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The Trudeau government’s ‘uniquely Canadian approach to democracy promotion’



On February 4, Canada hosted an emergency ministerial meeting of the Lima Group, a gang of countries it is working with to try to force regime change in Venezuela. Held in Ottawa, it was the group’s first face-to-face meeting since the self-proclaimed “interim president” of Venezuela, Juan Guaidó swore himself in. The U.S., to whom he owes his new position, is not ostensibly a member of the Lima Group, but recognized their puppet immediately with Canada and other members of the Lima Group following soon after. The meeting was attended as well by the U.S., several European Union countries and, notably, Julio Borges, introduced as Guaidó’s appointee to the Lima Group, “representing Venezuela,” and his designated representative in Canada, Orlando Viera-Blanco.[1] Continue reading


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No to foreign-inspired ‘regime change’  in Venezuela by military or ‘diplomatic’ means! Hands off Venezuela!




On Monday, February 4, Canada is hosting the 10th ministerial meeting of the group of countries said to number “more than a dozen” known as the Lima Group who since August 2017 have been operating as a private clique in cahoots with U.S. imperialism as it attempts to force regime change on Venezuela. Continue reading

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Why is the CBC lying about Venezuela?


While in New York City for the United Nations General Assembly during the last week of September the Prime Minister of Canada spoke about Venezuela. As he defended the government of Canada’s outrageous decision to lead the right-wing attempt to bring the President of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro to the International Criminal Court Trudeau said, Continue reading


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Fortress America: 60th anniversary of NORAD – The demand to dismantle NORAD is more urgent than ever

This year marked the 60th anniversary of the North American Aerospace Defence Agreement (NORAD) signed on May 12, 1958. It is the arrangement through which, along with the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) founded on April 4, 1949, the Canadian armed forces are integrated into those of the U.S. and put under U.S. command. Continue reading

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Warship Watch. HMCS Chicoutimi offshore People’s Republic of Korea

Weapon of U.S. bullying and threats against DPRK

(February 10) – The Winter Olympics shows that Korea is striving for reunification, peace and to block regime change but the U.S. calculates that sanctions will ensure that Korea cannot last. The U.S. thinks that starving the people and creating ever more difficult conditions will bring the government down. The calculations of the U.S. and countries such as Canada are based on their psychology of bullying people. But their arrogance makes them blind to a quality of the people that they cannot fathom, which is their profound motivation to reunify their country. Just as U.S. policy toward Cuba, and Vietnam before that, failed to predict the readiness of the people to persist in their national and social liberation struggles, so too in Korea, the U.S. and its allies’ attempts to blackmail the Koreans do not reap the results they desire. Continue reading

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Meeting on Korea in Vancouver: Let’s Discuss

TML Weekly published on January 13 a timely and enlightening Supplement on the one-day meeting in Vancouver on Korea co-hosted by the U.S. and Canada currently underway. It raises pertinent questions about what is really going on about a “diplomatic initiative” of a handful of selected countries out of those that make up the world, given that the two Koreas have already concluded initial agreements on a unified team to participate during the 2018 Olympic Winter Games and holding top level meetings. The TML edition includes in-depth material on the question of sanctions and blockades, pointing out “Since the 1909 London Naval Conference, it is an accepted principle in international law that a blockade is an act of war.” Continue reading

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Warmongering meeting on Korea in Vancouver: Canada is being disingenuous

Canada will co-host along with the United States the “United Nations Command Sending States Meeting” in Vancouver on January 16, as part of what U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson calls “the pressure campaign against North Korea.” Preparations for this event began prior to November of last year. Under the guise of supporting a rules-based international order, the meeting brings together the original 21 aggressor countries that sent troops to wage the brutal war against Korea between 1950 and 1953.[1] The war against Korea took the lives of over 4 million Korean citizens and amongst other crimes, razed the city of Pyongyang to the ground. Continue reading

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