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Nicaragua, unraveling a plot

(June 29) – AS early as 2016, talk of war against Nicaragua could again be heard in Miami, at a time when the streets of this nation were a regional example of security, peace, and prosperity, where a hardworking, tranquil people proudly enjoyed the social and economic advances achieved by the Sandinista government, that had established a national consensus, in the wake of one of the worst interventions carried out by the United States in Central America.  Continue reading

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Legacies: Lives lived / past progressive – Susana Lee Lopez

Founder of Cuba’s Granma newspaper. “In the media, we have tried, with heart and conviction, to continue defending the work that we started very young.” – Susana Lee Lopez.
susana lee lopez founder of granma 2

Susana Lee Lopez, founder of Granma, the official newspaper of the Cuban Communist Party, died on May Day at 67 years old after over half a century of prominent reporting about the daily issues and achievements of the Cuban Revolution.

Susana’s life was one of service.  Following the triumph of the revolution, she was among the intrepid and committed young Cubans who didn’t hesitate to sign up for the literacy campaign. Continue reading

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