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151st anniversary of Confederation: To break with the past is a basic requirement of the times

Canada Day is a reminder that the country urgently needs political renewal and a modern constitution. The nation state founded 151 years ago was not founded on a modern basis then and today, when only the police powers remain of the public authority created at that time, it is not only totally anachronistic but moribund. Continue reading


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149th Anniversary of Confederation: A modern constitution is a historic necessity

150418-Ottawa-C51-27-cr4Canada Day 2016 marks the beginning of one year of preparation to mark the 150th anniversary of Confederation in 1867. All the developments in the recent history of Canada point to the urgent need to provide Canada with a modern constitution that vests sovereignty in the people instead of a foreign monarch, gives expression to democratic renewal, provides equal rights and duties for all, and which emanates from the people themselves, instead of being imposed on them by a privileged few who hold power. Continue reading

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Affirming the Rights of Indigenous Peoples – A Matter of Great Concern in this Election

The MLPC Calls for Nation-to-Nation Relations

October 4 Sisters in Spirit Vigils CALENDAR OF EVENTS

The battles being waged by Indigenous peoples in Canada for their rights have put front and centre in this election the urgent need for nation-to-nation relations on a modern basis between Canada and the Indigenous peoples. Establishing nation-to-nation relations opens the door to end the crimes being committed against Indigenous peoples by Canada and for reconciliation between Canada and the Indigenous peoples. Continue reading

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A modern constitution and political renewal are the demands of the times

Anniversary of the defeat of the Meech Lake Accord

June 23 marks the 24th anniversary of the defeat of the Meech Lake Accord in 1990. The Meech Lake Accord was a set of amendments to the Constitution of Canada negotiated behind closed doors by then Prime Minister Brian Mulroney and the ten provincial premiers. One of its key objectives was to resolve the constitutional crisis caused by Quebec’s refusal to sign the patriated Constitution Act, 1982 of the Trudeau government, but it failed to do so. Like the 1980 Quebec Referendum before it, it sought to affirm the place of Quebec within Canada. But its  failure  to clarify the status of Quebec in a manner that accords with its concrete reality as a nation with the right to self-determination prevented this.

After the defeat of the 1980 referendum, Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau promised to draft a new constitutional agreement.

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