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This Day. Foundation of America

Illustration in Prensa Latina

In Cuba, according to Christopher Columbus, there were mermaids with men’s faces and rooster feathers.

In Guiana, according to Sir Walter Raleigh, there were people with eyes on their shoulders and their mouths on their chests. Continue reading

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Eduardo Galeano: Lied-about wars

Galeano.MirrorsAdvertising campaigns, marketing schemes. The target is public opinion. Wars are sold the same way cars are, by lying.

In August 1964, President Lyndon Johnson accused the Vietnamese of attacking two U.S. warships in the Tonkin Gulf.

Then the president invaded Vietnam, sending planes and troops. He was acclaimed by journalists and by politicians, and his popularity skyrocketed. The Democrats in power and the Republicans out of power became a single party united against Communist aggression. Continue reading

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Eduardo Galeano: Gaza


TO justify itself, state terrorism fabricates terrorists, sows hates and presents alibis. Indications are that the butchery in Gaza, which according to its perpetuators, is about eliminating terrorists, will create more.

In more than three weeks of incessant bombing, Israel has killed more than 1,800 Palestinians, in large part civilians | AP

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