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Supply chain problems: Pay first-rate attention to working conditions of transportation workers!


Today there is a lot of talk about problems with supply chains, the dearth of truckers because of the pandemic, blaming truckers for spreading COVID-19 and the like. A narrative of false causes and consequences presents the problems in the supply chains as the cause of price inflation and, before you know it, truckers are the cause of price inflation.

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New Year’s note to readers

Dear friends, I have been out of action for several months for some reasons and not able to post any information or comments. I deeply appreciate all the messages and will reply hopefully by mid-January, as well as rebegin publishing my blog. Wishing you and your family a happy, healthy and safe New Year with big hugs and best wishes for success in your life and work. I extend a heartfelt salute to all the fighting forces from the Atlantic to the Pacific on their achievements in 2021 during these dangerous and challenging times. May the great resistance of all the peoples of the world and their striving to realize their inalienable rights persist, broaden and deepen in 2022. A better world is possible!

Tony Sed

Posted 1 January 2022 on Facebook


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