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Of perpetrators, victims and collaborators (III)

Eighty years ago, Nazi criminals and Nazi collaborators started the first pogroms and murders of Jews in the Baltic States. Baltic collaborators are hounored today as “freedom fighters”. This fascist glorification is enabled by Canada and the United States who present themselves as the greatest opponents of “anti-semitism”. Third in a series.

Rally in Riga, Latvia opposes the annual march to rehabilitate Latvian members of the Nazi’s Waffen SS, March 16, 2017.

BERLIN (german-foreign-policy.com) – In the shadow of the invading Wehrmacht, German Nazi criminals started the first pogroms and mass murders of the Soviet Union’s Jewish population exactly 80 years ago together with Central and Eastern European collaborators. On June 24, 80 years ago, for example, pogroms began in the Lithuanian city of Kaunas under the eyes of Wehrmacht soldiers, in which German and Lithuanian perpetrators fell victim to 3,800 Jews by June 29.

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Montreal professor exposes extremist ideology behind anti-communist Ottawa monument

Minister Jason Kenney (far right) signs agreement with Chair of Tribute to Liberty Ludwik Klimkowski to fund anti-communist monument with public funds, on “Black Ribbon Day” in Ottawa, August 23, 2013. Tribute to Liberty has been unable to get public support to build the monument that would commemorate those who fought with the Nazis and were defeated by the Soviet Union. (CIC)

(July 25, 2015) – The Montreal daily newspaper Le Devoir recently carried an article by University of Montreal History Professor Yakov Rabkin in which he points out that the Harper government’s ill-conceived plan to build a “monument to victims of communism” next to the Supreme Court building in Ottawa is much more than just cynical political manoeuvring for the coming elections. The article makes a well-reasoned argument that this project, which is being so fervently pushed in spite of opposition from all sides, is part of the Harper Conservatives’ ongoing attempts to manipulate the collective social memory to suit their own extremist ideology. Continue reading

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Dangerous expansion of NATO powers and authority

On November 8 and 9 a meeting of NATO Ministers of Defence was held in Brussels, Belgium. At the meeting Ministers approved the outline design for an adapted NATO Command Structure and officially launched the expansion of NATO’s cyber warfare program and the inclusion of cyber attacks in the collective defence provisions of the Alliance’s Article 5.

The stated aim of the new commands is to “improve the movement of troops across the Atlantic, and within Europe.” Continue reading

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Canada leads NATO mission in Latvia

Banner in mass actions at Munich Security Conference February 18, 2017: “Peace Instead of NATO – No to War!”

(March 25) – In June, the first of 450 Canadian soldiers will arrive in Latvia to lead a battalion in a large military buildup of NATO countries on Russia’s frontiers. According to reports, the Canadian-led battalion will have troops from Albania, Italy, Poland and Slovenia. Three other battalions of foreign soldiers, led by the U.S., Britain and Germany, respectively, are being placed in Estonia, Lithuania and Poland. The result will be thousands of NATO troops indefinitely stationed in two countries bordering Russia (Estonia and Latvia) and two others bordering Belarus (Lithuania and Poland). Canada will also deploy light armoured vehicles (LAVs) and up to six CF-18 warplanes to conduct air patrols. Continue reading

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