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Billions in state funds for transportation corridors to serve US-dominated empire-building

Federal government marches further into dead end of nation-wrecking. The working class is determined to affirm its right to build the new! Report from WORKERS’ FORUM

Transport Canada has announced another $2.1 billion of state funds for the Trade and Transportation Corridors Initiative to serve the global oligopolies and their control of the Canadian and international economy.[1]

A Ministry press release on July 4 states the Trade and Transportation Corridors Initiative is “[to] build stronger, more efficient transportation corridors to international markets…. Canadian businesses will be able to better compete, grow and create even more jobs well into the future.” Continue reading


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Leaders’ debate on the economy: Narrow appeal of private interests

Renewal Update (September 18) – A debate said to be on the economy with three party leaders was hosted last night by the Globe and Mail. It is one of several debates for the 2015 election, all organized by private interests. If an informed electorate is the bedrock of democracy as is often claimed then, on a scale of one to ten, the debate didn’t even hit the charts. If the debates define the election issues and provide the framework for how the people are to participate as the ruling circles and their monopoly media like to repeat, then we have only the say so of the political parties themselves and their particular champions amongst the media. They are the ones telling us who “won” the debate and why. As one pundit put it – it was not the voters. We concur. The voters are no more in charge of their economy as a result of the debate than they were before it took place. Continue reading

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The fight for regional employment in Eastern Quebec and the Maritimes

Interview by TML Daily with Yannick Proulx, President, Regional Council, Quebec Workers’ Federation, Bas-Saint-Laurent-Gaspésie-Iles-de-la-Madeleine

Residents of Percé on the Gaspésie protest the EI reform. Their banner condemns the "black hole" seasonal workers suffer, the period when these workers are without an income from EI or their jobs.

Residents of Percé on the Gaspésie protest the EI reform. Their banner condemns the “black hole” seasonal workers suffer, the period when these workers are without an income from EI or their jobs.

TML: Tell us about the work of the Regional Council at this time.

Yannick Proulx: In our region, the question of employment is a crucial one and our situation is complex. The situation with regards to Employment Insurance (EI) for example, is a source of great insecurity. The Harper government’s reform is aimed at seasonal industries and these are of utmost importance to our region in the forestry industry, tourism and fisheries. Continue reading

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50,000 reasons to love Montreal

Published in opposition to the despicable and chauvinist articles of Sun Media Corporation, itself owned by Quebecor, “10 things we hate about Montreal,” allegedly published in response to an unlinkable Richard Martineau piece on 10 reasons to hate Ottawa.

National Mass Action in Montreal demands repeal of anti-social changes to Employment Insurance

Protesters pledge to block cowardly attack against workers and their regions


ON APRIL 27, more than 50,000 people from across Quebec, joined by a contingent from Hamilton, Ontario, converged in Montreal for a militant demonstration against the Harper government’s anti-social changes to the Employment Insurance (EI) program. A demonstration on this same issue was also held in Edmunston, New Brunswick that day. Continue reading

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Halifax May Day 2013

Halifax May Day 2013

AS ACROSS Canada and around the world, MAY DAY 2013, the international day of working class unity and struggle, was celebrated in Halifax with the 7th annual rally and march, beginning at 5:00 pm at Grand Parade. In a province where a social democratic government upholds monopoly right and abdicates its social responsibility to uphold public right, workers’ slogans and demands held the federal and provincial governments and monopolies to account. Continue reading

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International Women’s Day 2013


Interview with Ivy Shaw*, Retired Postal Worker, Halifax

FROM MY OWN PERSPECIVE, and this is my personal opinion, I think that not only women have to get out and vote at election time but they also have to run to change the culture of what is happening across Canada. Continue reading

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Day of Action demands justice for the unemployed

Thousands of workers give resounding NO! to anti-social changes to Employment Insurance. The theme of the Day of Action was “Harper, NO! All Out to Block the Reforms!” 

Head of the demonstration in Montreal on February 23

Scene from the demonstration in Ottawa on February 23

(TML Daily) – On February 23, close to 20,000 people took part in demonstrations across Quebec to demand the immediate repeal of the anti-social changes of the Harper government to the employment insurance program, with other actions in New Brunswick, Ottawa and at the constituency office of Harper’s Minister of Anti-Human Resources Diane Finley in Simcoe, Ontario. Continue reading

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