Invented journalism: When a journalist covers herself in mud to ‘make it true’

Invented journalism, when a journalist covers herself in mud to "make it true"

Reality often goes beyond fiction with this German summer story.

Oh Susanna!

No, it is not the famous American song by Stephen Foster created in 1848, ”  I came to Alabama, with y banjo on my knee“. This is the pretty Susanna Ohlen, 39, German journalist working for both radio and television station RTL in Germany since 2008. She presented among others the successful programs Good Evening RTL, Good Morning Germany and Point 12.

Bad weather and makeup

The terrible bad weather of July 2021 arrived with more than 200 deaths and considerable damage. Susanna goes there for a report, just very normal. Dressed in a sober blue shirt, hat and Wellington boots for the occasion, Susanna must send the most dramatic images possible.

What could be better then than to stage yourself? A video shows her bending down for the first time to cover her clothes in mud. Then she bends down a second time to put a layer on her face. The cameraman chuckles. It’s good coconut we’re going, we’re going to impress them. Unfortunately the scene was filmed by a third party, broadcast, RTL did not appreciate getting caught with sticky fingers in the jam jar. Susanna has been thanked.

The xth affair of the same kind, common in show journalism as in Dumont’s film where France de Meurs charters an inflatable boat, fills it with migrants after a casting, takes place on the boat, spends the night on a boat luxurious who follows her… and gets caught following a management error. Who spoke of “high road media”?

A since-deleted RTL article had lauded the TV personality for helping to “lend a hand” and “support the local people.”
Reality journalism a la CNN

Observatoire du journalism

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