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Reality Check. When Venezuela and Cuba offered aid to the victims of Hurricane Katrina


Eighty per cent of New Orleans was inundated when levies broke during Hurricane Katrina.


Originally published March 2, 2019 during the US “humanitarian aid” offensive against Venezuela

Fifteen years ago, at 6 a.m. on August 29, 2005, Hurricane Katrina struck Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama on the Gulf of Mexico, leading to the most infamous social disaster in the modern history of the United States preceding the 2020 pandemic. Hurricanes are measured by the velocity of their winds, the height of their storm surges, and other similar properties. But disasters are remembered by their impact on the social and natural environment, and on that scale Katrina is one of the most destructive disasters in U.S. history. The presidency of George W. Bush responded by federalizing military rule, providing a template in many respects to that of the Donald Trump presidency in 2020 to the Covid-19 pandemic. Continue reading


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Globe and Mail ignores cuba’s contribution to fight against global pandemic

Members of the Henry Reeve Brigade in Havana, April 25, 2020, as they prepare to leave for South Africa to fight COVID-19 pandemic.

The following letter was sent to the Globe and Mail on May 13 by Isaac Saney, Co-Chair & Spokesperson, Canadian Network On Cuba and a Cuba Specialist, Dalhousie University in Halifax. Continue reading

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Another US attempt to discredit Cuban medical solidarity

Cuba has denounced another aggressive move by the United States, October 1, to deny visas to the country’s delegation set to participate in the 57th meeting of the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) Directing Council in Washington, The country’s Minister of Health, José Ángel Portal, was set to lead the group.

The U.S. State Department reported that it had imposed visa restrictions on officials linked to Cuba’s medical missions program abroad, which the Trump administration is determined to discredit by whatever means possible. Continue reading

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The US government allocates millions of dollars to obstruct Cuban medical cooperation

Statement from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs denounces and strongly condemns the United States government’s recent aggression against Cuba through a USAID program to finance projects and seek information to discredit and sabotage Cuba’s international health care cooperation in dozens of countries, benefitting millions of people. This plan joins the disgraceful pressure exerted on several governments to hamper Cuban cooperation, and previous attempts with the same purpose such as the special “parole” program meant to rob human resources trained in Cuba. Continue reading

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Humanity’s mission: Cuba’s medical internationalism in Haiti

Public lecture on Cuba’s Medical Assistance to Haiti

by Dr. Jorge Tomas Balseiro Estevez, Member of Cuba’s Medical Mission to Haiti

7 p.m., Wednesday, October 19

Room 303, Dalhousie Student Union Building, Dalhousie University, 6136 University Avenue, Halifax

A free event sponsored by the Canadian Network On Cuba (CNC),  Nova Scotia Cuba Association (NSCUBA) and the Nova Scotia Public Interest Research Group (NSPIRG). Continue reading

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