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Huawei case: Trudeau Liberal’s mockery of the rule of law

Email Internet spying

(From a Facebook post of Dec. 13, revised Dec. 24) – Six people appeared in Halifax provincial court on Monday, December 10 to face charges of mischief and obstructing a peace officer, stemming from Sunday night’s protest at the Canada Post mail-processing plant on Almon Street in that city. The real reason they were arrested is that they were protesting the federal government’s criminalization of their rights. Continue reading



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G7 Summit: No to the neo-liberal, anti-social offensive, retrogression and war!

Demonstration in Quebec City, April 5, 2018, against upcoming G7 summit in La Malbaie. Banner reads: “The G7 Does Not Represent Us.”

The 44th G7 Summit is hosted by Canada. It will take place June 8 and 9 in the luxury hotel Fairmont Le Manoir Richelieu in La Malbaie in the Charlevoix region of Quebec. It is preceded by ministerial meetings.

La Malbaie is a small town of 8,000 people about 150 kilometres north-east of Quebec City. The Summit area has been secured behind a $3.8 million, three-metre high, 3.7-kilometre long fence anchored in cement posts sunk half a metre into the ground. A temporary prison will be set up near the arena in Clermont, a neighbouring municipality, at a cost of $1 million, according to local radio station CIHO. The budget for the G7 events will be more than $600 million with $259 million to be allocated to the RCMP alone for security, over $35 million to National Defence, $99 million to Public Safety Canada, $2 million to the Canadian Security Intelligence Service, and $1 million to the Canada Border Services Agency. Continue reading

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The media and the fear factor: Conning Canadians and demonizing Indigenous People

From the Atlantic to the Pacific, the Indigenous Nations are fighting for their rights, identity, land and resources. The assault by the state at all levels in collusion with the monopoly media on the Indigenous peoples is an assault on the democratic rights all Canadians, as sovereigntist leaders have been warning for years. “The Indigenous people are the canary in the coal mine.” – TS

Presentation by Kahn-Tineta Horn, Kahnawake, Mohawk Territory Indigenous People’s Solidarity Rally, Montreal, June 19, 2004

I’m here today to give you a warning. I want to tell you about what’s happening at Kanehsatake because what’s happening there is a direct threat to the future of your children and my grandchildren. If we want to protect the future of the next seven generations, we have to act now and we have to act together. Continue reading

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Anniversary of introduction of Bill C-51, Anti-Terrorism Act 2015

Liberals’ defence of secret police powers, privilege and impunity does not bode well. Renewal Update

Just over one year ago on January 30, 2015 the Harper government introduced Bill C-51, legislation which sanctions black ops and state terror against Canadians as well as other peoples abroad. The bill was acknowledged by broad sections of Canadian society, from workers, Indigenous peoples, intellectuals and experts as being in contempt of the rule of law. It generated broad discussion among all sections of the people as to its meaning and what could be done. Continue reading

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Glorification of Nazism and the US marines who only ‘advise’

Members of Charlie Company, 1st Reconnaissance Battalion in Camp Pendleton, Afghanistan, in front of a flag with a logo of the Nazi SS. Photograph: AP

Only in Europe? The USA, Canada and Ukraine were the sole countries in the world that voted in November against the United Nations anti-Nazi resolution condemning the glorification of National Socialism and Nazi collaboration. Both the USA and Canada are the only two countries to send armed forces to assist the Kiev regime, including hundreds of “military advisers” to a Ukrainian army that now officially incorporates Neo-Nazi armed battalions.

Both Washington and Ottawa have received their fascist representatives at the highest level (see photo, below).

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Harper’s self-serving budget increases funds for secret police

2015.04.18.Bill C-51.Ottawa.Our securityFinance Minister Joe Oliver tabled the Harper Government’s 10th federal budget in the House of Commons on April 21 where he presented the government’s view on the document. Dubbed the “Economic Action Plan 2015,” the budget has been named by the government “Strong Leadership: A Balanced-Budget, Low-Tax Plan for Jobs, Growth and Security.”

Announcing new funding for the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS), RCMP and Canadian Border Services Agency (CBSA), Oliver used the budget speech to repeat the government’s refrain. “The jihadist terrorists who proclaimed a so-called caliphate in the Middle East have declared war on Canada and Canadians by name. In response, we have taken up the fight both overseas and here at home,” he said. Continue reading

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Business letter against anti-terror Bill C-51

Discussion on Bill C-51, Anti-Terrorism Act, 2015

2015.03.14.Ottawa-C51-146crMore than 60 CEOs, business owners and company presidents have signed an April 21 open letter calling on the government to scrap Bill C-51, the daily newsbulletin Renewal Update reports.

The letter points out, among other things, the history of U.S. intelligence agencies conducting espionage against foreign companies, with Canadian collusion and complicity. It points out that reports of Canadian intelligence’s predatory spying on trading partners has already had negative implications for business. Continue reading

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