This Day. Identity politics – forever wars

History was made last night. Kamala Harris became the first American woman of colour as U.S. Vice-President to drop bombs on Syria and Iraq. Gen Lloyd Austen of Raytheon became the first African-American Secretary of Defence to bomb Syria. Last night the US bombed Iraqi government security forces at the Iraqi-Syrian border station near Abu-Kamal/Al-Qaim. One Iraqi soldier was killed. Other sources claim that as many as 22 were killed.

On the 36th day of his presidency, Commander-in-Chief Joe Biden bombed Syria, gave up on a $15 minimum wage, didn’t send out survival checks to the millions of people going hungry, committed to a forever war on Afghanistan and promised vaccines as the solution to the public health crisis. 

And this from the U.S. State Department: “During his meeting with Saudi Finance Minister al-Jadaan, #USEnvoyYemen Lenderking expressed gratitude for Saudi Arabia’s generous support over the decades for the people of Yemen, especially at this critical juncture, and encouraged continued assistance and contributions.”

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