The unreported ‘battle for Kyiv’ (2)

Why was a member of the Ukrainian delegation for negotiations with the Russian Federation, Denis Kireev, killed in Kyiv? A wave of murders continues with or without reason. The war will write everything off.  | DMITRY KOVALEVICH *

Denis Kireev, © RIA Novosti, Alexander Kryazhe

(Exclusive, March 5) – On Saturday, March 5, Denis Kireev, a representative of the Ukrainian delegation at the talks in Belarus, was assassinated right next to the building of the Pechersk Court in Kyiv, the capital. Ukrainian media published a photo of the murdered man in the city centre. According to the deputy from the “Servant of the People” Oleksandr Dubinsky, he was killed by representatives of the special services of Ukraine (SBU) on suspicion of treason.

The information was confirmed by the deputy from Eurosolidarity Oleksiy Goncharenko.

“During the arrest, the Security Service of Ukraine shot dead a member of the Ukrainian negotiating delegation, Denis Kireev. He was suspected of high treason,” wrote Goncharenko in his telegram channel.

Even under any laws of wartime, such a murder cannot be justified. The phrase “when trying to detain” one unarmed person at the entrance to the courthouse in the centre of the capital, controlled by the security forces of Kyiv, does not hold water. Even a child will not believe that the SBU could not calmly detain a person.

Suspicion, if it is somehow justified, requires proof. Even a military tribunal, suspecting military personnel of treason during the war, is conducting a trial. And, most likely, there was no evidence in the Kireev case, which is why they went for a direct murder. In this case, we are dealing with execution without trial, although, ironically, at the courthouse. Such behaviour is usually characteristic of agonizing regimes, whose representatives have nothing to lose.

Thus, in Ukraine, a wave of murders continues with or without reason. The basis is often just suspicion. Paranoia covers not only representatives of the special services, but also ordinary citizens. However, in the case of Kireev, the redistribution of financial flows in the National Bank of Ukraine seems to be under the guise.

Denis Kireev, who was killed without trial or investigation, was a representative of Ukrainian big business. Between 2006 and 2008 he worked at SCM Finance, where he held the position of Deputy General Director. Then he worked in the Austrian company GROUP SLAV AG of Ukrainian businessmen Klyuevs , located in Vienna. He was a member of the Supervisory Board of Ukreximbank. From 2010 to 2014, he held the position of First Deputy Chairman of the Board of the State Oschadbank. He was also involved in the management of the private funds, Private Equity Fund and Fixed Income Fund.

The accusation of treason and the murder were, most likely, completely neo-Nazi militants who work, including for the SBU. The accusation of treason Kireev was filed with the SBU on February 22 by an ultra-right group from among the supporters of ex-president Petro Poroshenko .

On that day, the public organization “Unknown Patriot” registered with the SBU a statement about the alleged fact of treason against Denis Kireev. This was stated by the head of the NGO “Unknown Patriot” Yevhen Strokan on the air of Channel 5, which is associated with Poroshenko.

“Kireev is an exposed Russian agent. In fact, his cooperation with the Russian Federation was leaked to the network a long time ago and has been ongoing since 2006. We, in our public organization Unknown Patriot, track such characters and try to publicize their anti-Ukrainian activities so that they do not have the opportunity to continue destructive actions against our statehood,” said Yevhen Strokan.

At the same time, Strokan said that information had recently appeared that Kireev could soon be appointed to the post of deputy head of the National Bank. According to Strokan, since 2020 they have been submitting applications to the SBU to prevent this person from holding the highest position in the NBU, but their applications have been ignored. Nevertheless, the Unknown Patriot organization announced on February 22 that it would put pressure on the authorities.

What happened on March 5 near the Pechersk Court looks more like extreme measures on the part of neo-Nazis from Poroshenko’s entourage, whose goal is to control the National Bank.

Any military action and economic chaos in the country is always a favourable time for big bankers and swindlers. Billions disappear under the guise, and the war, as they say, will write everything off. Now the National Bank of Ukraine has received huge funds from Western partners. We’re talking about billions.

The head of the National Bank, Kirill Shevchenko , said on March 3 that over the past week Ukraine has received $15 billion in financial and material assistance from the West. The slain Denis Kireev was predicted to be the deputy of Kirill Shevchenko. Two days after the $15 billion was announced, the likely future deputy head of the NBU was assassinated. And this happened after numerous and unsuccessful attempts on the part of the ultra-right from Poroshenko’s entourage to accuse him of treason.

There are no such means and methods that will not be used in the fight for billions of Western funds and governments.

Obviously, Ukraine is facing a whole wave of murders based only on suspicions and allegations of treason. This argument will be used against competitors in business or from the desire to take someone’s lucrative position. Who was the first to shout “Treason!” and fired, he was right.

Perhaps a whole chain of murders of representatives of the bureaucracy, all kinds of little-known, but well-informed assistants and deputies, who were engaged on behalf of big business and big politics in all sorts of murky and dark deeds. On the eve of surrender, many will need to get rid of unwanted witnesses of the dark machinations of the “powerful ones.” So the murder of Kireev, most likely, is only the beginning of this process.

At the same time, the murder of a representative of the Ukrainian delegation at the talks in broad daylight in the centre of Kyiv, based only on the suspicions of the ultra-right, speaks of many other things. In fact, this becomes yet another evidence that any agreements with the Ukrainian delegation will not be respected if they do not suit the ultra-right and neo-Nazis, as was the case with the Minsk agreements.


An update on the situation which makes the case even stranger: Ukraine’s Intelligence Service of Defence Ministry said the killed banker Denis Kireyev was their agent. They claim: “He died defending Ukraine!” They report further about killing two other of their agents!

But it was originally reported that he was killed by Security Service because of suspicion of treason earlier today. This also looks like there is infighting between Ukraine’s services that are killing each other.

Contributing correspondent Dmitry Kovalevich is a professional journalist, analyst and columnist for Ukrainia.ruamongst other publications. His Facebook site is the go-to place in social media for information and discussion on Ukraine. Slightly edited for grammar and clarity.



Soldiers of the ‘Peacemaker’ regiment shot a car with the ex-deputy head of the SBU in Kiev and the region – journalist

Strana (Country), the third largest online news portal, reported today (23:35, March 10, 2022):

Journalist Vladimir Boyko reports that soldiers of the Peacemaker police regiment shot at a Toyota car that did not stop at a checkpoint.

Behind the wheel was, according to Boyko, Dmitry Demyanenko, ex-deputy head of the Main Directorate of the SBU in Kyiv and the Kiev region.

This happened today around 18:00 in the Darnitsky district of Kyiv.


Dmitry Kovalech reports “According to the police, they believed that the car belonged to Russian saboteurs. The security service especially uses ‘unknown’ and ‘unidentified’ cars. 

“The war between the special services in Kyiv is in full swing. They pretend to fight against Russian saboteurs in Kiev but still it is exclusively infighting in the city.”

The Myrotvorets (Peacemaker) regiment is alternatively referred to as a volunteer, police, punitive or death battalion in the Ukrainian and Russian media and generally filled with criminal elements.

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