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Bombardier’s attempt to enter US market: Boeing uses US state to crush its competitor

Since this article was published a week ago, the US Commerce Dept. has levied additional tariffs on Bombardier at the behest of Boeing, now amounting to some 300 per cent on a sale of the C Series of aircraft to Delta Air Lines Inc. Yesterday, Bombardier announced that Airbus SE, a European Union monopoly and the main rival to Boeing, has assumed 50.1 majority ownership of the C Series airliner, without putting up a dime, in a deal that lasts only seven years. Jetliners ordered for the US market will be assembled in Mobile, Alabama to circumvent the tariffs. The C Series was originally intended to end the duopoly in the narrow-body jet market between Airbus’s A320 family and Boeing’s 737. Continue reading


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Harper government’s trip to China: What the salesmen of the monopolies accomplished


Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s latest visit to China has revealed more about the measures the Government of Canada is willing to take to put the entire human and material assets of the government and country at the disposal of the drive of the most powerful North American monopolies to be number one on the world market. Press releases from the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) claim that this trip resulted in more than $2.5 billion in “deals.” It is alleged these “deals” will create thousands of jobs and be good for the economy in Canada. In reality, this trip clearly shows how, since Liberal Prime Minister Jean Chretien’s “Team Canada” trips in the early nineties, Canada’s international affairs and diplomacy have increasingly been turned over to private interests. Continue reading

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