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Statement by independent candidate Laura Chesnik

With just a few days to go to election day, I wanted to share my thoughts on what a vote for me in Windsor-Tecumseh means.

In this election there are 10 candidates in the running.

It is often said that a vote for an independent candidate is a waste. Let me just address that by saying being independent is never a waste. In fact we teach kids in school that charting your own path in life is very important and that speaking up when something is wrong, even if you are the only one at first, is not just the right thing to do, it is what humans have done throughout our history to address serious social problems. This is not to say that if you don’t vote for me, or even don’t vote at all that you are not independent. The point is that independents play a very important role in opening a new path forward where an alternative does not appear to exist.

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Rising consciousness on need for electoral reform

There is nothing political about the cartel parties in the sense that they serve narrow private interests, not the interests of the polity as defined by the members of the polity themselves | Anna Di Carlo

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In the News*

July 13, 2022

Deep Roots of the Cuban Revolution

Playa Girón in July

For Cubans, the month of July is clearly synonymous with revolution. For this is the month with the glorious 26th, when José Martí was reborn to lead, from his immeasurably great legacy, Fidel and the entire generation that continued the irreversible path to Cuba’s full dignity. – Granma International [More]

Historic Electoral Victory in Colombia Buoys Hope for Peace

Congratulations to the Colombian People!

Colombians who over and over again have had their hopes for peace and an end to over 70 years of war dashed are today expressing optimism for the future. [More]

Truth Commission Releases Final Report on Causes and Consequences of Conflict

On June 28 Colombia’s Truth Commission released its Final Report on the causes and consequences of the armed conflict in Colombia at a ceremony in Bogotá. [More]


Indigenous-Led National Strike Wins Significant Concessions from Neo-Liberal Government

For 18 days beginning on June 13, Indigenous and working people in Ecuador took part in a national strike to demand the government address the urgent needs of the population … [More]


Those Who Stood with the Honduran People Honoured on Anniversary of 2009 Coup

The 13th anniversary of the U.S.-backed coup which overthrew democratically elected president Manuel Zelaya and his government on June 28, 2009 was commemorated this year with a number of political-cultural events. [More]

New Conviction Handed Down for 2016 Murder of Berta Cáceres

On June 20, David Castillo, a U.S.-trained former military intelligence officer and former chief executive officer of Desarrollos Energéticos (DESA), was sentenced to 22 years in prison … [More]

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Laura Chesnik, independent candidate in Windsor-Tecumseh, discusses why she is running in the Ontario election

My name is Laura Chesnik. I’m an independent candidate in the June 2 provincial election in the riding of Windsor-Tecumseh.

I’m running so that my fellow citizens can put an MPP in the Legislature who represents themselves and what they need and are struggling to achieve. I’m a teacher who for years has been in the thick of battles to affirm the rights of all.

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State funding based on ‘electoral performance’: Electoral process funding of parties and individual candidates promotes inequality, power and privilege

Now that the results of the 2021 Federal Election have been validated and certified in all but three ridings where recounts are underway, the Canada Elections Act requires the Chief Electoral Officer to immediately start reimbursing some candidates for their election expenses. Only those candidates who received at least 10 per cent of the valid votes cast are eligible.

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Declining voter turnout gives evidence of government legitimacy crisis

Results of the 44th Federal Elections | Anna Di Carlo

Elections Canada has released validated results for the September 20 Federal Election. With mail-in ballots having been counted, the seat count stands at Liberals, 159; Conservatives, 119; Bloc Québécois, 33; NDP, 25 and Green Party, 2.

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Discussion. Problems with Party Government

At one get-together with MLPC leader Anna Di Carlo, a participant asked whether proposals to allow “free votes” by Members of Parliament might be a solution. Anna shared her knowledge about proposals that have been made in the direction of lessening party control of the House of Commons, with some adopted but never really implemented, such as party caucus members exercising control over the party leader.

