Medical supplies campaign to support Cuba continues to grow

– Canadian Network on Cuba –

A Canadian Network on Cuba (CNC) campaign launched in January 2021 has raised, up to July 2021, over $120,000. A container of two million syringes has been sent to Cuba. In addition, support for other containers of medical supplies and equipment has been ongoing.

At this moment, Cuba is under tremendous pressure due to the coronavirus pandemic and the U.S. immoral, illegal economic blockade which was cruelly intensified in January 2020 when extraterritorial financial constraints resulting from Trump’s declaring Cuba to be a “state sponsor of terrorism” added weight to the U.S. knee on the neck of Cuba.

Biden’s failure to keep his campaign promise to roll back the Trump measures against Cuba means that the U.S. is not allowing Cuba to breathe, since its proposed exemptions for humanitarian and medical needs have never been honoured.

The United States government is shamefully taking advantage of this difficult situation to manipulate and create subversion against the Cuban government. Some Florida-based and even national politicians are calling for military intervention based on the unfounded claims of a Humanitarian Crisis. This is a Trojan horse — an attempt to destabilize Cuba, ignoring the intensification of the U.S. blockade as the major cause of the shortages.

Cuba needs help based on mutual solidarity and respect. It needs an end to the U.S. sanctions, as the United Nations has called for again and again.

The CNC continues its campaign to collect medical donations in solidarity with Cuba.

How to Donate

1) By Cheque payable to CNC and write on Memo line: medical supplies.

Mail to:

Canadian Network on Cuba
c/o Sharon Skup
56 Riverwood Terrace
Bolton, ON L7E 1S4


2) By e-transfer to this email: Mention “medical supplies” in the message.

IMPORTANT: Also send a separate email with the exact spelling of your secret password/answer and your name so Sharon can then open your e-transfer. (Or you can phone Sharon at 905-951-8499 with that information)

The CNC is made up of 21 Cuba solidarity and friendship organizations across Canada.

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