Glory to the Palestinian Resistance for exposing crime of genocide

The Communist Party of Canada (Marxist-Leninist) expresses its deepest sympathies with the people of Gaza, the West Bank and East Jerusalem who have suffered so much once again at the hands of the Israeli bombardments and crimes against humanity perpetrated in the recent period. The current aggression of the Israeli occupiers began with their criminal incursion into the Al Aqsa Mosque where they attacked the worshippers in retaliation for the people’s opposition to state-instigated terrorist actions of settlers dislodging people from their homes. The likes of the U.S. President and appeasers such as the Government of Canada give those committing the crimes the green light by blaming the Palestinian Resistance for “the escalation of violence.” They seek to justify Israel’s crime of genocide by declaring it has “the right to self-defence.” But the world has said, No! It has hailed the Palestinian Resistance and raised the call to Stop the Crimes!

We express highest regards for the Palestinian Resistance. We state categorically that if it were not for the Palestinian Resistance, including the actions of those the Zionists and U.S. imperialists and the likes of the Government of Canada call terrorists, the Zionists would get away with their crime of ethnic cleansing. They would get away with their schemes to expel the Palestinians from their homeland. What suits the Zionists and U.S. imperialists is for the world to never know what is really going on.

But the Palestinian Resistance does not permit these crimes to take place with impunity. Their actions have smashed the power of the threat that Israel has the monopoly on the use of force and by its actual use of force on a terrible scale to try to get them to submit. Their valiant defiance reveals the true aim of the Israeli Prime Minister: to let nothing stop him from achieving the destruction of the Palestinians. Their resistance has revealed that the Zionists will stop at nothing to realize their mission of occupying all of Palestine to create a so-called Jewish homeland. It has also exposed the fraud of the stands of the U.S. imperialists and former colonial powers, which give Israel a green light to commit these crimes. The statements of the U.S. President that Israel has “the right to self-defence” have received massive worldwide condemnation. So too Canadians have condemned Canada’s appeasement of the U.S. imperialists and Zionists.

Thanks to the Resistance, the entire world can see that the way forward is to STOP the crimes and those who commit the crimes, not negotiate with them.

Calls for de-escalation to give peace a chance are ill-placed when the record of the Zionists since the Nakba in 1948 has shown without a shadow of a doubt that the state of Israel has no interest in maintaining agreements, resolutions and peace treaties. Their aim has been and continues to be genocide, destruction, and wrecking, not living in peace.

Even in Tel Aviv placards have appeared demanding peaceful coexistence. It is not the peoples who promote genocide and violence. It is the Zionists who would not be able to carry out these crimes if it were not for the green light and material support they get from the U.S., Britain and other countries such as Canada. The actions of the world’s people have not only condemned the crimes, but defied the disinformation campaigns which seek to diffuse, criminalize and smash the Resistance Movement.

The stand of the U.S. President exonerating the crimes committed by Israel is the death knell of his administration’s alleged concern for human rights, peace, democracy and freedom. The people of the United States and the world have rejected his irrational excuses and made it clear that those who commit crimes and permit the commission of crimes will not be exonerated.

Long Live the Palestinian Resistance!
The Zionist Crime of Genocide Will Not be Absolved!

May 24, 2021

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