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The need to fund the democratic process not the parties

Parliamentary Budget Office’s free ride to the cartel parties: “an average of $780,000 of unaccounted funds per party, folks” | Anna Di Carlo

A major issue facing the polity and electorate is that the democratic process is not funded but the cartel parties are. Despite spending limits imposed on the parties and candidates and controls over contributions to political parties so that elections are not seen to be influenced by money and powerful interests, the trough of cartel party state subsidies is bottomless.

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Need for democratic renewal: Working to renew the electoral process

Building concrete opposition to Canada’s unfair and obsolete electoral law; the Trudeau Liberal betrayal of its 2015 election promise to end the first-past-the-post method of counting votes; and the longest ballot in Canada’s history

In this election and the 2019 Federal Election, prospective candidates did not have to come up with a $1,000 deposit to register. Also, for the first time a witness to the nomination signatures for candidates did not have to appear at the Returning Office and candidates were able to obtain nomination signatures through emails and faxes.

This is thanks to Kieran Szuchewycz who launched a successful 2017 Charter Challenge after he was not able to have the witnesses to his nominations appear at the returning office in the 2015 federal election and the Returning Officer refused to process his nomination even though he had the signatures and his $1,000 deposit.

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Renewal Update

On October 15, the Collectif régional de lutte à l’itinérance en Outaouais held the 19th Night of the Homeless at Fontaine Park in Gatineau.

Note to Readers

(Updated November 4) For the information of readers, we are publishing an ongoing index linking to articles published by Renewal Update, news bulletin of the Marxist-Leninist Party of Canada (MLPC). It is the sole political party in Canada that publishes its own regular media in both official languages.

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Hardial Bains – A Man of Revolutionary Action

82nd Anniversary of the Birth of Hardial Bains, August 15, 1939

Hardial Bains
On August 15, we celebrate the birth, life and work of Hardial Bains, founder and leader of the Communist Party of Canada (Marxist-Leninist). Hardial Bains was, above all else, a man of revolutionary action. He came to Canada as a youth from India in 1959 and immediately integrated with the life of the working people in British Columbia and took up the struggles of the student youth with whom he shared weal and woe.
• Hardial Bains – A Man of Revolutionary Action
• A Biographical Sketch

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No to Imperialist gangsterism! End the brutal siege of Venezuela!


On September 11, at a regular meeting of the Permanent Council of the Organization of American States (OAS) the United States and 10 Latin American countries that are parties to the Inter-American Treaty of Reciprocal Assistance, also known as the Rio Treaty, passed a resolution recommending that it be activated against the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, based on Venezuela allegedly representing “a clear threat to peace and security” in the Americas. Five other countries that are also party to the treaty abstained and another was absent.[1] On September 23, at a follow-up meeting of foreign ministers of the member countries held in New York, 15 of them approved activating more sanctions but stopped short of openly calling for the use of force. Uruguay opposed the motion and announced its intention to withdraw from the treaty and Trinidad and Tobago abstaine Continue reading

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How the ‘leader’s debate’ was fixed – legally

Prerogative powers used to determine electoral outcomes   | ANNA DI CARLO

The ruling elite present the leaders’ debates as an important, if not the most important means for guaranteeing the right to an informed vote during an election campaign. To shore up the fiction that the vote is free and fair, an impression is deliberately created that the Leaders’ Debate Commission, which organizes the debates is an independent body. This is not the case. The Commission and its orientation were mandated by an Order-in-Council of the Liberal Cabinet in power. The mandate makes sure that the cartel parties, the government, the state bureaucracy with its police, intelligence and security forces, and the monopoly-controlled media dictate what views are worthy of being heard and who is allowed into the debate. Continue reading

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The cartel party campaign with two weeks to go


The 43rd general election campaign lacks lustre. So say the pundits, pollsters and monopoly-controlled media. They complain that no cartel party has managed to distinguish itself to become the leader of the pack. The Liberals and Conservatives are said to be running neck and neck.

