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Israel, Gaza and false balance

Media-CulpaUS monopoly media constructed a false symmetry of violence where none existed. The manipulation of facts included ABC World News presenting photos of a Palestinian family as Israelis. Or the Hamas “strategy to get its own children killed” that was “forcing [Israel] to kill their children.” PETER HART of FAIR*

Striving for a deceptive “balance,” US media miscast the devastating violence of Israel’s attacks on Gaza and obscured the lopsided nature of the death toll.

This started with the timeline preferred in much of the press. By most media accounts, the conflict started when three Israeli teenagers were kidnapped on June 12; their bodies were discovered on June 30. The Israeli government immediately declared Hamas responsible. Days after the discovery of the victims’ bodies, a Palestinian teenager was abducted and murdered by Israeli extremists, in what was called a “revenge” attack. Hamas rockets started falling in Israel, and “Operation Protective Edge” was Israel’s response. Continue reading

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Behind TV analysts, Pentagon’s hidden hand

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