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Harper’s Armada and Layton’s support for Irving’s Halifax shipyards vs. the MIL-Davie shipyard in Lévis, Quebec

Discussion on the Significance of the Election Result


THE NDP “swept Quebec” with 58 out of 75 seats. It’s an “Orangiste wave.” Euphoria reigns in the Anglo-Canadian ruling circles.

Meanwhile, as of the May 2 Federal Election, three of the four seats in the NATO port of Halifax, headquarters of Maritime Command, are also now NDP. The federal contract for three new massive warships – Joint Support Ships – opens on May 18. A real conflict with Quebec is possible. Continue reading


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We’ve been played – We didn’t know our future was a game!

By JAMILÉ GHADDAR* and LISA NUSSEY**, MLPC Youth for Renewal

(MAY 3, 2011) THE CLOSE of the 41st General Elections on May 2, as a Harper majority government was declared, was certainly a bleak moment for the Canadian polity which in its majority strove to defeat the Harper Conservatives. What is the significance of these elections? As MLPC National Leader Anna Di Carlo pointed out on May 2 in her article, “Electoral Coup in the Making,” this is not an occasion for either euphoria (due to a so-called Orange Surge) or pessimism (due to the Conservative majority government). We must calmly assess the situation and establish what these results mean, what they portend for the Canadian working class and people. Continue reading

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Statement of the Marxist-Leninist Party of Canada on the Results of the 41st General Election

– May 3, 2011 –

THE Marxist-Leninist Party of Canada congratulates all the candidates, supporters and friends of the Party for their participation in the 2011 General Federal Election on its platform. In this election, the MLPC candidates held their own in terms of votes and made headway in raising the independent politics of the working class, refusing to allow  the ruling circles free rein to silence the voice of the working people. They raised the most important question facing the Canadian polity — that of who decides. Everywhere they went they pointed out that the problems facing the country will be resolved in favour of the people only when the working class and people take their own independent stands. This will guarantee that they, not the rich, become the decision-makers and that the crisis is resolved in their favour not that of the rich. Continue reading

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The missing voice of the working class: CBC and the oceans

ON THURSDAY, April 21, the CBC Radio program Mainstreet carried an interview with four candidates for the Halifax riding on issues affecting the ocean.[1] Tony Seed of the Marxist-Leninist Party (MLPC) was excluded. His exclusion illustrates the degeneration of the state-funded public broadcaster and its subservience to private interest, and the necessity for political empowerment to protect the environment and break the stranglehold of the media. Continue reading

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In the media: Excuses, excuses…MLPC candidate Tony Seed excluded from ‘all’ candidates debate


Meet Tony Seed, the candidate you wont hear at the ‘All Candidates Debate.’

(April 13, 2011, Halifax Media Co-op) – Tony Seed is a little upset, and under the circumstances, who wouldn’t be? After raising the necessary $1,000 deposit, getting an auditor, and an agent, and gathering 100 signatures, the Halifax candidate of the Marxist-Leninist Party of Canada is on the federal election ballot, but finds himself on the outside looking in at the Halifax Federal Riding Debate, which takes place on April 14th at 7pm at Scotiabank Theatre, Saint Mary’s University.

Seed says that his campaign team has been in contact with the Dalhousie Students’ Union, who, along with the Saint Mary’s University Students’ Association, are organizing the event. Reps from the DSU have given Seed’s staff the runaround, claiming first that they could not find an extra podium anywhere on campus for him, next that the stage at Scotiabank Theatre could realistically only accommodate four candidates, and finally that they didn’t even know he was running until the debate was already planned out, and that by then it was simply too late. Seed thinks this rationale is “pathetic”, and senses that far from it being a case of simple oversight, his exclusion from the debate is intentional. Continue reading

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