So, with two weeks to election day, can Scheer mobilize the considerable base which abhors Liberal opportunism and hypocrisy to overcome the bad memories of the Harper years? He is vying with Trudeau to lead the next government but he is basically an unknown quantity and this is a problem. His penchant for saying politically incoherent and incorrect things has to be reined in from time to time which contributes to the fact that nobody knows what to expect. Continue reading

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New direction is needed for Canada’s foreign policy

• Discussion Forum and Information Picket to Oppose Anti-Venezuela Conference at Concordia University

• Oppose the Dirty Work Against Venezuela by the Agents of Violent Regime Change and Their Backers in Canada
• Statement on the Anti-Venezuela Conference at
Concordia University in Montreal
– ALBA Social Movements Canada

Discussion Forum and Information Picket to Oppose Anti-Venezuela Conference at Concordia University

Friday, October 4, 4 -7 pm

1360 Ontario St. E.
Information Picket
Tuesday, October 8, 4:30-7:30 pm

1250 Guy St.
For information: 438-368-1641 or 514-991-4388
Organized by the Montreal Ad Hoc Committee Against Canadian Interference in the Affairs of Venezuela

Over recent days, Canadians and Quebeckers have witnessed the big powers stepping up their activities to justify all manner of attacks against Venezuela and the sovereignty of its people: inflammatory statements on September 24 and 25 at the United Nations by Colombian President Ivan Duque, accusing the Venezuelan government of “genocide” and protecting drug dealers and guerrillas preparing to attack his country; a conference planned on October 8 in Montreal with the false ambassador to Venezuela; the adoption of a resolution at a meeting of the Lima Group on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly, instigated by Canada and three other countries, calling for the creation of a group of experts charged with investigating human rights violations in Venezuela

Every effort is being made, in concert with the U.S., to destabilize the region, isolate Cuba and Venezuela and justify a new intervention in the name of the Responsibility to Protect and other pretexts.

This must be firmly opposed. Join in a discussion and get information about what is taking place. Representatives of various communities will speak of their experience with such pretexts to justify interference and aggression. Let’s discuss the shameful role that Canada is playing in this. Canada must be a zone for peace, not war.

Oppose the Dirty Work Against Venezuela by the Agents of Violent Regime Change and Their Backers in Canada

Join a discussion to be held in Montreal on Friday, October 4 and an information picket on Tuesday, October 8 to oppose the dirty work against Venezuela by the agents of violent regime change and their backers in Canada. The actions are prompted by the holding, during the election campaign, of an anti-Venezuela conference which claims to deal with the current crisis in that country. This conference is organized on October 8 by Concordia University’s Institute for Genocide and Human Rights Studies and the Montreal Branch of the Canadian International Council. The speaker is Orlando Viera-Blanco who the organizers misleadingly call the Venezuelan ambassador to Canada. He was appointed by the self-proclaimed imposter president of Venezuela, Juan Guaidó, who Canada recognizes in an act of gross interference into Venezuela’s sovereign internal affairs.

While Canada’s diplomatic corps are advised not to intervene in Canada’s election campaign, that does not seem to apply to Viera-Blanco, a member of the foreign-backed opposition forces attempting to overthrow Venezuela’s constitutionally elected president Nicolás Maduro. The October 8 Conference aims to win support for that unjust cause in Canada. Viera-Blanco gave an indication of what this means on his return from a recent junket to Israel as an official guest of that government when he wrote glowing accounts announcing that Israel is an example for Venezuela to emulate.

All of it is part of an offensive taking place at and surrounding the 74th session of the United Nations General Assembly aimed at stepping up the U.S.-led siege of Venezuela and making a case for the Security Council to approve the illegal coercive measures currently in effect and the eventual use of force against the government of Nicolás Maduro.

