Trudeau’s modus operandi of using unverifiable remarks to arouse passions

Blaming “extremist groups on the far-right and the far-left”to cover up the need for democratic renewal

A controversy has arisen about remarks by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau at the “Malmö International Forum on Holocaust Remembrance and Combating Antisemitism — Remember-ReAct,” an event held in Sweden on October 13. In a speech delivered by video, the Prime Minister blamed “extremist groups on the far-right and the far-left” for a rise in “hatred, fear and mistrust.” Trudeau told the audience, “We’re in a time right now where around the world we see an increase of polarization, of extremism, or radicalization everywhere, including in some of the most open, liberal democracies in the world. In our elections, in our public discourse and in mainstream communications — let alone social media — we’re seeing a rise in intolerance. We see the organizations of extremist groups on the far-right and the far-left that are pushing white supremacy, intolerance, radicalization, promoting hatred, fear and mistrust across borders but within borders, as well.”

Trudeau speaks as if he is the victim or a neutral party in the promotion of state-organized hate, racism and violence against women. His new period in government will reveal a lot about what Trudeau is up to with his talk of “extremist groups of the far-left and far-right,” associating both with hot button terms like white supremacy, radicalization, promotion of hatred, etc. For him it all furthers a self-serving purpose, as his prior attempts to blame those he calls “extremists” for things that he imperiously rejected or reneged on (proportional representation), or rooted out and banned (“foreign interference” and “hate speech”) show. This is a typical example of the slander and attempts at defamation of what is called “far-left extremism” without identifying who is referred to.

It has become the new modus operandi of the imperialists and reactionaries in their promotion of fearmongering and warmongering against China and Russia. The Government of Canada and its Prime Minister and cartel parties provide prime examples of speaking about things that cannot be verified. They do this when they seek to accuse those they perceive to be enemies, of whatever crime they have in mind, especially to divert attention from the fact that they themselves are committing such acts.

It is a crass method of lowering the level of political discourse to such an extent that it becomes nonexistent. They then blame extremists for inciting passions and causing divisions when they are the ones hyping up hysteria in order to avoid being held to account on a rational basis.

The Canadian Anti-Hate Network condemned Justin Trudeau’s remarks, stating that his equation of “anti-racists and anti-fascists with white supremacists and the far-right … is disinformation. It is irresponsible. And it warrants an apology.” [1]

“The Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) isn’t apologizing. In a statement to PressProgress, the PMO indicated Trudeau stands behind his remarks.” PressProgress added that PMO Press Secretary Alex Wellstead reiterated Trudeau’s position but declined to identify any groups that the Prime Minister has in mind, nor who the government defines as “extremist groups.” [2]

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in particular has come forward as a spokesperson for the obsession of the ruling class with extremist groups to divert attention from the civil war raging within the ranks of the U.S. ruling class itself — which spills over into the partisan competition for power within Canada.

Whenever rational argument fails Trudeau — which is all of the time — he resorts to repeating the mantras he has been given which now includes ranting about his obsession. In 2017, when he reneged on his electoral promise to end the first-past-the-post electoral system and unilaterally went against the recommendation of an all-party committee of the House of Commons to introduce a system of proportional representation, he declared that proportional representation would pose a threat to Canada by allowing “extremist” parties to win seats in the House of Commons. He implied that only those forces that join in “big tent” parties, which according to him represent everyone’s opinions and interests, are legitimate. Never mind that anyone in his own party, parliamentary caucus and cabinet who does not toe the line is persona non grata.

Now, to divert attention from the elitist and unrepresentative character of the party-dominated system of elections and governance, Trudeau is obsessing about “foreign interference” and “extremism” which the official circles say pose the threat to liberal democracy. In fact, it is the anti-democratic features of the unfettered liberal democratic institutions which are doing an excellent job of achieving that aim all by themselves. Trudeau went so far as to task the Minister of Democratic Institutions with deploying national security and secret police forces (CSE and CSIS) to monitor political discourse both during and between elections.

As Parliament is set to resume, the Liberals are threatening to move ahead with their “anti-hate” legislation which will strengthen the state monitoring and control of social media and the internet in general. Canadians are sure to step up their opposition to this anti-democratic direction of the ruling elite.

Canadians have never conciliated with this typical modus operandi of the ruling elite to blame the people for state-organized racism, or the institutional promotion and acceptance of violence against women and factional violence to camouflage their attack on freedom of conscience, speech and political liberties in general, and rule by decree. A main aim is to not permit the people to address the need for political renewal. However, the need for political renewal so that the democratic process and institutions are under the control of the people, not a phony system of representation, is an objective need. It exists because of the clash between the Authority — which no longer accords with the demands of the times — and the Conditions. The danger to the democratic institutions is not from a mental construct of “far-left extremism” or “far-right extremism” but from the corruption inherent to the institutions which can no longer objectively justify their existence.

Justin Trudeau’s internationally declared statement of intolerance of what constitutes a threat to democracy is an escalation in the offensive of the economically powerful national and supranational interests that have taken over the institutions of governance wherever they can.


1. The Canadian Anti-Hate Network (CAHN) is a Canadian non-profit organization that monitors hate groups and hate crimes in Canada.

2. In 2013, the Broadbent Institute launched PressProgress, which describes itself as “Canada’s most shared source for progressive news and information.”

Renewal Update, October 22, 2021 • No. 50

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  1. Dear Tony

    Hello again from the UK! Many thanks for this post. Trudeau is a nasty piece of work, a narcissist abusing the system to his own ends and self glory.

    I did a post on him should you be at all interested.

    Kind regards

    Baldmichael Theresoluteprotector’sson

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