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In Memoriam: Charles Boylan

March 18, 1943 – June 17, 2017

With deepest sorrow the Communist Party of Canada (Marxist-Leninist) informs you that our Comrade Charles Boylan passed away peacefully on June 17 just before 11:00 pm. Charles died with his beloved partner Donna at his side. His children and close comrades and friends were with him throughout the day.

Charles spent his last days in the Cottage Hospice in East Vancouver close to his childhood home. It is fitting that the hospice overlooks the harbour where Charles carried out much of his lifelong work to humanize the social and natural environment and make Canada a zone for peace.

With our deepest social love and affection we send our condolences to Donna, Brendan, Edana, Thomas, his brother John and the entire Boylan extended family and to all the Comrades in BC and throughout the country and his many, many colleagues and friends who will miss him dearly.

Our Charles lived life to the fullest under all conditions and circumstances. To the very end he continued communicating directly with the literally hundreds of people with whom he lived, worked and shared weal and woe, cementing the unity of the people around a modern nation-building project. He dedicated his entire life to the emancipation of the working class and to ending colonial injustice and making Canada a zone for peace.

Charles has donated his body to the University of British Columbia for teaching purposes; a private cremation will follow in due course. The Party will organize a Celebration of Life in Vancouver in September. We will post an on-line book of condolence at http://cpcml.ca/charles for all those who wish to share their grief and experiences with Charles.

Charles made the Party proud. Our loss is great. He will be truly missed.

Central Committee
Communist Party of Canada (Marxist-Leninist)


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Harper government’s war agenda for Canada


Charles Boylan is the MLPC candidate in Vancouver South

In the August 6 four-party Maclean’s “debate” Stephen Harper stated, “I don’t think this government has gotten itself involved in many military actions.”

Since the collapse of the Soviet Union and the end of the bi-polar division of the world, Canada’s armed forces have participated in every NATO military adventure in addition to supporting the U.S. invasion of Iraq. The first “military action” in this period saw 18 CF-18 Canadian bombers play a disproportionately large role in the NATO bombing of Yugoslavia in 1999. The damage to buildings and infrastructure was estimated at $40 billion by NATO, and $100 billion by Yugoslavia. Continue reading

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CIC Award for Media Excellence – Letters from Colleagues across Canada

25 November 2006

Tony Seed,

Editor & Publisher,

Shunpiking Magazine, Halifax, Nova Scotia

Dear Tony,

Congratulations on receiving the Award of Media Excellence 2006 from the Canadian Islamic Congress (CIC). For many years we have been journalistic colleagues and kindred spirits in building an independent media that tells the truth and provides Canadians with information relevant to their concerns. Your journalism, embodied in the ongoing work of Shunpiking Magazine and elsewhere, is at the same time fully partisan in its unrelenting defence of the rights of all, and most especially, those singled out for attack by the Canadian state and world reaction. Continue reading

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Dossier on Palestine: A media of progress, enlightenment and freedom is possible

SHUNPIKING MAGAZINE hosted a special forum on the occasion of the publication of its new, book-length special edition, Dossier on Palestine, on 28 October 2002. Dr. Ismail Zayid, president of the Canada Palestine Association, longtime activist and a contributing writer, and Tony Seed, on behalf of the editorial staff, both provided their views on the significance of this initiative. Both presentations were repeatedly interrupted by applause. Despite the fact that the book launch was organized with only two days notice, fifty one people attended the lively function held in the hall at St. Antonios Antiochan Orthodox Church in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Participants expressed tremendous enthusiasm and a high regard for the quality of the information, historical context, photo essays, maps and information graphics, and perspectives contained in the 96-page work, of which 20,000 copies were printed as an initial press run. Initial orders were placed for 4,050 copies of the Dossier, which retails for $Cdn 5.00.*

We are reproducing the text of the address by Tony Seed, editor and publisher of Shunpiking Magazine, to the forum. Continue reading

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