On September 23, the foreign ministers of 16 Latin American countries and the U.S., which are signatories to the Inter-American Treaty of Reciprocal Assistance, also known as the Rio Treaty, met in New York to approve the activation of provisions of that treaty against Venezuela. A vestige of the cold war, the Rio Treaty was imposed on Latin America and the Caribbean by the United States in 1947 as an instrument for “containing communism” in its “backyard.” Following the same logic as NATO’s Chapter V, it commits state parties to engage in collective defence if any one of them comes under armed attack and allows for the authorization of a range of punitive measures up to and including military force. It was used in the past by the U.S. to invade the Dominican Republic, Grenada, Panama and Nicaragua.

Canada is not a signatory to the Rio Treaty but agreed to its use at a meeting of the Organization of American States (OAS) called earlier in the month to discuss its invocation. Canada said that Venezuela represented “a clear threat to peace and security in the region” — language crafted to get the UN Security Council on board, despite this having failed miserably in several prior attempts.

On September 25 Colombia’s warmongering president Ivan Duque, engaged in destroying the peace process in his country and presiding over the massacre of former guerrilla members and social leaders that continues with impunity, dedicated the bulk of his UN address to painting Colombia as the victim of an impending armed attack from Venezuela. His “proof” rested on photographs he displayed that he said were of Colombian guerrillas operating inside Venezuela. Within hours they were exposed to all the world as having been taken in his own country. (It is worth noting that Colombia has the status of being NATO’s first and currently only “global partner” in Latin America.) In his speech to the General Assembly Donald Trump contributed his own venomous lies to the cause, targeting Cuba who he and Duque both blame for their inability to bring the Venezuelan government, its Bolivarian armed forces or the people, to their knees.

This is the cesspool in which the meeting at Concordia put on by a cabal of Canadian and Venezuelan regime change forces is taking place. One of the organizers, the Canadian International Council, is headed at the national level by Canada’s last ambassador to Venezuela, Ben Roswell, who spent his time there violating the norms of diplomacy by using the embassy as a base for interference in Venezuela’s internal affairs in support of the regime change forces. Since his return to Canada in 2017 he has been leading the charge for the same cause as a media pundit and serving as a cheerleader for what he says is the Trudeau government’s “uniquely Canadian approach to democracy promotion” in Venezuela. This is touted as contrasting with the U.S. approach and its threatened military intervention even though the aim is the same.

The other organizer, The Montreal Institute for Genocide and Human Rights Studies, hosts a project called The Will to Intervene co-headed by General Romeo Dallaire. It was created to allegedly “prevent another Rwanda” by promoting foreign intervention to stop mass atrocities and human rights abuses based on the controversial Responsibility to Protect doctrine Canada promotes to justify foreign aggression and intervention in the name of humanitarian causes. The meeting announcement says Viera-Blanco will discuss “risks of mass atrocity crimes and the failure of the current government to uphold its responsibility to protect.”

Canadians oppose this vile pro-war activity carried out under U.S. dictate. What Canada is up to in Venezuela needs to be raised as an election issue by those who want Canada to be a factor for peace, not of war and aggression.

Statement on the Anti-Venezuela Conference at Concordia University in Montreal

– ALBA Social Movements Canada –

The Institute for Genocide and Human Rights Studies at Concordia University in Montreal has announced a meeting to be held on October 8, under the title “The Crisis in Venezuela: a discussion with the Venezuelan Ambassador to Canada.” The fact that the person they announced as speaker is not the legitimate Ambassador of Venezuela assigned by the legitimate government of Venezuela shows that it is clearly part of the ongoing U.S.-led assault against Venezuela and the government of President Nicolás Maduro.

The meeting notice is designed to disinform and create maximum confusion in Canada about the problems faced by the Venezuelan people who are under brutal, illegal sanctions and a blockade intended to punish them for supporting the elected government.

To suggest that the guest speaker at this event is the Venezuelan Ambassador to Canada is a barefaced lie. He was not appointed by the legitimate government of President Nicolás Maduro but by the self-appointed “president” of a foreign backed opposition party the U.S. and Canada set up as a parallel government in the latest failed coup.

