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Stand with Indian farmers! Increase use of dirty tricks to suppress farmers’ movement

The power struggle between the movement of Indian farmers and the elites in power in India continues. The farmers have the support of the working people of all India as well as abroad. They are demanding the repeal of three neo-liberal farm laws which will dispossess them due to their aim of serving narrow private interests. The Indian ruling elites are now adopting dirty tricks of all kinds to defeat the farmers. These go from misuse of laws which target individual farmers to break their ranks, and the dirty tactics of political police to threaten and discourage the farmers. Continue reading

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Striving of Indian farmers to decide what happens to their produce

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January Events in Canada: Stand with Indian Farmers

Monday-Friday, 11:00 am-2:00 pm
Indian Consulate, Unit 201, 325 Howe St.
Organized by Sikh Motorcycle Club of Canada
Daily, 4:30-6:00 pm
Clearbrook Rd South of Fraser Way
Daily, 5:30-9:00 pm
King George and 88th
Daily, 6:00-9:00 pm
Scott Road and 72nd
Monday-Friday, 11:00 am-3:00 pm
Indian Consulate, Unit 700, 365 Bloor St. E.
Organized by Sikh Motorcycle Club of Canada
Monday-Friday, 11:00 am-2:00 pm
Indian Embassy, 10 Springfield Rd
Organized by Sikh Motorcycle Club of Canada
Farmers Protests Panel Discussion
2:00-6:00 pm
Highway No. 5 and Steveston Hwy
Car and Truck Road Show
11:00 am

Gather at Abbotsford Stadium, drive to Vancouver Art Gallery
Voices of the Oppressed, Standing in Solidarity
1:00-4:00 pm

Vancouver Art Gallery
Tractor Rally
10:00 am

Mann Farms Corn Maze (McKenzie and Vye Road)
Kisaan Rally and Peaceful Demonstration
1:30 pm

Gather at noon, H Lot, UBCO
Protest Republic Day
1:00 pm

Indian Consulate, 325 Howe St
Kisaan Rally
12:00 noon

Meet Strawberry Hill Parking Lot, Cineplex
Destination; Indian Consulate
325 Howe St, Vancouver
Kisan Republic Day Car Rally
3:30 pm

Gather at Westwood Mall
5:00-7:00 pm
Rally at Square One
Saturday, January 30
2:00-6:00 pm
Highway No. 5 and Steveston Hwy

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November 1 Day of Action in Defence of Migrant Rights

Raise the Call: Status for All!

Migrante and la Association de Mexicanos en Calgary visit an Alberta farm on Thanksgiving, share a meal, games and karaoke before the migrant workers return home for the season.

The Migrant Rights Network has called for a national day of action on Sunday, November 1 to once again raise the call for Status for All!  Continue reading

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Ukraine: Land privatization demanded by IMF, links to Biden graft scandal – engineered bankruptcy of national economy

On December 17th, protests took place in Kiev against the Ukrainian land reform.


The government of Vladimir Zelensky of Ukraine adopted in November so-called ‘land reform’, in accordance of the demands made by the IMF amongst other international financial organizations. The reform opens the way for the mass privatization of Ukraine’s agricultural lands. The IMF has been making these demands for many years but assorted Ukrainian presidents have tried to postpone such an unpopular decision. Recent polls show that the overwhelming majority of Ukrainians of all political persuasions are opposed to land privatization, from far-right to far-left. Continue reading

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War by other means: The violence of North Korean human rights


1. Victors’ Justice?

In February 2014, upon completing a several-month investigation into “human rights in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea [DPRK, or North Korea]” – an investigation initiated in the sixtieth anniversary year of the 1953 Korean War Armistice Agreement that halted combat but did not end the war – the three-member Commission of Inquiry (COI) established by the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) concluded that North Korea had committed crimes against humanity. Such “unspeakable atrocities,” in the framing account of Commission chair Michael Kirby, “reveal a totalitarian State [without] parallel in the contemporary world.”[1] Analogies to the “dark abyss” of North Korea, the Australian jurist maintained, could be found only in the brutality of the Third Reich, South African apartheid, and the Khmer Rouge regime.[2] Reproduced in news reports around the world, Kirby’s markedly ahistorical examples may have succeeded in inflaming global public opinion yet they failed to contextualize the issue of North Korean human rights in a way that might generate peaceful structural resolution. Indeed, insofar as the 372-page COI report singularly identified the North Korea government as the problem – both as “a remaining and shameful scourge that afflicts the world today,” in Kirby’s jingoistic phrase, and as the primary obstacle to peace in Korea – the Commission gave new life to the vision of regime change that has animated post-9/11 North Korean human rights campaigns. By recommending that North Korea and its high officials be brought up before the Hague-based International Criminal Court (ICC), it continued the hostilities of the unresolved Korean War “by means purporting to be judicial.”[3] The urgent question of a long-deferred peace relative to the Korean peninsula, which the Commission incoherently addressed, bedeviled its conclusions, rendering its findings partial, its recommendations in some instances uneasily one-sided, and its premise of impartiality suspect.[4] Moreover, that the COI proceedings and report aligned the United Nations with the United States, South Korea, Japan, and Great Britain while singling out North Korea and, to a far lesser degree, China, for blame performed an unsettling restaging of the Korean War on the agonistic terrain of human rights, suggesting an encrypted “victor’s justice” with regard to an unending war that up to now has had no clear winners.[5] Continue reading

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Farmers rally at Parliament to defend supply management

First-hand report with many photos on farmers’ rallies in Ottawa and Quebec against the Harper government, followed by informative articles and commentaries on the issue, representing missing voice of the working people in this election

Hundreds of farmers and dairy industry workers from Quebec and Ontario drove tractors and trucks from their communities to Ottawa on September 29 and held a militant rally on Parliament Hill. The farmers took action in response to the resumption of secret negotiations for the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) neo-liberal trade deal in Atlanta, Georgia the same day. The U.S. government is pushing to conclude the agreement as soon as possible. They say concessions must be made to the Canadian supply management system in agriculture or Canadian monopolies will be excluded.  Continue reading

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US monopoly interests behind Ukraine putsch

“Ukraine’s agriculture could be a real gold mine.” – U.S.-Ukraine Business Council

medium_financial_fraudBehind the U.S.-backed coup that ousted the democratically-elected president of Ukraine are the self-serving predatory interests of giant corporations – from Cargill to Chevron to Monsanto – and vulture capitalists which see the country as a potential “gold mine” of profits from the plunder of its rich agricultural and energy resources, as JP SOTTILE* documents in This underlies the sharpness of the inter-imperialist contradictions over control of Ukraine as well as the crimes being carried out by the big powers of the U.S. and Europe against the Ukrainian people. Canadians should firmly reject this meddling in Ukraine’s affairs as they can no doubt extrapolate that the same process in the Ukraine is also being carried out by the imperialists in our country and elsewhere.**

(March 16) – ON JANUARY 12, a reported 50,000 “pro-Western” Ukrainians descended upon Kiev’s Independence Square to protest against the government of President Viktor Yanukovych. Stoked in part by an attack on opposition leader Yuriy Lutsenko, the protest marked the beginning of the end of Yanukovych’s four year-long government.

That same day, the Financial Times reported a major deal for U.S. agribusiness titan Cargill. Continue reading

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