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Working for peace on the Korean Peninsula: Information pickets and petition signing

 Working for Peace on the Korean Peninsula  –  Information Pickets and Petition Signing


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Canada seeks expanded military role in Asia-Pacific

Picket and signature collection, November 23, 2017, at the University Skytrain station in Vancouver. More than 2,500 Canadians thus far have signed the Canadian Petition Against War and Aggression on the Korean Peninsula.

While Canada claims it is for diplomacy and solidarity, it is not well known that the Canadian military has joined the massive annual U.S.-Republic of Korea joint military exercises Key Resolve and Foal Eagle in the spring and Ulchi-Freedom Guardian in August as well as others, all aimed at provoking the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) into a war on the Korean Peninsula. In September 2017, after participating in joint naval manoeuvres with the U.S., south Korean and Japanese military, HMCS Ottawa and HMCS Winnipeg docked at the U.S. naval base on Jeju Island which the people are fighting to demilitarize. Continue reading

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Warmongering meeting on Korea in Vancouver: Canada is being disingenuous

Canada will co-host along with the United States the “United Nations Command Sending States Meeting” in Vancouver on January 16, as part of what U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson calls “the pressure campaign against North Korea.” Preparations for this event began prior to November of last year. Under the guise of supporting a rules-based international order, the meeting brings together the original 21 aggressor countries that sent troops to wage the brutal war against Korea between 1950 and 1953.[1] The war against Korea took the lives of over 4 million Korean citizens and amongst other crimes, razed the city of Pyongyang to the ground. Continue reading

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US president threatens fire and brimstone at UN and Trudeau postures as world’s great white hope

This week on September 19 General Debate began at the 72nd Session of the United Nations General Assembly in New York and will continue until September 25. At the General Assembly, Heads of State or government, or their representatives, address the United Nations stating their priorities for themselves, the world and the UN itself.

A low point, exhibiting for all to see the deep crisis in which the U.S. is mired, was the performance of its President Donald Trump. His vehement rhetoric promising fire and brimstone to all non-believers in the U.S. democracy shows how desperate the United States has become because it cannot command that the world fix its economic and all-sided crisis. The more it declares that it is the indispensable nation, the more all others become aware of the need to make sure they are not dispensed with. Continue reading

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US nuclear blackmail: Imposition of irrationality and war on Korea and the world


The Anglo-American anti-communist hysteria against the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK)’s announcement on January 6 that it has successfully tested a hydrogen bomb is aimed at covering up the crimes being committed by the Anglo-American system of states around the world against other countries in violation of their right to be.

What mechanisms exist for DPRK to defend itself under the circumstances of threats from the U.S. imperialists, Japan and others? Smaller nations are subject to the whims and machinations of the big powers at the UN Security Council. Continue reading

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North Korea: Dirty tricks to justify US aggression and regime change

Anti-communist manipulation of human rights in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) – TML WEEKLY

THE YEAR 2014 concludes with the crisis in world politics deepening. The crisis is reflected in the issue of human rights with the politicization, selectivity and double standards practised by the United States, the European Union and various Commonwealth and NATO countries such as Canada. These countries are using the United Nations to push their so-called human rights agenda. For the peoples of the world this is not only worrisome but also reveals to them the urgent need for the renewal of the international arrangements to create a world order where such things cannot take place. The coming year is sure to see the demand of humanity for such a new world order as an expression of the striving of humanity to guarantee peace.

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Obama’s visit to Japan: Necessity to break away from imposed reference point of the ruling elite

Tokyo protest against visit of President Obama to Japan, April 23, 2014. Signs oppose Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s direction for Japan and U.S. demand to relocate its Futenma military base in Okinawa to ecologically sensitive Henoko Bay.

Special report by TML correspondent in Japan

U.S. President Obama and Japanese Prime Minister Abe met in Tokyo April 23-25, 2014 to consolidate the aggressive U.S./Japan military alliance. The U.S. President has been applying pressure for the Japanese military to participate directly in U.S.-led wars of aggression wherever they occur and to accept yet more U.S. weapons of mass destruction on its territory. Obama was in Japan to formalize the demand that no longer was it acceptable for Japanese military and industrial power to act only as a rearguard for the U.S. Empire and its predatory wars. Continue reading

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