The meeting is held in the middle of a federal election to support the Canadian government’s active participation in the U.S.-led assault against Venezuela. Besides its support for the illegal sanctions and blockade imposed by the U.S., which constitutes collective punishment of populations and is a crime against humanity, Global Affairs Minister Freeland has been implementing an aggressive policy using “diplomatic means” to strangle the work of the Venezuelan Embassy in Ottawa to exert maximum pressure on the Venezuelan government.

Global Affairs began denying visas to Venezuelan diplomats in Canada in January 2019 in an effort to intervene in the legitimate activities of the diplomats which resulted in the closure of Venezuelan consulates in Vancouver, Toronto, and Montreal.

On June 2, 2019, Freeland announced that Canada was “temporarily” closing its embassy in Venezuela and that Canada intended to evaluate the status of the Venezuelan diplomats to Canada appointed by President Nicolás Maduro.

Since that time, systematic measures have been taken by public and private institutions in the U.S. and Canada to prevent the Venezuelan Embassy from carrying out its consular and other duties. The Venezuelan Embassy in Ottawa is the only office representing the Government of Venezuela and is responsible for processing all applications for visas, passports and other official documents for Canada and the United States.

In addition to the attacks of the U.S. and Canadian governments, FedEx recently notified the Venezuelan embassy that it would no longer be handling any packets or parcels destined for U.S. addresses. The Chargé d’Affaire of the Embassy has also been directed by several banks to close all the Embassy accounts based in U.S. dollars.

All these measures are a result of the U.S. financial, economic and commercial blockade intended to suffocate Venezuela on all fronts, including through targeting the Embassy in Canada which has in spite of all the attacks carried out its duties with honour.

The hypocritical declarations in the meeting notice about Canada having supported Venezuelans in their “efforts to achieve political and economic reforms,” and the “restoration of democracy through peaceful and negotiated means” cannot hide the crimes that are being committed by the U.S. and Canada against the people of Venezuela. The confusion which meetings like this one at Concordia are intended to create, coming as it does when the U.S. and the forces it commands are busy trying to sabotage the prospects of Venezuelans resolving their problems peacefully through dialogue, serves to cover the ongoing attempt to ramp up the siege of Venezuela and its people, and is a prelude to the use of force.

ALBA Social Movements Canada calls on you to support the information picket in front of Concordia University on October 8, to protest the anti-Venezuela activity promoted by the Government of Canada and Canadian institutions.

No to Imperialist Gangsterism!
End the Brutal Siege of Venezuela!

– Margaret Villamizar –

On September 11, at a regular meeting of the Permanent Council of the Organization of American States (OAS) the United States and 10 Latin American countries that are parties to the Inter-American Treaty of Reciprocal Assistance, also known as the Rio Treaty, passed a resolution recommending that it be activated against the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, based on Venezuela allegedly representing “a clear threat to peace and security” in the Americas. Five other countries that are also party to the treaty abstained and another was absent.[1] On September 23, at a follow-up meeting of foreign ministers of the member countries held in New York, 15 of them approved activating more sanctions but stopped short of openly calling for the use of force. Uruguay opposed the motion and announced its intention to withdraw from the treaty and Trinidad and Tobago abstained.

Rio Treaty, Tool for Foreign Intervention

The Rio Treaty, a relic of the cold war described as a mutual “defence” pact was imposed on Latin America and the Caribbean in 1947 by the United States as an instrument for “containing communism” in its “backyard.” Like NATO’s Chapter V, it commits state parties to engage in collective defence if any one of them comes under attack, based on the same logic that an attack on any one of us is an attack on all of us. It allows for the authorization of a range of punitive measures of a diplomatic and economic nature through to military force. At the September 11 meeting of the OAS an amendment proposed by three countries to exclude the military option against Venezuela was defeated.

