Trudeau government signs warmongering Joint Statement with the United States

Without any discussion with the public or even in Parliament, the Trudeau Liberal government issued a “Joint Statement on NORAD Modernization” with the U.S. Biden administration on August 14. NORAD, now known as the North American Aerospace Defense Command, puts the Canadian military under the control of USNORTHCOM of the U.S. armed forces. NORAD, along with NATO, integrates Canada into the U.S. war economy and strategy to wage endless wars for global hegemony. It brings Canadian forces under the command of the president of the United States.

The joint statement was issued on the eve of the Trudeau government’s launch of the pandemic election. It represents a warmongering outlook and program unacceptable to the majority of Canadians who want Canada to be a force for peace in the world. This is why the Trudeau government must say all its warmongering foreign relations are for peace, security and in the national interest. It is not so. Like the Biden administration, the Trudeau government also contends that no relations among the peoples of the world can be developed peacefully on the basis of mutual benefit and interest as one humanity.

Violence is the imperialist credo in international and domestic affairs and relations and the only way put forward for solving issues and problems at home and abroad. The doctrine is founded in the private interests of the global oligarchs who want to protect and expand their control, privilege and social wealth through the violence of state-organized war machines, which they have taken over, and their own private rogue mercenary armies. They refuse to solve problems peacefully, and deliberately foment regime change and violence throughout the world. They seek to overwhelm resistance to their control and to profit from war and war preparations through the sale and use of war material furnished from their military industrial/financial complex.

The NORAD joint statement exposes the Trudeau government as a participating warmonger and appeaser of the war crimes of U.S. imperialism. The issues of war and peace, war preparations, the war economy and military alliances are matters of life and death for humanity. The Trudeau government should be held to account for a warmongering joint statement hatched behind closed doors without any discussion, assessment or agreement of the people.

Canada Needs an Anti-war Government!
Canada Out of NORAD and NATO!
Make Canada a Zone for Peace!

No to a War Economy, War Government and Integration to the U.S. War Machine

The aggressive words of the joint statement issued by Canada and the United States on NORAD on August 14, read:

“The stronger and safer we are at home, the more we are capable of engaging and acting together in the wider world, in support of a strong, rules-based international order” and in “maintaining North America as a secure base for active engagement around the world.”

The “strong, rules-based international order” led by the U.S. and the “active engagement around the world” are exposed in practice as warmongering with the violent attacks against the peoples of the world such as the ruination of Afghanistan and the chaos, famine and anarchy the U.S., Canada and others have left behind after twenty years of war, and with the U.S.-led destruction of Iraq, Libya, Palestine, Syria, Lebanon and others throughout the world and arms sales and support for Saudi Arabia which has destroyed Yemen.

NORAD, NATO and the “strong, rules-based international order” and “North America as a secure base for active engagement around the world” are not about the defence of Canada but preparation for war and participation in war on behalf of particular global oligarchs in opposition to competitors and to bring weaker countries under control within the U.S. imperialist system of states.

Under the heading “Priority areas for new investments,” the joint statement devotes more than half its words to promoting investments in the U.S. war economy to pay the rich involved in the military industrial/financial complex in which Canada is now integrated.

Regarding “new investments” the joint statement says in part:

“Canada and the United States share a desire to coordinate in fielding new capabilities to complement and eventually replace the North Warning System with more advanced technological solutions. Ensuring effective awareness ultimately requires a system-of-systems approach including a network of Canadian and U.S. sensors from the sea floor to outer space. This includes investments to upgrade and modernize the infrastructure required to support robust NORAD operations. The Canadian Department of National Defence and the U.S. Department of Defense intend to move forward deliberately with coordinated investments that reflect the continuing importance of the role that NORAD plays in North American and allied deterrence, and in maintaining North America as a secure base for active engagement around the world.”

This warmongering joint statement does not reflect the needs and wishes of the Canadian and U.S. peoples to live in peace, solve problems and develop domestic and international relations without violence. The people did not discuss or agree to this joint statement.

The demand of the people is to bring all military material and troops home now, fund defensive operations only and dismantle the war economy. Constant war preparations and war is no way for humanity to live and develop.

Canadians Need an Anti-War Government!

Source: Renewal Update, August 23, 2021


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