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July 1 — Cancel Canada Day

No Celebration of Stolen Indigenous Land and Stolen Indigenous Lives

Idle No More has called for actions across Canada on July 1 under the banner of “Cancel Canada Day.” In the call, issued before the report by the Cowessess First Nation, they state “The recent discovery at Kamloops residential school has reminded us that Canada remains a country that has built its foundation on the erasure and genocide of Indigenous nations, including children.” They say further “We refuse to sit idle while Canada’s violent history is celebrated. We are once again calling on Indigenous land, water and sky protectors and allies to come together and disrupt the celebration.”

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Canada Day 2015 – Resistance to nation-wrecking: Canadians fight for dignity and sovereignty

WCMustConstituteNationToday is July 1 – Canada Day. The day celebrates the 148th anniversary of Confederation which took place 148 years ago in 1867. While the nation-building project undertaken at Confederation bocked the annexation of the British Dominions in North America to the United States, today the country created at that time is in serious need of a new aim. Today Canadians are fighting for a nation-building project that defends their dignity and sovereignty against the neo-liberal anti-social offensive and the private interests it represents. Continue reading

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Canada Day 2015 and the urgent need to start afresh

Looking at Canada’s history for purposes of sorting out its problems in the present


This year marks the 148th anniversary of the founding of Canada. On this occasion Canadians are being assaulted by the opportunist politicking of the Prime Minister, government ministers, leaders of the so-called major political parties vying to form the next government, politicians from these parties and, to top it off, the so-called mainstream media. In what is called “the pre-election campaign,” all of them have declared open season on Canadians and are hunting them down to extract their vote to get themselves elected. Continue reading

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Canada Day with the royals (II): Reject Harper’s fascist one nation politics

Part two of a two-part series by TONY SEED. Part one is here.

mediaculpaheader.stretched(July 1, 2001) – THE Canada Day editorial of the Halifax Chronicle Herald is an incoherent rant pregnant with veiled threats against the Canadian people emanating from divine right.

It gives real meaning to “smitten” as in its banner headline “Canadians smitten [1] with royal newlyweds.” Continue reading

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Canada Day with the royals (1): We are not ‘smitten’ nor ‘smote’ nor amused

Protesters wait for the arrival of Britain’s Prince Charles and his wife Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, in Montreal, November 10, 2009. REUTERS/Christinne Muschi (CANADA ROYALS CONFLICT)

Part one of a two part series by TONY SEED, Part two is here.

HALIFAX (July 1, 2011, revised July 4) – THE July 1st headline of the Halifax Chronicle Herald leaps into never-never land with its banner of another royal tour: “Canadians smitten [1] with royal newlyweds.” The entire front page of the second section is also given over to fawning coverage of the alleged affair. Then you read more carefully. “A small crowd … at the government airport.” A “walk-about” amongst tourists to the nation’s capital with nothing else to do but touch the elephant! 

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