This latest attempt to muster a regional force to intervene against Venezuela and provide it with a veneer of legitimacy was led by the U.S. together with the pro-war government of Colombia that today is engaged in destroying the peace process in its own country as former guerrillas and social leaders are being massacred with impunity almost on a daily basis. There was enthusiastic support for the resolution from the phony parallel “government” and “president” the U.S. and Canada have tried, but failed, to impose on the Venezuelan people, but which has has been illegally accredited to represent Venezuela at the OAS.

The centrepiece of the meeting, called auspiciously for September 11, was a harangue by the Colombian foreign minister who painted his country as the victim, claiming it was under threat of attack because of “illegal Colombian armed groups” and “new narco-terrorist groups” he alleged were being harboured, armed and trained in Venezuelan territory with the support of the Venezuelan government and its armed forces.

Canada’s Role

Canada was unable to take part in the vote at either the OAS meeting in Washington or the one held in New York on September 23 since it, like a number of other OAS members, is not a party to the Rio Treaty. However Canada and several other countries that make up the so-called Lima Group, put in motion by the U.S. to support its regime change efforts in Venezuela — and in which Canada plays a leading role — were the first to speak in favour of the resolution’s content aimed at opening the way for escalating and providing an air of legality for the criminal siege of Venezuela already underway.

Canada’s representative began his intervention at the OAS by condemning what he called the “illegitimate regime of Nicolás Maduro,” repeating the Colombian foreign minister’s allegations that would soon be shown to have come from an obviously forged document attributed to Venezuela’s Bolivarian Armed Forces, about the government of Venezuela “protecting narco-terrorist and delinquent organizations.” Leaving little doubt about Canada’s support for activation of the Rio Treaty, invoked by the U.S. in the past to lend legitimacy to its invasions of the Dominican Republic, Grenada, Panama, Nicaragua and other countries, the Canadian representative agreed there was “a clear threat to peace and security in the region” from Colombian armed groups allegedly operating freely in Venezuela, and said Canada shared Colombia’s interest in suppressing such organizations.

In its haste to appease the U.S. war government rather than upholding international law and the norms of diplomacy, the Trudeau government has landed knee-deep in a putrid swamp. Hypocritical words from the likes of Chrystia Freeland, ringleader of the Lima Group, who says Canada supports the Venezuelan people and is working for a “peaceful transition” to “democracy” on their behalf are belied by the facts. There is nothing peaceful, democratic or legal about organizing a coup d’état against a government freely elected by its people, and if that does not work, laying siege to the country with coercive measures aimed at starving its people and depriving them of medications to try and force them to stop fighting in defence of their sovereignty and right to be, as the U.S. continues to hold out the prospect of an invasion.

What Canada is participating in is imperialist gangsterism pure and simple. It must not pass!

It is clear that there is an urgent need for a new direction in Canada’s foreign policy — one that does not fly in the face of Canadians’ desire for their country to be a force for peace in the world and to have friendly relations with all peoples instead of meddling in their affairs. Without an independent foreign policy there will be no way for Canada to get out of the swamp it has landed in by appeasing the U.S. imperialists — the main threat historically as well as today to peace and security in the Americas and the world. The need to get Canada out of the U.S. war machine is a topic deserving of serious discussion in the election.

Make Canada a Zone for Peace!
Canada Needs an Anti-War Government!


1. Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, El Salvador, United States, Guatemala, Haití, Honduras, Paraguay and Dominican Republic voted in favour. Costa Rica, Panama, Peru, Trinidad and Tobago and Uruguay abstained. Bahamas was not present.

Margaret Villamizar is the MLPC candidate in the riding of Windsor West.

