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Sighting. Mother Goose

Too many goslings May 25, 2014 039 copy

One misty, moisty morning, when cloudy was the weather, Laurel Marie Amirault of Pubnico chanced to meet a busy mother Goose. She snapped this image last week at Belleisle Marsh, near Bridgetown, Nova Scotia.

It’s hard to say exactly how many goslings this bird has in tow. I count at least 17, but there could be more.

Since the average brood size for Canada geese hovers around five, the experts on the Nova Scotia Bird Society’s Facebook Page, where Amirault posted the photo, speculated that baby sitting, adoption, or kidnapping was at play. Opinions divided as to whether one goose could successfully look after so many charges.

This is a fantastic time to follow the Nova Scotia Bird Society’s Facebook Group. Nova Scotia’s forests, fields, and waterways are bursting with new arrivals, and the many talented photographers in the group furnish a continual stream of gorgeous images.

Photo credit:  Laurel Marie Amirault. Used by permission. Source: Parker  Donham


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Birds of a feather flock together

Having made the desert bloom and trying to wiping a people off the map, they are now helping the birds to fly

birds-of-a-featherThose shabby greenwashers par excellence, the racist and fascist Jewish National Fund, are naming a ‘migratory bird interpretive centre,’ after the Cackling Goose in Ottawa and using him as their corporate shill. The centre is located on land stolen from the Palestinian people and bordered by the Golan Heights, which belongs to embattled Syria. It is to be watered with Canadian tax-exempt ‘charitable’ donations from big capital, in the manner of the infamy called Canada Park.* “The prime minister has a strong love of animals: cats, dogs, pandas,” one Zionist told the Toronto Star, trying to explain the connection. “It plays off his whole love of animals.”

The macabre and cynical association caused me to dwell on the Canada Goose (Branta canadensis), though the Cackling Goose is a distinct species or maybe even a sub-species. Really. I live on the migratory north-south bird flypath over the waters of Georgian Bay, part of Lake Huron and the Great Lakes that separate Canada from the USA. When I first moved here, I was initially in awe of their seemingly majestic flying V-shaped wedge and began to watch them more closely each spring and fall. How to ‘interpret’ them? They always fly in a pack. In nature, birds of a single species do in fact frequently form swarming flocks. Continue reading


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