Last ditch attempt to influence election outcome with muckraking

In this election none of the main cartel parties are reaching a target or winning position. This is because they are so self-serving and opportunistic, anything goes to win power — something the polity views with disdain.

As desperation sets in, certain forces are muckraking related to Justin Trudeau’s lack of judgement this time related to a 2016 deal to permit a book about him to be published in China. While the entire ruling class is self-serving, corrupt and will go to any lengths to get themselves into positions of power, accusations of being self-serving and an agent of China are once again centred on Trudeau. In tandem with this, while the ruling class scrambles to find someone who can claim a mandate to rule this country by decree in favour of narrow private interests, quite a few rats are once again scrambling to get off the sinking Liberal ship. Not knowing who pays for muckraking leads to suspicions that another attempt at a palace coup is taking place within the Liberal Party, or that it is a desperate attempt to gain a Conservative win, or both.

Whatever the case may be, it shows that under the rule of narrow private interests, anything goes to win power. However, this is not a winning position for the polity.

The neo-liberal anti-social offensive has permitted narrow private interests to take over functions of the state directly to control their rivals and profit from all decisions taken. As a result, there are no politics. The ruling class has set the polity adrift. It is neither moored nor steered. Muckraking, violence, corruption are all done in the name of high ideals. Only the working class and people can set things straight because their claims on society are all about developing the economy so that it meets the needs of all. Only they have an interest in upholding the rights of all and protecting the natural and social environment by putting the human factor/social consciousness at the centre of all considerations and endeavours.

In this election none of the cartel parties can reach a target or winning position. Reject these cartel parties. Vote for candidates who stand for political renewal and step up the political fight for the rights of all by speaking out directly in your own name!


Indications that election is headed for minority government

According to wisdom among the people, Ontario elects the next government and Quebec decides whether it is a majority or minority government.

Too Close to Call is a website that claims to provide a more accurate and unbiased approach to polling and the significance of changes in polling stats. It predicts that growth in support for the Bloc Québécois in Quebec may indicate the death of Liberal hopes for a majority government. The website says:

“The post-debate surge for the Bloc appears to be real. All of a sudden, Yves-François Blanchet is back over 30 seats and can even dream of 40.”

It says that a combination of polls show that while the Trudeau Liberals are gaining elsewhere, “they are dropping too fast in Quebec to secure a majority.” It indicates as well that a Conservative majority is unlikely.

The website particularly highlights that the post-debate support for the Bloc has increased by 95 per cent, going from single digits to a range of 16 per cent to 44 per cent. “Urban ridings like Hochelaga are now back with the Bloc,” it says.

The website concludes:

“The chances of a majority are back down around 15 per cent. Some polls (Mainstreet) do have the Liberals close to it but others (and the average) show this party quite far from the magic number of 170. Right now, the Liberals would be losing seats in Atlantic Canada and Ontario. The gains they could make in the Prairies and BC don’t compensate. And with Quebec not ‘cooperating’ anymore, it’s really hard to see where the remaining 19 seats could come from. Short of a polling error of course.”

The prediction of Quebec blocking a Liberal majority was also highlighted by the September 12 edition of CBC Radio’s Cross Country Checkup. Commentators noted that one of the factors that indicate how well the Bloc is doing is found in the number of voters outside of Quebec who chose the Bloc when asked how they will vote after watching the leaders’ debate. Apparently, after the September 8 Leaders’ Debate, several voters outside of Quebec picked the Bloc.

Results are from September 13 Too Close to Call report of polls

Renewal Update, September 15, 2021

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