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Federal election: In with the New, Out with the Old: Championing the Cause of Democratic Renewal

In this election, workers, women and youth in many cities, towns and communities, as well as in colleges and universities, are organizing forums for people to express their own concerns. They are determined to not fall prey to the exclusionary politics of the parties which form a cartel party system. Continue reading

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152nd anniversary of Confederation: All out to give Canada a modern constitution and definition of rights

July 1 marks the 152nd anniversary of Confederation. On this date in 1867, the British North America Act, 1867 united four separate colonies of the British Empire in North America into the Dominion of Canada. The Indigenous nations and peoples were made subject to the racist colonial Indian Act and subjected to genocide on a grand scale while the Métis people were also treated on a racist basis and the Métis Nation was ignored. Continue reading

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149th Anniversary of Confederation: A modern constitution is a historic necessity

150418-Ottawa-C51-27-cr4Canada Day 2016 marks the beginning of one year of preparation to mark the 150th anniversary of Confederation in 1867. All the developments in the recent history of Canada point to the urgent need to provide Canada with a modern constitution that vests sovereignty in the people instead of a foreign monarch, gives expression to democratic renewal, provides equal rights and duties for all, and which emanates from the people themselves, instead of being imposed on them by a privileged few who hold power. Continue reading

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149th Anniversary of Confederation: Give Canada a modern constitution and definition of rights


July 1 marks the 149th anniversary of Confederation, the date on which the British North America Act, 1867 went into effect and united four separate colonies of the British Empire in North America into a Dominion of Canada. This included the all-unsurrendered Quebec nation and the Indigenous nations on the territory, which have been subject to the worst attacks and Divide and Rule from the Anglo-Canadian state to this day. Continue reading

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Prime minister’s infantile behaviour

Cartoon-graphic.Bourg-01-01The Marxist-Leninist Party of Canada pointed out shortly after the 2015 federal election that one of the biggest frauds of the election was the fabrication of “a cartoon anti-politics champion in the form of Justin Trudeau” who was said to represent a “movement for change.”

The way the Liberal government in power pushes this distinct version of anti-politics for purposes of keeping the people deprived of control over decision-making cannot fail to have an effect in the House of Commons and on the government itself. In fact, not only does Prime Minister Trudeau not represent a “movement for change,” his CV would seem to indicate he has never even been part of any political movement at all. Continue reading

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Day of working class unity and struggle in defence of the rights of all!


  • Statement of the Communist Party of Canada (Marxist-Leninist)
  • A Time to Think About Concrete Solutions to the Problems the Workers Face – Peggy Askin
  • The Neo-liberal Ideological and Institutional Basis for the Negation of Workers’ Rights – Pierre Chénier

The Communist Party of Canada (Marxist-Leninist) sends militant revolutionary greetings to all the working people across the country on the occasion of May Day 2016 as well as to the workers in all countries demonstrating on this day. May Day is always a time to think about the struggles the workers have waged in the past year and continue to wage in defence of their rights and the rights of all. It is a time to raise the demands of the workers’ movement and accept the challenges the workers face in the coming year. Continue reading

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Canada Day 2015 – Resistance to nation-wrecking: Canadians fight for dignity and sovereignty

WCMustConstituteNationToday is July 1 – Canada Day. The day celebrates the 148th anniversary of Confederation which took place 148 years ago in 1867. While the nation-building project undertaken at Confederation bocked the annexation of the British Dominions in North America to the United States, today the country created at that time is in serious need of a new aim. Today Canadians are fighting for a nation-building project that defends their dignity and sovereignty against the neo-liberal anti-social offensive and the private interests it represents. Continue reading

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Hullabaloo about Magna Carta and denial of modern definitions of equality and rights



“When the Fathers of Confederation deliberated on how to create a country out of four separate colonies, they all agreed Canada should be a constitutional monarchy based on the concepts of freedom, democracy and the rule of law – all principles that drew from Magna Carta.”

So sayeth the Honourable Pierre Poilievre, Minister of Employment and Social Development and Minister for Democratic Reform, on the occasion of the 800th anniversary of the signing of Magna Carta, June 15, 2015. Continue reading

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The nation-building project of today’s Quebec Patriots

On May 18, National Patriots‘ Day in Quebec, celebrations are taking place to mark the 1837-1838 uprising and to honour the memory of the Patriots who gave their lives or were forced into exile in the struggle to end British colonial rule by establishing a Republic of Quebec. Marches, historical exhibitions, conferences and cultural performances of songs and poetry are being held. In Montreal, the March of the Patriots will start from Au-Pied-du-Courant, the corner of Notre-Dame and de Lorimier, where a statue stands honouring the Patriots who were hanged by the British.


