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The New York Times reveals the corporate influence behind some of its most-used sources

NYT: How Think Tanks Amplify Corporate America's InfluenceFAIR (Aug. 12) – The New York Times (8/7/16) reveals the corporate influence behind some of its most-used sources.

A recent New York Times article (8/7/16) detailed, in often scathing terms, what many media critics already knew: that think tanks are frequently not objective, neutral arbiters of information, but corporate- and government-funded agenda-promoters with an academic veneer to give the appearance of impartiality. Continue reading

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Word. Brief exchange on culpability for expanding war in Europe

Merchants of Death – Lithograph by Mabel Dwight

Merchants of Death – Lithograph by Mabel Dwight

AMY GOODMAN: On Monday, three prominent U.S. think tanks—the Brookings Institution, the Atlantic Council and the Chicago Council on Global Affairs—issued a joint report urging the United States to provide Ukraine $3 billion in military assistance over the next three years. Former Deputy Secretary of State Strobe Talbott co-wrote the report. He’s now president of Brookings. Continue reading

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Is Washington training an insurgent army to ‘occupy’ Syria?

Is the US planning the occupation of Syria by training an unconventional insurgent invasion force? MAHDI DARIUS NAZEMROAYA*

2013.09.09.USDCSyriaAntiWar-CherylLaBash-01cropTHINK regime change in Syria is off the drawing board? Think again. The bombing of the ISIL or ISIS in Syria is part of a brinkmanship campaign leading up to a potential non-conventional invasion, parallel to the re-introduction of the US military to Iraq.

The ISIL and the other anti-government forces in Iraq and Syria are not the only ones to disregard the Iraqi-Syrian border drawn by the British and French by Sykes-Picot in 1916. The US also disregarded the border and international law when it began to illegally bomb Syria. Continue reading

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Right on schedule: US eyes ‘buffer zone’ in Syria ‘very very closely’

As if any reasonably informed observer would be surprised, the United States is now eyeing the possibility of implementing a buffer zone in Syria “very very closely.”

On Wednesday, October 8, 2014, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry stated that “The buffer zone is an idea that has been out there. It is worth examining, it’s worth looking at very, very closely.”

Some European leaders, including French President François Hollande, have supported the idea of a buffer zone. Russia has stated that a buffer zone would require a UN vote, which would entail a lengthy process.

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Disinformation on gas attacks in Syria (13): On the role of the dogs of war – think tanks, ‘experts’ and media

An analysis of the U.S. military industry ties of ‘experts’ and think tanks who ‘debated’ intervention against Syria

grim reaperThe following report documents the military industry ties of 22 U.S. media commentators and seven major think tanks that participated in media warmongering and disinformation on Syria. They are deliberately paraded as neutral, independent, non-partisan and “third party experts” to confuse the people and put them out of action. These conclusions are not unique to the USA. The disinformation of these media commentators are also widely broadcast in Canada. Stephen Hadley and numerous other individuals and organizations cited in this report are the same high-profile touts of U.S. imperialist strategy invited to present at the annual Halifax International Security Forum aka Halifax War Conference, which increasingly dictates the policy of the Canadian state. Furthermore, a 2001 study of role of Canadian “experts” and think tanks in advocating the “war on terror” in the Canadian media by Shunpiking Magazine revealed a similar modus operandi. – Tony Seed) (download pdf of report)

Public Accountability Initiative (Oct. 11, 2013) – DURING the public debate around the question of whether to attack Syria, Stephen Hadley, former national security adviser to George W. Bush, made a series of high-profile media appearances. Hadley argued strenuously for military intervention in appearances on CNN, MSNBC, Fox News, and Bloomberg TV, and authored a Washington Post op-ed headlined “To stop Iran, Obama must enforce red lines with Assad.” Continue reading


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