Another campaign against Cuba in social media is unmasked

Cuban TV unmasks another subversion campaign

Cuban television news shows in videos how a “human rights activist” and “hunger striker” received abundant food at home.

(April 2) – Cuban television news unmasked this Thursday a new campaign against the Caribbean island deployed on social networks and supported by media with funding from the United States, which is focused on an alleged hunger strike.

The newscast aired videos showing how one José Daniel Ferrer and other mercenaries, protagonists of a figurative hunger strike, were receiving abundant food at home.

Ferrer is known in the Caribbean country for an audiovisual material in which he hit himself with a table and shouted that he was being attacked by a Cuban officer.

In addition, his criminal history includes  assaults, robbery with violence and kidnapping, the report said.

The idea of ​​this supposed strike is to add people and thereby draw the attention of governments and international organizations, in order to gain solidarity against the Cuban Revolution, the report stated.

According to official sources, Cuba is the target of a soft coup script. In this context, social media with funds from abroad are used to generate sources of contempt, violence and chaos.

The newscast has previously denounced such subversive plans, among which are the formation of working groups on Internet platforms to coordinate illegal actions in search of destabilization and generate a confrontation between the population and the Government.

According to public data, in the last two decades, Washington has dedicated nearly 250 million dollars to programs of aggression against Cuba.


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