International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People

Toronto commemoration affirms the rights of the Palestinian People

2018.12.01-MississaugaPalestineSolidarityDayEvent-04 Continue reading


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15th G20 meeting in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Mass actions reject anti-social offensive and neo-liberal summit


Demonstration against G20 in Buenos Aires, November 30, 2018.

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Contradictions in Europe continue to deepen: Opposition to Britain’s Brexit deal and political chaos

Workers’ Weekly

2018.00.00-BrexitHearOurVoicesNoEUFrontierCrOn November 25, a special European Union (EU) summit of the European Council approved the draft withdrawal agreement and future relationship plan struck between Britain and the European Commission, finally ironed out the previous day by Theresa May and the EU Commission president, Jean-Claude Juncker. Continue reading

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Ontario: Wide-scale defence of Francophone rights

Ontario government’s gratuitous attack on Francophone minority rights condemned


Ottawa, December 1, 2018.

Condemnation of the Ford government’s decision to scrap the building of a French language university and to eliminate the Office of the French Language Commissioner in Ontario, announced as a “cost saving” measure in November, has been swift and widespread throughout the province and Canada. This cynical attack on Francophone Ontarians is an assault on the very nature of a society that Canadians want to have. Continue reading

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Vast network of US bases in Africa


(December 1) – THE U.S. MILITARY has long insisted that it maintains a “light footprint” in Africa, and there have been reports of proposed drawdowns in special operations forces and closures of outposts on the continent, due to a 2017 ambush in Niger and an increasing focus on rivals like China and Russia. But through it all, U.S. Africa Command has fallen short of providing concrete information about its bases on the continent, leaving in question the true scope of the American presence there. Continue reading

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The Globe and Mail’s false pretensions of diversity

‘It all played out very suddenly’: Former Globe and Mail reporter on resigning over race dispute | KAREN K. HO, Columbia Journalism Review Continue reading

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Bombardier debacle shows what it means  for Quebec to be ‘open for business’


2011.01.29-HamiltonDayofAction-61crop3The U.S. warmongers of Boeing and the Pentagon have crushed Bombardier’s Canadian commercial jet production. While doing so, they also seized Brazil’s Embraer commercial jet production this past July. The anti-social pro-U.S. coup government of Brazil appears to have approved the Boeing takeover of Embraer. The former Brazilian governments of Presidents Lula da Silva and Dilma Rousseff opposed the U.S. war profiteers gaining control of Embraer. However, Rousseff was removed from office via a parliamentary coup in 2016 and Lula was unjustly imprisoned and blocked from running again for office this year. The foreign seizure of both Embraer and Bombardier’s commercial jet sectors leaves Boeing and the Pentagon in face-to-face open combat for dominance with Airbus and its European backers. Continue reading

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