The Two-Star Republic

This flag represents the struggle of the Republican Patriots who took up arms, led an insurrection against the British Empire, declared the independence of Lower Canada, but also of Upper Canada, established the Two-Star Republic and then worked to establish a union between the two Canadas. This union has nothing to do, in any way whatsoever, with the despicable Act of Union of 1840, but rather the project of union between the Republican States of North America.

This flag flew everywhere during the insurrectionary years of 1837-1838-1839. It is found far and wide in the popular imagination as can be seen here, in the political testament of François-Marie-Thomas Chevalier de Lorimier when he wrote his final words on the eve of his hanging in Montreal at the Pied du Courant:

“The wounds of my country will heal after the troubles of anarchy and bloody revolution. The peaceful Canadien will see happiness and liberty on the St. Lawrence. Everything converges towards that end, even the executions. The blood and tears spilled on the altar of liberty today are watering the roots of the tree on which will fly the flag marked with the two stars of the Canadas.”

Here too in this excerpt, from a poem titled The Stars of Canada:

Forth from the arch two meteors fly
And shed abroad a brilliant light.
They blaze resplendent far on high,
Bright as the dazzling sun is bright;
The flaming Stars
they speed their way,
Thro’ the sphere
the Stars of Canada! …
Two independent States are born,
Let freemen cheer their natal day;
Let music usher in the morn,
The spangled flag aloft display.
Far o’er the world its rays shall shine,
And millions worship at its shrine. …
Twin Stars of glory and of fame,
Shine brightly on forever now,
‘Mong nations fix thy noble name,
With vict’ry crown’d upon thy brow
Thro’ time’ s wide bound still hold your way,
Live brilliant Stars of Canada

(Collectif Montferrand. De Lorimier quote translated from original french by TML)


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