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Nova Scotia: Militant opposition to McNeil government’s anti-labour Bill 1, Health Authorities Act

Workers rally at Nova Scotia Legislature in Halifax, October 3, 2014

TML Daily (Oct. 3) – On Monday, September 29, the Nova Scotia Liberal government tabled its union-busting Health Authorities Act in the Legislature. Amongst other anti-social measures carried out in the name of a phony austerity agenda, the bill attacks workers’ right to freedom of association. It is being rammed through the Legislature despite broad outrage from health care workers and others, and is presently at third reading. Continue reading

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HRM: Spryfield-Sambro Loop Community Health Project – privatization by stealth

HALIFAX  December 1, 2010 – CANADIANS are dead set against the privatization of the health care system but are faced with governments that serve private not public interests. As a result, they use the social wealth to pay the rich while claiming there is a scarcity of funds for health care and other social programs. After creating a crisis in health care by depriving it of the required funds, a “solution” is then presented in the form of public-private-partnerships or P3s, promoted as a creative way to solve the “health care crisis.” Canadians have seen that they are simply another way to put public money at the disposal of private interests. One such example in Nova Scotia is particularly insidious because it is not even referred to as a P3. Continue reading

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