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Canada Day 2015 and the urgent need to start afresh

Looking at Canada’s history for purposes of sorting out its problems in the present


This year marks the 148th anniversary of the founding of Canada. On this occasion Canadians are being assaulted by the opportunist politicking of the Prime Minister, government ministers, leaders of the so-called major political parties vying to form the next government, politicians from these parties and, to top it off, the so-called mainstream media. In what is called “the pre-election campaign,” all of them have declared open season on Canadians and are hunting them down to extract their vote to get themselves elected. Continue reading

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A modern constitution and political renewal are the demands of the times

Anniversary of the defeat of the Meech Lake Accord

June 23 marks the 24th anniversary of the defeat of the Meech Lake Accord in 1990. The Meech Lake Accord was a set of amendments to the Constitution of Canada negotiated behind closed doors by then Prime Minister Brian Mulroney and the ten provincial premiers. One of its key objectives was to resolve the constitutional crisis caused by Quebec’s refusal to sign the patriated Constitution Act, 1982 of the Trudeau government, but it failed to do so. Like the 1980 Quebec Referendum before it, it sought to affirm the place of Quebec within Canada. But its  failure  to clarify the status of Quebec in a manner that accords with its concrete reality as a nation with the right to self-determination prevented this.

After the defeat of the 1980 referendum, Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau promised to draft a new constitutional agreement.

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Position of Marxist-Leninist Party of Quebec on urgency to declare a free and sovereign state of Quebec

THE media is portraying the battle in the elections currently underway in Quebec as one between two parties of the rich, the Parti Quebecois and the Liberals, the central issue as one of borderless sovereignty and the alternative presented by smaller parties as “fringe,” if they are mentioned at all. The sovereignty of the nation of Quebec is an opportunity for the working class and the people to put on the agenda the renewal of the so-called democratic institutions to vest sovereign power in the people. To inform readers that there is a real alternative, we are providing information on the stand of the Marxist-Leninist Party of Quebec (PMLQ), which is presenting 24 candidates in the April 7 Quebec elections in the following regions: the National Capital, Mauricie, Montérégie, Montréal and the Outaouais. Continue reading

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