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June 23, 1990 – Defeat of Meech Lake Accord

Democratic Renewal and a Modern Constitution Are an Urgent Need – The significance of the Meech Lake Accord today is that in this era the people want to be the arbiters and decision-makers. It is the work for democratic renewal which will open society’s path to progress.

On June 23, 1990, the Meech Lake Accord was defeated. It was a set of amendments to the Constitution of Canada negotiated behind closed doors in 1987 by Prime Minister Brian Mulroney and the provincial premiers. The failure of the Meech Lake Accord marked a deepening of the constitutional crisis which has now become an existential crisis due to Canada’s all-sided integration into the U.S. war economy and state arrangements.

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This Day. 30th anniversary of the brutal military assault on the Mohawk at Kanehsatà:ke

Although the siege ended, the land issues that were at the core of the dispute persist to this day. For Nation-to-Nation relations and an end to genocide of Indigenous Peoples | Fernand Deschamps 

March marks 25th anniversary of Oka uprising, July 11, 2015.

“The plight of the Indigenous peoples of this country is a matter of great concern to everyone. This includes the Trudeau government. Unfortunately, the government’s concern is not to redress historical wrongs as the times demand. It is to achieve what has eluded previous governments – which is to extinguish Indigenous peoples’ rights once and for all, so as to steal their lands and resources. At the same time, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau seeks to restore Canada’s tarnished human rights record on the world stage. This is a reputation as a violator of human rights due to its abysmal record of criminal negligence of the conditions of life of the Indigenous peoples in Canada and crimes committed against them.”  – Pauline Easton[1]

Thirty years ago, at dawn on July 11, 1990, about 100 heavily armed officers of the Sureté du Québec (SQ) attacked members of the Kanien’kehá:ka of Kanehsatà:ke (Mohawk nation, member of Haudenosaunee Confederacy) who had set up a blockade on a dirt road leading to a sacred Indigenous burial site to oppose the expansion of a golf club on Mohawk territory located close to the town of Oka, Quebec. For the project to proceed, the forest known as the Pines, as well as the Pine Hill Cemetery, the community of Kanehsatà:ke’s graveyard, would have to be bulldozed. To prevent this destruction, people of Kanehsatà:ke erected a barricade on a small, secondary dirt road through the Pines, as early as March 1990. Continue reading

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The Arctic: Militarization, collusion and contention and resistance (4 articles)

• Trudeau government moves to militarize the Arctic 

• Northwest Passage dispute

• The Inuit and the struggle for an Arctic Zone of Peace

For Your Information

• The Arctic –  An overview

• Arctic Council and the military issue
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This day. 26th anniversary of the assault on Kahnesata’ke

March marks 25th anniversary of Oka uprising, July 11, 2015 | K. David (click to enlarge)

March marks 25th anniversary of Oka uprising, July 11, 2015 | K. David (click to enlarge)

July 11 marks the 26th anniversary of what the monopoly media calls the “Oka crisis.” It recalls the time in 1990 when the Canadian state mercilessly assaulted the Mohawk of Kanehsatà:ke, a member of the Six Nations Iroquois Confederacy, for defending their hereditary and treaty right to exercise sovereignty and self-determination over their traditional territory in an area known as The Pines, in the region now called Oka. The area, where a sacred burial ground is located, was slated for development by a local golf club, which planned to extend nine holes onto land the Mohawk have been fighting to have recognized as theirs for almost 300 years. To defend their sacred cause, the Mohawk erected a barricade on a back road leading to The Pines. Continue reading

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This is Sun News

Sun News-Israel.t-shirt

This is Sun News in Canada – the “free press” makes no attempt to hide the fact that it is on Israel’s side. Owned by media monopoly Quebecor, its staff even come to public events wearing company t-shirts that promote and support Israel’s massacre in Gaza as “truth.”

Sun News Network (commonly shortened to Sun News) is an English language Category C news and opinion channel that is owned by Quebecor Media through a partnership between two of its subsidiaries, TVA Group (which maintains 51 per cent majority ownership of the company) and Sun Media Corporation (which holds the remaining 49 per cent interest). Sun News is distributed by most major cable and satellite providers across Canada and is currently included in channel tiers subscribed by only 40 per cent of all Canadian households (5.1 million homes with a pay television subscription).

Brian Mulroney, the disgraced 18th prime minister of Canada (September 17, 1984 to June 25, 1993) is a member of the board and vice-chairman of Quebecor Media.

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Build the workers’ press to oppose media monopolization: The working class must have its own voice!,” October 28, 2014

The U.S.-controlled media monopoly Postmedia announced on October 9 that it had purchased the Sun Media chain, the English-language publications of the Peladeau media monopoly, Quebecor, for $316 million. The deal gives Postmedia control of the five daily Sun newspapers in Calgary, Edmonton, Ottawa, Toronto and Winnipeg; 27 small-market dailies; 140 weeklies; theLondon Free Press and numerous other media properties. Postmedia already owns, among other properties, the National Post, Calgary Herald, Edmonton Journal, Montreal Gazette, Regina Leader-Post, Ottawa Citizen, Saskatoon Star-Phoenix, Windsor Star, Vancouver Sun and Vancouver Province. The purchase of Sun Media still requires regulatory approval from the federal Competition Bureau.


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The Westray mine disaster

NEWS IN REVIEW AND COMMENT, Shunpiking Magazine, Volume 1, Number 6, 1996

THE WESTRAY MINE in Pictou County is situated in North Central Nova Scotia where there are numerous coal seams, one of which in the Foord seam – the thickest – and mined by Westray. Yet it is also one of the most dangerous to mine by underground means anywhere in North America. The geology of this area means underground mining is always fraught with dangers from methane gas and instability, even more than is usual in mining. Continue reading

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Saint John, Lévis: Militarization of shipbuilding – Jobs for war?

Saint John Shipyard – Before

Saint John Shipyard – Before


This article raises one of the most disturbing developments that has taken place recently. This is the policy of some trade unions to push for militarization of the economy and mobilization of the workers to become advocates of this policy. Of course, this is justified by claiming that it creates jobs. Job creation through war – it is hard to believe anybody could be so selfish to promote such a thing. But why would a worker think in such a manner? Creating a job in one sector while eliminating it in another, and all the while bringing the world closer to war, could not by any stretch of the imagination be in favour of workers. We, on our part, would never support the view that we should be joyous over the creation of any job, no matter what that job is for. | A. ROSNER Continue reading


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