Canadians condemn Trudeau’s pro-fascist tweet

No sooner than Trudeau issued a statement on August 23 once again on “Black Ribbon Day”, scores of Canadians immediately began condemning his deliberate falsification of history and equating the victims of fascism with the so-called victims of communism.

Trudeau’s statement was issued in the midst of the 44th federal election he called to get the majority he craves in a deceitful and arrogant way. Issued in the name of “the Leader of the Liberal party” which is clamouring about “the danger from the right,” it constitutes a thinly-disguised public smear of parties participating in the election which are anti-fascist and pro-communist, and an incitement of the blackest reaction. Is this why these parties such as the Marxist-Leninist Party of Canada are also excluded from election debates? Is this why the state broadcaster CBC and big media continuously denigrate them as “marginalized” and “fringe parties”? If they are so “marginalized“ why then is Trudeau and his ilk so concerned about vilifying communism and glorifying fascism? It is criminal indeed.

While the big media and other parties with seats in the parliament were silent, Canadians and some Americans immediately began denouncing this black propaganda on Twitter as unacceptable, glorifying Nazism, and something that must be stopped. Some of their tweets received thousands of “likes”. It is excellent that they insisted on speaking about the concrete facts of life and history, not abstractions and the so-called values of “opposing totalitarianism” the Government of Canada claims to espouse. Here is a sample :

“Mass grave at Nazis’ Bergen-Belsen concentration camp. These are the crimes Canadians condemn. They were perpetrated by the Nazis, Mr. Trudeau, not the communists.”

“This narrative is revisionist history pushed by literal fascists and equating the history of communism with the well-documented crimes of the Nazis serves no other purpose than to downplay those Nazi crimes.”

“fascism and communism are not even remotely similar & that comparison is incredibly dangerous but go off”

“When do we mourn the victims of capitalism.”

“Capital killed 26000 canadians and counting in the last year and a half but you don’t seem so busted up about that.”

“Today I remember that capitalism murdered millions just this last year. Let’s compare the covid death toll of Vietnam to Canada’s and see which system is more humanitarian eh Justin?”

“Trudeau has nothing to say about the U.S. and Britain’s use of weapons of mass destruction.“

“I think the Trudeau government should worry about the genocide that Canada commit against my people and not political doublespeak to conflate communism with nazism.” This Indigenous defender posted a link to a CNN article featuring this graphic:

The Kuper Island Residential School in British Columbia is picured in this June 19, 1941, archive photo.
The Kuper Island Residential School in British Columbia, where 160+ unmarked graves were discovered in July 2021, is pictured in this June 19, 1941, archival photo.

“Ummmmm….. first of all, Communism defeated Nazism. Second, Canada First Nation Women still face high levels of violence and the community is still dealing with a lower level of resources and opportunities.” She posted this meme:


The world community has declared that the supreme crime against humanity is launching wars of aggression against sovereign nations – crimes against the peace. The war against Fascist Germany and the Axis Powers cannot be viewed as an ordinary war nor a European war nor can collaborators be turned into “freedom fighters” and victims. Many posters condemned the erasure of the significance of the historic struggle against the fascist aggression of the Axis powers and the leading role played by the Soviet Union in the victory over fascism in WWII:

“The USSR took vastly more casualties than any ‘Allied’ or Commonwealth country did fighting the Nazis. You conflating the two while knowing better is outright dishonesty. But even as an US citizen, I know to expect that from you.”

“So we’re just going for blatant conflation of communism with nazism? What makes you different from Poilievre?” He refers to a reactionary Conservative minister in the preceding Harper government.

“On #BlueBrownRibbonDay humanity mourns for the victims of collaboration of fascist and non-fascist imperialists. On #BlueBrownRibbonDay humanity vows to smash colonialist imperialism, whether it disguises as “democratic” or not. #BlueBrownRibbonDay is EVERYday, easy to memorise”.

He added this historical photograph at the signing of sellout Munich Agreement in 1938: the appeasement by British prime minister Chamberlain and Daladier of France with the Hitler and Mussolini fascist regimes.


The agreement gave Hitler the green light to start invading Europe on September 1, 1939. The Soviet Union thwarted the Anglo-French plan to use Germany as their weapon against the Soviet Union by signing the Soviet-German Non-Aggression Pact, which simply stated that Germany and the Soviet Union would not attack each other, even though the Soviet Union had no illusions about Hitler’s plans to “Germanize” the East, which he had laid out for all to see in his 1925 book, Mein Kampf.

An American journalist declared: “Stop whitewashing fascism, Canada. Actually it was communism that DEFEATED Nazism. 26 million Soviets sacrificed their lives to crush Hitler’s Germany, compared to just 400,000 Americans and Brits. (And 20 million Chinese died beating Japanese fascism) This is Holocaust revisionism from Western imperialist gov’ts”

The extension of this criminal logic is that Hitler and his generals were “freedom fighters.” Another simply posted this graphic:

Another posted this graphic:

Click to enlarge

The fact that the “Leader of the Liberal Party” thinks he can speak a bunch of black propaganda day in and day out in the name of high ideals is an excellent case by negative example of the emperor strutting around naked. On this basis, Trudeau can do or justify literally anything. This attitude is a serious threat to the freedom, peace and security of the peoples.

Politically, this also illustrates that as long as people are powerless we can do nothing but declare the obvious — the emperor is naked.

We can turn this around by establishing our own reference points — those needs, claims and aspirations which favour us, not the rich and powerful — and speak in our own name.

Trudeau’s continuing glorification of Nazism is criminal and must be stopped. Values which permit the dictate of military right to take place cannot be condoned.

As a reminder, in parallel the Trudeau government is building the anti-communist monument in Ottawa.

This drive is an abject betrayal of Canadians and all peace-loving people all over the world who sacrificed so much to defeat fascism in the Second World War.

Those of us whose families fought fascism in World War II or at other times or whose families were deported to concentration camps as a result of the actions of those the Government of Canada seeks to honour are profoundly concerned about the direction Canada is being taken by these governments and all the cartel parties, all of whom have facilitated the building of the anti-communist monument by trying to reform it but not oppose it and demand the project be scrapped.

Their insistence on promoting Black Ribbon Day and building the anti-communist monument to rewrite the verdict of history of known fascists and war criminals expresses the essence of the “Canadian values” that Trudeau is demanding Canadians espouse to prove they are worthy of citizenship and “the privileges” this confers.

Louis Lang, whose late mother survived Auschwitz, writes: “The anti-communist monument must not be built! With the many concerns of Canadians at this time it has no place in the streets of Ottawa. Let a memorial be built in the spot the National Commission has assigned to honour Nazis and fascists and collaborators to honour the memory of the thousands of victims of the Residential School system and the murdered and missing Indigenous women and girls. Enough is Enough! The anti-communist project must not be built!”

There is no place in modern governance for fascists and unrepentant fascist apologists, double dealers and swindlers. Canadians are justly condemning Trudeau’s shameless behaviour and arrogance as they did of deputy prime minister Chrystia Freeland before. Go all out to speak in our own name, bring forward your just demands and defeat the Liberals now.

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