Canada’s sham humanitarianism on display to push regime change in Venezuela

(June 17) – Straight off the G7 and NATO summits where the self-appointed rulers of the so-called free world plotted against the rights and lives of peoples around the world, the Trudeau government is sanctimoniously putting on a “humanitarian” show to cover up the dirty U.S. war against the Venezuelan people. On June 17 it is hosting what it calls an “International Donors’ Conference in Solidarity with Venezuelan Refugees and Migrants.”

One need look no further than the speakers list where the name Luis Almagro figures prominently to know that the conference is a continuation of the dirty work Canada has been tapped to carry out through the farcical and illegitimate Lima Group that is no longer heard from, and at the Organization of American States, where Almagro’s role is to serve as a henchman for whatever dirty work the U.S. undertakes in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Money from “donors” is raised in the name of assisting Venezuelan migrants living in poverty in countries such as Colombia, Ecuador and Peru as a result of U.S.-led actions to destroy Venezuela’s economy. There is evidence that this money has often ended up in the pockets of the corrupt gangster Juan Guaidó, who continues to claim he is Venezuela’s legitimate president, and his associates.

On June 15, accompanied by head shots of himself and Juan Guaidó, Foreign Affairs Minister Marc Garneau shamelessly wrote on Twitter: “Glad to have spoken today with @jguaido, #Venezuela’s interim president. Canada remains steadfast in its support for the democratic aspirations & human rights of the Venezuelan people. We are committed to working with international partners to resolve the crisis in Venezuela.”

By putting itself at the disposal of the U.S. agenda of destroying what it cannot control and trying to pass itself off as a humanitarian actor concerned about the democratic aspirations and human rights of Venezuelans that it is trampling on, the Trudeau government is covering itself in shame. Other parties in Parliament that do not denounce this object lesson about the workings of the so-called rules-based international order that Canada champions in opposition to international law bring no honour to themselves either.

Oppose Foreign Interference in Venezuela’s Internal Affairs!
Hands Off Venezuela!

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