Disinformation about war crimes in Ukraine: The more it goes, the more hysterical, irrational and dangerous it becomes

The U.S./NATO disinformation, warmongering and lies over what is taking place in Ukraine is more hysterical, irrational and dangerous than ever. Without even stopping to raise the obvious need for an independent inquiry into what is called evidence of war crimes committed by Russia, let alone permitting such an inquiry to function and draw warranted conclusions, the President of the U.S., Canadian official circles from the Prime Minister on down to Canada’s U.N. Ambassador, the head of the European Union and others, along with their media and rabid promoters of wiping out Russia, are hurling epithets at Vladimir PutinThey are raising calls to kill him and for regime change, denying that they raised such calls, and then condemning Russia and conniving to get a resolution passed by the UN General Assembly to throw Russia off the UN Human Rights Council.

Such egregious disregard for due process is a practice of medieval times already soundly rejected and denounced in what is called Rule of Law. The more the world sees through the hysteria of the U.S./NATO forces, the louder they scream and the more irrational they get. They seem to have convinced themselves that the news cycle is less than a day, calculating that even when the baselessness of their accusations is revealed they will have moved on to another lie and all with be forgotten. They think they can achieve their aim of keeping everyone embroiled in their lies and not organizing against them. It is not hard to discern their aim of not permitting a peaceful settlement to be achieved in Ukraine, thus perpetuating a permanent “no war, no peace” situation so that the U.S. imperialists can continue to fish in troubled waters.

Besides revealing that they are unfit to rule, their modus operandi also reveals that they are truly dangerous because they give themselves carte blanche to kill, assassinate, torture and murder at will. In this regard, one of the great crimes they are committing is to cheapen serious issues like what is a human right, a war crime, a murder, or genocide. Accusations of genocide are the latest to roll off U.S. President Biden’s tongue as he hurls epithets at Russian president Putin and Russia.

This is the same Biden whose country has wreaked death and destruction in country after country, from Iraq to Afghanistan, to Libya and others in between, and whose sanctions as well as racist and anti-people policies kill men, women, children and the elderly by the hundreds and even thousands every day. The U.S. even refuses to join the International Criminal Court because it will not permit its troops abroad to be judged for crimes they are accused of committing. The same Biden whose country was created through the genocide of the Indigenous peoples and enslavement and genocide of millions of Africans and the oppression and exploitation of millions of peoples at home and abroad, dares cheapen the definition of genocide to make it meaningless. Even as Biden continues to enact laws which deprive Black, Brown, Indigenous and poor people in the U.S. as well as abroad of their right to be, and refuses to release funds which belong to the Afghans, thus contributing to their starvation in the wake of the humiliating U.S. defeat in that country, he is hurling accusations and condemning Putin and Russia.

It is clear as clear can be that such reactionaries cannot be left to order the world in their own image. It is a basic principle of Rule of Law that there must be a method to investigate matters and reach conclusions seen to be warranted by those affected by the decision. Without due process, what is left? It can only be a regime which has neither credibility nor legitimacy nor a sustainable aim.

The faster this U.S./NATO project in Ukraine is being defeated, the greater and more monstrous the lies, disinformation and warmongering. This underscores the urgency of speaking in favour of an independent accountable inquiry into the accusations and demanding to see evidence before conclusions are drawn. Knowing that no lie is too great for the U.S./NATO forces, it is also important for the peoples to undertake the work of bringing into being a new world order themselves so that it is they, not the warmongers and profiteers, who are empowered to sort problems out.

It is not acceptable to condemn Russia given that no accountable and independent inquiry has been held to determine the truth of the matter as to who has committed the crimes it is accused of. In the absence of an independent inquiry which draws warranted conclusions, it is important that the peoples of the world speak out against the modus operandi of the U.S./NATO forces in this entire matter.

TML Daily, posted April 13, 2022.

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