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The Nova Scotia shuttle from the media to the state

Marilla Stephenson

Marilla Stephenson

Bruce Wark points us to the job description for the position of Managing Director Corporate and External Relations at the Executive Council office which was created by Stephen McNeil for Marilla Stephenson:

The position will lead the development of, and provide advice, plans, and strategic approaches that will inform decisions and assist with proactively managing issues. The Managing Director will lead, manage, consult and provide expertise in planning and execution of strategic, systems approaches to assist with managing issues, crisis and to proactively provoke strategic activities to assist in the delivery of the government’s agenda and support corporate priorities. Serves as a primary point of contact and liaison between the Premier’s Office and government departments. Continue reading

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CBC: Occupation? What Occupation?

CBC “politely” orchestrates disinformation of Harper war government on Israel/Gaza | BRUCE WARK*

140718-Halifax-Gaza Rally-001cr

Some 400 people demonstrated at both CBC Radio and CBC TV buildings in Halifax on July 18, 2014 to denounce slanted media coverage of the massacre taking place in Gaza. Far from having reporters cover the event or sending out a representative to speak with the protesters, the CBC called security demanding that the demonstrators get off the property.

mediaspin.ca (July 20) – Jason Kenney, a senior minister in Canada’s Conservative government, delivered a ringing defence of Israel’s latest attacks on Gaza during the July 19th edition of the CBC Radio program, The House, while guest host Rosemary Barton listened politely. Continue reading


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Did Hillier’s ‘murderers and scumbags’ comment encourage Canadian arrests of innocent Afghans?

Reporting from the inaugural Halifax International Security Forum, BRUCE WARK* reports that Canadian General Rick Hillier avoided questions of his personal responsibility for the alleged torture of prisoners. Imperialist conferences such as this do solve problems but only contribute to the insecurity faced by the peoples. They lower the norms of human conduct that now pervades international relations. In line with the warmongering agenda of the conference, both Hillier and US Senator John McCain advocated that “US President Obama sends in thousands more troops to establish security.” Continue reading


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Halifax War Conference: Canada out of Afghanistan, Canada out of NATO

November 21, 2009: Haligonians mount a vigorous protest against the First Halifax International Security Forum, funded by DND and ACOA.


HALIFAX (November 21, 2009) – ABOUT 200 protesters gathered in a park outside an international military conference in Halifax today to demand that Canada withdraw from Afghanistan and from NATO, the trans-Atlantic alliance that is waging war in Afghanistan. One demonstrator carried a sign reading “60 years is 60 years Too Long” referring to Canada’s membership in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, the U.S.-led military alliance formed in 1949. Continue reading


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Tackling the monster of ‘disinformation’

Tony Seed and Gary Zatzman are trying to provide a counter to what they see as profit-motivated, elite-driven lies in the mainstream media

By GENEVIEVE PERREAULT, King’s Journalism Review, October 14, 2004

Gary Zatzman: "[Disinformation] has been the 800-pound gorilla in the room for a very long time." Photo: Gary Zatzman
Gary Zatzman: “[Disinformation] has been the 800-pound gorilla in the room for a very long time.”

Early in his career, Gary Zatzman realized that as a journalist, he was not expected to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. His job was to discover only what suited his editors’ agenda – and that meant perpetuating “disinformation” created by a small group of society’s elite.

In the 1970s, while working for a New Brunswick daily, Zatzman researched an Indian and Northern Affairs housing program. The program set aside funds for registered First Nations band members who were not living on reserves. The final tone in his articles, he says, was positive: he wrote that although certain tensions existed, the recipients were generally satisfied with the program.

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