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Make the April 18 Day of Action Against Bill C-51 a success!

Mi'kmq in NS v Harper.2

Indian Brook Sipekne’katik First Nation in Nova Scotia

With only two days to go to the Saturday, April 18 Day of Action against Bill C-51, actions have been announced in no less than 31 Canadian cities. All this week actions are being held to educate and mobilize people for the Day of Action. Significant turnouts are expected based on the broad enthusiasm to keep up the fight.


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Harper majority sets the stage to block Canadians’ desire for change

January 26 marks the opening of Parliament in a critical year for the resistance of the Canadian people and their fight to renew the democracy. 2014 saw the Harper government scrambling to put its finishing touches on the destruction of public authority and the takeover of the state by private interests. Continue reading


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Britain’s Counter Terrorism and Security Bill

‘Extremist ideologies’ at odds with ‘British values’: The Counter Terrorism and Security Bill of the Cameron government and the hinted further measures represent a significant stepping-up of the criminalisation of conscience and the arbitrariness of the state, which are a serious attack on the rights of all

(Dec. 2) – Home Secretary Theresa May presented the government’s Counter Terrorism and Security Bill to Parliament on Wednesday, November 26, declaring: “We are in the middle of a generational struggle against a deadly terrorist ideology. These powers are essential to keep up with the very serious and rapidly changing threats we face.” Continue reading

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A modern constitution and political renewal are the demands of the times

Anniversary of the defeat of the Meech Lake Accord

June 23 marks the 24th anniversary of the defeat of the Meech Lake Accord in 1990. The Meech Lake Accord was a set of amendments to the Constitution of Canada negotiated behind closed doors by then Prime Minister Brian Mulroney and the ten provincial premiers. One of its key objectives was to resolve the constitutional crisis caused by Quebec’s refusal to sign the patriated Constitution Act, 1982 of the Trudeau government, but it failed to do so. Like the 1980 Quebec Referendum before it, it sought to affirm the place of Quebec within Canada. But its  failure  to clarify the status of Quebec in a manner that accords with its concrete reality as a nation with the right to self-determination prevented this.

After the defeat of the 1980 referendum, Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau promised to draft a new constitutional agreement.

Continue reading

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Sycophancy for yet another royal tour

The British royals are in Australia, yet it is the Canadian media that seems to be the most exhilarated. CBC and CTV features daily, if not hourly, coverage of Will and Kate shaking hands with politicians, waving at relatively small crowds of royal watchers and giving dull and predictable speeches about the mutual love and respect Britain and Australia have for one another: gushing colonials eager to name another road or hospital after their British betters and future sovereigns. All backed by fawning commentary by inhouse Royal “experts.” But then Canada, like Australia, does not have a Constitution where sovereignty is vested in the people. If you want to live in a nation that does not bend the knee to any other, then get active and support a program of democratic renewal that includes a new and modern constitution. Continue reading

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Legacies: Lives lived / past progressive – Doctor Sócrates

Remembering Doctor Sócrates, who made the game beautiful

Corinthians fans held a banner that read “Socrates, rest in peace” before a match against Palmeiras in Brazil (Nacho Doce/Reuters)

Doctor Sócrates: his career in pictures

By TONY SEED, with files from AIN, Guardian

BRASILIA (December 8, 2011) — A MOMENT of silence was observed in all of Brazil’s soccer stadiums, accompanied by much applause, during the last day of the National Football Championship in memory of the former player and doctor Sócrates, who died during the early hours on December 4 at 57 years of age, as a result of an intestinal infection. Players on the Corinthians team from São Paulo dedicated their fifth title to him with their right fists raised, just as he celebrated his goals as the celebrated captain of the national team during the World Cups of Spain ‘82 and Mexico ‘86. Continue reading

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