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Malala meets the British Queen

malala-meets-the-british-queen-4076-articles.htmlMalala Yousufzai, the 16-year-old Pakistani girl from Swat, has become an international celebrity. She wants to become the prime minister of Pakistan to “save” it, as she puts it. There is plenty of help available. The latest in a long line of international personalities to promote her was none other than Queen Elizabeth of Britain. Malala was invited to Buckingham Palace as part of 350 youth from the Commonwealth. Continue reading

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Bitter legacy of US ‘liberation’ of Iraq

This month marks the tenth anniversary of the US-allied invasion and occupation of Iraq. The attack was launched on a complete lie. While the Americans have gone, writes the respected Toronto journalist ZAFAR BANGASH*, the legacy of toxic weapons they used is affecting Iraqi civilians in horrible ways, while politically the twin cards of sectarianism and Kurdish nationalism are being used from outside as part of a covert program to infirm and split Iraq.

ON THE TENTH ANNIVERSARY of their country’s invasion and occupation by the US, Iraqis can be forgiven if they do not see the benefits of “liberation” even if American troops have left. The Americans left behind a bitter legacy of devastation, killings and destruction. Prior to US troop withdrawal in December 2011, the Americans had hoped for a deal that would allow some of their forces to remain in Iraq. In anticipation, the US built the largest embassy in the world, complete with nuclear bomb-proof bunkers, in the Iraqi capital Baghdad. The agreement fell through because the Iraqi government refused to grant immunity to American soldiers if they committed crimes in Iraq. America would not allow its soldiers to be prosecuted in foreign courts even if they are guilty of the most heinous crimes. Continue reading

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CIC Award for Media Excellence – Letters from Colleagues across Canada

25 November 2006

Tony Seed,

Editor & Publisher,

Shunpiking Magazine, Halifax, Nova Scotia

Dear Tony,

Congratulations on receiving the Award of Media Excellence 2006 from the Canadian Islamic Congress (CIC). For many years we have been journalistic colleagues and kindred spirits in building an independent media that tells the truth and provides Canadians with information relevant to their concerns. Your journalism, embodied in the ongoing work of Shunpiking Magazine and elsewhere, is at the same time fully partisan in its unrelenting defence of the rights of all, and most especially, those singled out for attack by the Canadian state and world reaction. Continue reading

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