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The need for modern child care and early childhood education

By Peggy Morton

The fight of women and families for modern child care and early childhood education goes back more than fifty years as reflected in the report of the Royal Commission on Women released in 1970, which called for such an endeavour.

Since then, the need has only become greater as one government after another has made sure it has not created a national child care program as a right. The cartel parties treat child care as an electoral football to attract votes while different governments use complicated systems of credits and create budget categories of various sorts which families have to wade through as they fend for themselves, juggle their finances and worry about the safety of their kids.

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US deports children: Operation Captain Hook?

US.Stop deportations now

(June 24)  – While United States welcomes Cuban dancers and baseball players with open arms, it denies entry to tens of thousands of Central American children who cross Mexico’s border alone to flee violence and poverty in their countries. Continue reading

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Tragedy of immigrant children in the US


No one can predict the resolution – if there is one – of the humanitarian crisis created by the wave of young children who, despite all odds, cross the border into the United States, coming from Mexico and Central America. Continue reading

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CTV’s ‘W5’ joins anti-Cuba diatribe

By ISAAC SANEY, National Spokesperson, Canadian Network On Cuba

100522-TorontoCubaSolidarity-13THE Canadian Network on Cuba informs you that in addition to the Toronto Star’s malicious disinformation campaign on Cuba in conjunction with the Miami Herald’s Spanish edition, CTV’s “W-5” has also joined the scurrilous campaign of outright deception based on bogus sources. A lead item presented by Victor Malarek on the program “W-5” on Saturday March 16, presented Cuba as a “paradise for sex tourists,” a veritable smorgasbord for paedophiles. The “big exposé” itself was a collaborative effort involving the Canadian Border Services Agency, The Toronto Star, and even Juan O. Tamayo, a CIA asset touted as a reporter with The Miami Herald. Neither the Miami Herald nor its reporter Tamayo are credible sources when it comes to Cuba. It is known that for decades the Herald has been a U.S.-backed mouthpiece for the Cuban counter-revolutionary mafia based in south Florida. As for Tamayo, he was “outed” as a CIA asset years ago by veteran Quebec journalist Jean-Guy Allard. Continue reading

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Condemn Toronto Star’s scandalous scare-mongering on Cuba

100522-TorontoCubaSolidarity-07-cropTHE Toronto Star and El Nuevo Herald, the Spanish-language sister publication of the Miami Herald, have conspired to publish a sensationalist series on “sex tourism” to Cuba. The series began precisely one month to the day following the “visit” by Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird to Cuba on February 15, 2013 and his provocative meeting with “dissidents”. “He pledged Canada’s support for efforts to secure freedom, democracy, human rights and the rule of law,” his department said at the time in a release, “in the only remaining Communist country in the Western hemisphere.”

Now the “dissidents” have emerged, writes ANDREW BRETT*, to form the main “source” for the Toronto-Miami media disinformation blaming the Cuban people and government, who are the victims, for “sex tourism.” Far from being a coincidence, the series serves the agenda of the Harper government of political destabilization and isolation of all opposition to imperialist dictate in the Americas. 

The Star also writes: “Although Canada has had a law against abusing children abroad since 1997, it is undermined by the inability of law enforcement officials to monitor sexual offenders as they slip out of the country.” Thus, under the banner of high ideals, it furnishes the Harper Government the pretext to collect information on all those Canadians travelling to the independent Socialist Republic of Cuba. – Tony Seed

Toronto Star makes up facts in exposé of sex tourism in Cuba

“THERE is truly no prostitution healthier than Cuba’s,” said Fidel Castro in 1992. Or so claims the Toronto Star. But did he really?

Not at all. Castro actually said, “There is truly no tourism healthier than Cuba’s.

This just scratches the surface of the fact-free reporting of the Star in its new series The Ugly Canadians, an exposé of a supposed epidemic of Canadians travelling to Cuba for child sex tourism. Continue reading

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