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Foreign interference? The need to recognize and affirm rights to enforce security

Promotion of foreign interference in elections is used to say the problems with elections have nothing to do with the dysfunctional institutions and outdated definitions of democracy whereby the minority rule over the majority and call it majority rule. On the contrary, it is said that elections must be protected from an external, foreign force the people have no control over. People are to direct their fire away from a political process that disempowers them and instead join the rulers in targeting China or Russia or Iran or some other country. This not only constitutes war preparations as part of the U.S. war machine but also involves resurrecting Cold War anti-communism. This refers to opposition from the state and others to the people’s organized resistance and even elected officials who are declared to be promoters of foreign inspired “fringe ideologies.” Continue reading


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Postal workers and allies take action against Bill C-89

Picket outside Canada Post’s AGM, Ottawa, December 12, 2018.


Postal workers and their allies are continuing their ongoing campaign demanding that Bill C-89, the legislation ordering postal workers back to work, be withdrawn and the contract with Canada Post be settled by negotiations and not government dictate. Continue reading

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Back-to-work legislation: Postal workers treated like criminals by Trudeau government

• Postal Workers treated like criminals by Trudeau government – Louis Lang
• Canada Post not the workers has been withholding social assistance
cheques – Canadian Union of Postal Workers
• Renewed attacks on postal workers: We take it personally! – Pierre Soublière
• Postal workers demand justice as Trudeau meets with Corporate Calgary
• Photo weview: Postal workers’ rotating strikes and occupations

– All articles from Workers’ Forum, November 29, 2018

December 1 Day of Action in Support of Postal Workers


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Negotiate don’t dictate! No to the criminalization of workers’ struggles for their rights!

Canada Post and Trudeau government provoke a crisis in relations of production | Workers’ Forum, November 22

The Trudeau government has issued a Notice Paper in Parliament to criminalize postal workers’ right to negotiate their terms of employment. The Notice of back-to-work legislation includes closure to force its passage within the afternoon when introduced. This back-to-work order placed on the agenda of the Parliament of Canada deprives postal workers of their right to negotiate a collective agreement regarding their terms of employment in a calm and fair atmosphere between the collective of postal employees and their employer, which includes the right of workers to engage in job actions to prod their employer to negotiate. Continue reading

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Postal workers’ demands are just!

Condemn the Trudeau Government’s Anti-Worker Law!

The Trudeau government has tabled a bill to force striking postal workers back to work. The bill also imposes mediation to rule on unresolved issues between the two parties and gives the mediator-arbitrator the power to impose binding arbitration on matters that are not resolved through mediation.

CPC(M-L) firmly condemns this bill which criminalizes postal workers’ struggle for their rights and contributes to the creation of a climate which permits corporations to impose their dictate by depriving the workers of their right to negotiate their conditions of work based on the issues they have identified and to take labour action to achieve this. According to news reports, this bill will be adopted this weekend by imposing closure on debate in both the House of Commons and the Senate. We call on all workers to firmly denounce this anti-worker legislation and express their support for the postal workers’ just struggle.

To read the bill, go to http://cpcml.ca/Articles/181122-BillC89.HTM.

Parliament Hill Rally to
Oppose Anti-Worker Law Against Postal Workers
Friday, November 23 — 7:00 pm
Organized by Canadian Union of Postal Workers Ottawa Local

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Centenary of the End of World War I: British Movement of Conscientious Objectors

On the occasion of the centenary of the end of World War I, TML Weekly has been producing an excellent series of informative Supplements on the war and related matters of concern. This is the third in the series. Click for No. 1 (How the First World War Out); No. 2 (Canada and the First World War); No. 3 (British Movement of Conscientious Objectors); No. 4 (Contributions and Slaughter of Colonial Peoples in World War I);  No. 5 (Steadfast Opposition to the Betrayal of the Workers’ Movement); No. 6 (Poems on the Occasion of the Centenary of the End of World War I – Moments of Quiet Reflection.


Dyce Work Camp was set up in August 1916 at quarries north-west of Aberdeen, Scotland. Conscientious Objectors had been released from prison on condition that they performed “work of national importance” – breaking up granite rock for road building.

• The Men Who Said No
• Opposition in Britain to the War and Criminalization of Conscience
• Organizing to Oppose Conscription and Defend Conscientious Objectors
• Civil Service and Non-Combat Roles in the Military for Objectors
• Imprisonment Continue reading


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Al Quds Toronto Committee rejects accusations made by pro-apartheid lobby group B’nai Brith Canada

In keeping with its tradition of hosting the largest Quds Day rally in North America, Toronto once again maintained this position on June 9. Men, women (young and old) and children from all walks of life and all religions joined this annual event that was held in 800 cities across the world. As is customary, there were Muslim, Christian and Jewish speakers. A large contingent of rabbis from the group, Netura Kartai was also present. The rabbis did not speak because it was Sabbath but a statement was read out on their behalf.  Continue reading

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