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Election issue: Canada’s war on science

End the Assault on Science! STEVE RUTCHINSKI

Science – natural and social – is what distinguishes a society on the high road of civilization from a society that is retrogressive, turning its back on truth and scientific pursuit, imposing instead irrationalism arising from prejudice. Today that would be neo-liberal prejudice or narrow self-interest of the rich at the expense of the rights of people by virtue of being human and interests of society itself. Continue reading

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‘Environmental data from the Canadian Arctic’?

A mean-looking bugger, isn’t it?

HERE is the full text of a news release from Northrop Grumman, the American arms manufacturer with some $34 billion in Pentagon contracts, whose president Ronald D. Sugar notably was also a member of the board of directors of the U.S. oil company Chevron Texaco Corp., one of the world’s largest and most profitable oil monopolies, as printed verbatim in the Ottawa Citizen’s Defence Watch. Continue reading

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Disinformation on gas attacks in Syria (9): U.S. manipulation of UN agencies

Lost in the celebration over the Nobel Peace Prize to the UN agency eliminating the Syrian government’s chemical weapons is the question of who was really behind the Aug. 21 poison-gas attack near Damascus. Relevant to that mystery is the recent U.S. pressure to control key UN agencies including the prize recipient, reports ROBERT PARRY*.

Consortiumnews.com (Oct. 16) – FOR AT LEAST the past dozen years, the U.S. government has aggressively sought to gain control of the leadership of key United Nations agencies, including the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) which is central to the dispute over the Syrian government’s alleged use of Sarin gas on Aug. 21. Continue reading


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Harper’s anti-science offensive

Scientists rally on Parliament Hill, September 16, 2013.


TML Daily (Oct. 15) – IT IS noteworthy that on the Conservative Party of Canada’s Convention Website, the list of resolutions the Harperites will discuss October 31-November 2 in Calgary makes no specific mention of anything directly related to science and scientific research. This is surprising in view of the fact that the Harper dictatorship’s muzzling of science and of scientists’ right to speak about their work is a major issue at this time. On September 16, scientists, researchers, and their supporters held rallies in at least 17 cities across Canada, including in Alberta, to defend the important scientific work they do in the service of the public. The largest rally took place on Parliament Hill where over 1,000 people, including hundreds of scientists in white lab coats, demanded “evidence-based decision-making.” Continue reading

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Stand Up for Science – Backgrounder

120710-OttawaDeathofEvidence-PSACM-05We are concerned about the state of science in Canada. Our concern stems from three recent trends:

  1. Significant and ongoing cuts to many important public scientific institutions that provide the data critical to keeping Canadians informed about their health and welfare.
  2. Evidence that the increased investment in applied research and technological innovation has come at the expense of investment in basic research, the core from which innovation grows.
  3. The increasing constraints on the ability of government scientists to communicate their research to the public.

Basic research and the open communication of science to the public are crucial elements of evidence-based decision making. Continue reading

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The Canadian war on science: A chronological indictment

120710-OttawaDeathofEvidence-PSACM-12JOHN DUPUIS, reblogged from Confessions of a Science Librarian, concentrates on the Harper agenda regarding “natural sciences, environment and some public health topics rather than looking more broadly at how the Conservative government treats the humanities, social sciences, memory and heritage institutions and just generally any sort of evidence-based policy- or decision-making.” How $50 million in federal funding is being directed to such pseudo-science centres of big capital as the Perimeter Institute in Kitchener-Waterloo; the militarization of research, especially the role of Lockheed Martin; and the reactionary ostracism of science and scientists from Iran, Cuba and other countries merits definite attention. – TS

* * * 

THIS IS a brief chronology of the current Conservative Canadian government’s long campaign to undermine evidence-based scientific, environmental and technical decision-making. It is a government that is beholden to big business, particularly big oil, and that makes every attempt to shape public policy to that end. It is a government that fundamentally does not believe in science. It is a government that is more interested in keeping its corporate masters happy than in protecting the environment. Continue reading

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Harper agenda: Top 10 incidents of politicization and political interference in science in Canada

THE suppression of scientists and scientific research by the Harper dictatorship, as of March 2009, from the website Politicization of Science in Canada. Continue reading

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Muzzling of scientists: Open Letter to Prime Minister Harper

THE FOLLOWING LETTER was jointly issued by the Professional Institute of the Public Service of Canada and several associations of scientists, science writers and journalists to coincide with the panel entitled “Unmuzzling Government Scientists: How to Re-Open the Discourse” at the American Association of Advancement of Science’s 2012 meeting in Vancouver, BC.

Continue reading

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Muzzling of Canadian scientists opposed at international conference

CHARLIE VITA reports on the suppression of scientific research

ON FEBRUARY 17, a panel was organized by Canadian scientists entitled “Unmuzzling Government Scientists: How to Re-Open the Discourse” at the American Association for the Advancement of Science’s annual meeting, held this year in Vancouver. The panel brought together science writers and scientists who are opposed to the Harper government’s ongoing attempts to prevent government scientists from speaking to the media. Continue reading

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