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The spunkiest candidate in Atlantic Canada

Here is an interview with the spunkiest candidate in Atlantic Canada. Nikki Boisvert is running in Sydney-Victoria in Cape Breton for the Marxist-Leninist Party of Canada. Her deeds are definitely louder than her words but her words are very good too. A talented artist, she has a key chain for sale “We are not things!”

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Canada Post attacks Cape Breton delivery drivers

Gordie MacDonald, President of the Canadian Union of Postal Workers Local 117 in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia reports that Canada Post is firing delivery drivers in the Local and replacing them with new hires. Thirteen drivers in and around Sydney, one in Antigonish and several more in St. Stephen, New Brunswick have been notified that their jobs have been eliminated. One driver has delivered parcels for Canada Post for thirty years.

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This Day. A Reflection on the 100th Anniversary of the Halifax ‘Big Strike’ of 1919

Militant tradition of workers’ struggles in the Atlantic Provinces

May First, international working class day, marked the 100th anniversary of the Halifax General Strike of 1919. Events in Halifax in 1919 and after must be seen within the context of both regional, national and international developments and working-class activity. Between 1916 and 1925 the Maritimes experienced unparalleled levels of strike activity. Significantly this upsurge was not confined to the coal mining communities of the region. Economic militancy often translated into political action. Miners in industrial Cape Breton, Cumberland and Pictou counties, steelworkers in Sydney, and industrial workers in Halifax, gypsum workers in Hants County in the Annapolis Valley, and workers in Amherst, New Glasgow and Saint John participated in the upsurge of radicalism seen across the country. In March 1919 a “great mass meeting” in Sydney endorsed a resolution by Nova Scotia Federation of Labour organizer Clifford C. Dane of Pictou for a strike of all Nova Scotia workers if the provincial government failed to enact legislation for an eight-hour day. [1]

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The day Cape Breton seceded from Nova Scotia

View west from Mount Franey | Clarence Barrett

View west from Mount Franey | Clarence Barrett

logo_invernessoranSome 15 years ago this day, the Inverness Oran, the community newsweekly on the west coast of Cape Breton Island, reported that the impoverished island, home to some 150,000 people, had decided to secede from the province of Nova Scotia, Canada. Continue reading

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3,000 protest Harper’s closure of Veteran’s office in Cape Breton

And why in 2009 did Veterans Affairs destroy 27,381 boxes of veterans’ medical records?

Some 3,000 veterans and their allies showed up in Sydney to rally against the Veterans Affairs office slated closure.

Some 3,000 veterans and their allies showed up in Sydney to rally against the Veterans Affairs office slated closure.

VETERANS in Sydney, Cape Breton and across the country are mobilizing to stop the closure of the nine Veterans Affairs offices they rely on for face-to-face services. Supporting them in Sydney is a chorus of community members, local organizations, Veterans Affairs workers, unions, and every level of local government, all of whom were out in force this past Saturday – two days before Remembrance Day – at the Veterans March of Concern. As part of the March 2012 budget, the Harper dictatorships plans to close the Sydney Veterans Affairs office, which will have a widespread negative effect on over 4200 veterans who rely on their services, as part of its fraudulent austerity agenda to pay the rich. Thirteen case workers will be replaced by a 1-866 telephone number and a Service Canada website. It is also closing other eight offices in Corner Brook, Charlottetown, Windsor, Thunder Bay, Brandon, Saskatoon, Kelowna and Prince George. Continue reading

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Cape Breton’s musical tribute to Rita



FROM the opening strains of a slow air by Ashley MacIsaac to the final chords of Rita MacNeil’s musical paean to love of Cape Breton, ”Home I’ll Be” (pictured above), last night’s tribute concert organized by Joella Foulds and Max MacDonald was magnificent. Continue reading

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