January 14, 2021. Translated from the original French by TML.)

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